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So far I like South Carolina Republican Senate Candidate Nancy Mace

She's not bad on the eyes and I really like her lack of SC accent too.


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You Can Be Sure

You can be sure that one of the "liberty" candidates is an establishment shill meant to split the campaign donations (and get Graham re-elected). To me, Mace appears to be the shill, but I could be wrong.

Lee Bright seems a bit better so far...

To me, here in SC.

Long way to go of course, but Nancy has sounded kind of vague and gives sort of general, canned responses, or it can seem like that.
I've been impressed with most of what I hear about Lee Bright so far.

Both have supported Ron Paul, and I know vice versa with Lee Bright. Bright is already a state senator here and has proven he can win elections.

Nancy Mace, graduated from the military college Citadel, the first woman ever to do so, and now she is being pushed to replace Lindsey Graham as a US Senator. Sounds like she has some sort of backing. You have to have pull to be the first woman to graduate from a male institution like that, and then be pushed for Senator on top of that. I don't trust it.

Richard Cash is interesting too.

So far I'm going with Bright, but there is a lot to go and there will be plenty of debates coming up.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


Ron Paul too.

Really? I'd need solid proof, I see no evidence

I never once saw her at a SC Ron Paul Rally during the entire 2007-2012, never saw her endorse Ron Paul during that time...nor have ever even heard of her until this past month. And I live here, was very involved for RP and am a former 2 term GOP executive committeewoman.

With Mace's history from all the way back to a birth at Fort Bragg, being the daughter of a Brigadier General and the first female to graduate from The Citadel (SC Military College), I have to ask "What makes you believe Nancy Mace will be less pro-war than Lindsey Graham????" I am simply having a hard time believing Nancy Mace has not been 'provided' from on high. (In other words, I think she's a military plant like JAG Lindsey Graham is.) Research people, research.

Lee Bright with Ron Paul http://www.brightforsenate.com/
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