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Ron Paul Channel working? Who is the audience?

Hi everyone,

I just subscribed to the Ron Paul Channel, and I've been going through all of the episodes. I was curious, who was the audience for this show?

As someone who has been supporting Dr. Paul for a very long time and someone who is quite educated on economics, philosophy, etc., I find myself basically knowing everything he's going to say on basically every topic. I would imagine many of you guys are probably the same way.

I was curious - who is the channel really for? Is it a dose of reason and sanity for people who supported Dr. Paul and the cause of liberty, or is to educate new people who are still not aware of the message of liberty?

If it is the latter, I am curious why there is a subscription fee. I don't mind paying it, even if I know the information... but I suspect some socialist/obama supporting people I know would likely never pay it - not when the can just turn into The Young Turks, which is on YouTube for free. And they clain to be telling the truth too, and it's free truth, so I'm afraid their business model is going to keep the progressives/socialists over there.

Has the channel been successful at attracting new people? Is it going to be yet another community site for people who already support him? Do you think the business model is consistent with these goals?

Interested to hear your thoughts.

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It is working for me.

I subscribed, and I watch and gain perspective. I then promote those ideas to others in various meetings/groups, where my goal is to encourage neocons/rinos to understand and embrace Liberty.

Does Ron's channel reach the masses? Through me, you, and others who may subscribe, I do not see how it would not.

If it is not working for you (people in general), then maybe it is time to reevaluate the steps that you (people in general) take.

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Good value

I'm a subscriber and I don't understand what the problem is, we get good value for our money.

The marketing just hasn't been good. There should be free content; the first 10 shows should have been free; there should have been a lower introduction fee; etc.

Still, this poor marketing doesn't change the value of this channel.

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The people who would gain the

The people who would gain the most value from the information on his channel won't likely subscribe though. I obviously have no evidence to support my next claim, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if 99% of the subscribers are his supporters.

This post was not about whether the service is worth the money, etc. It was about acknowledging that it's not setup correctly to get the right audience and viewers. If Ron wants to make a channel where he's telling the truth that nobody else will say, it's his non-supporters who need to hear it, not the people who've been supporting him for years.

This may be something that

This may be something that will grow over time. RP wants to talk freely about issues on his own clock, and this is his way of doing it. He may hire a manager to expand it to the point where RP won't even be on some segments. He may not even know himself where it's headed, only that he wants to keep talking and will see where it goes.

You cannot "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" and...

expect people to take you seriously. The Ron Paul Channel is at least a year and a half too late. I would have paid for it then. I don't even listen to him now.

We'll See...

He just started the channel. My thoughts:

1. :( The fee creates a wall, keeps new users away, I don't get it.
2. :( To those that say "it costs money to run a channel..." How are TYT, AlexJones, and many others pulling it off? I don't buy it.
3. :( Why did Ron go with such an OLD business model??? Seems like a bad decision.
4. :) 2015. Rand has all the air time he wants!!!
5. :) 2015. Rand can say ANYTHING HE WANTS. Won't be censored like on the MSM.
6. :) Popularity. Cenk at TheYoungTurks started that channel, and his name was unknown. How popular could a channel with Ron Paul's face on it be? Wow. Makes me care even less for the sub fee. Just start a youtube channel.
7. :) What could TheRonPaulChannel become. Right now we see his channel, and Ron is actually doing the reporting work. Could the channel go on to grow and look like the AlexJonesChannel, TYT, TheBlaze, RT??? I hope so!!!

I hope the channel just moves into normal territory, becomes a youtube channel, no sub fees. It could be such a huge conversation. The way it is currently, there are a few people having a small conversation in private. I wish they would come visit me on youtube.

I agree with a lot of this.

I agree with a lot of this. While I totally recognize that the female Anchor needs to be paid, the studio probably cost money, the satellite feeds may even cost extra money, etc., the business model is antiquated. To not even offer free videos of the current show just seems a bit wrong to me.

I think Ron needs to simply move it to the his youtube channel, and accept donations, like Stefan does. While this would mean that he will probably operate at a loss, especially initially, I think it cannot be helped given his competition. TYT is a huge competitor. He needs to recognize this.

Accepting ad money is also not a problem. Perhaps some people may see a problem with this, but this is typically how you keep your site running free, and above all else, exposure should be the main goal, not making subscription fees.

As sad as it is, I considered cancelling my subscription. It was an impulse buying decision, because I love Dr. Paul. But I am not sure how much value I get out of it personally, especially when there's just so much quality free content available. I would have rather just made a donation.

Thank You For Adding Stefan To The List

It is nice to know that people here are still cool with TYT. They are mostly Dems, but they are very truthful, and it lets you hear the liberal's side of the story.

Also nice to know that not all of DP are turned off by Stefan. He is an anarchist, as am I. But he brings that up less and less on his show. I think to not scare libertarians away. He has said some nasty things about Ron, but it just shows that he pays little attention to politics because of being anarchist. And he has said nasty things about public schools and teachers, which I am one, the unions, which we know many union members, politicians, priests, churches, parents, spanking, religions...

For this reason, Stefan doesn't QUITE get the traction that he should here on the DP, considering that he is basically THE TOP libertarian philosopher, and always the premiere speaker along with Peter Schiff at libertarian events.

I wish we could spread his appeal, because Stefan spells out the principles correctly and in a down-to-earth way. Sort of like Milton Friedman used to, but in an even less academic fashion.

So again, thanks for bringing Stefan up! You can tell I am a huge fan. And thanks for mentioning Stefan's donation model.

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Stefan has said some very nice things about Dr. Paul too

I just listened to a podcast where he says Ron Paul is the only philosopher and intellectual among all 600+ elected legislators.

I think his criticisms of the intellectual inconsistency of Dr. Paul are particularly prickly, given that many see Dr. Paul as being Messianic and infallible. Or, perhaps rather, Paul's relative sterling and amazing consistency compared to other public elected officials.

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It gives him a "platform"

I've noticed he's getting lots of interviews from his new studio where he controls the message, and the lighting, he's lookin' good!

I want to subscribe...

And the fee is pretty reasonable, imo, but if you're like me, you want to avoid as many monthly subscriptions as possible. You get 5-10 monthly fees and the total really starts adding up. If I could pay a one-time fee, I'd be all in.

He is covering news and current events

Which is worth watching IMHO. I know everything Peter Schiff is going to say on his radio show too, but I also get a lot of review of current happenings without needing to watch MSM. Also, there are great guests on both shows. You learn about local people that are facing the heavy hand of the state and much more.

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I think Dr. Paul knows his videos will be republished

and I think that is what he wants to help spread the message. So not everyone will have to pay, they can watch the youtube repubs for free just like the one posted on this site and others. I am a subscriber but I don't pay him the $10 for the video itself. I am paying him the $10 so he can keep doing what he is donimg and spreading the message. In fact I am glad to pay the $10 knowing that the video will be repubbed for others to watch and spread for free.
Spreading the message is what yall should be concerned about, not your immediate return .....Come on people, you are better then that.

I agree. He is preaching to the choir

I am a subsbriber and I don't see anything new or different that justifies a subscription fee.

Dr. Paul is still a guest on the news shows so we can see him there and his guests are guests on other shows.

He doesn't want advertisers but I think he should get advertisers and offer special features to those that subscribe.

Right now, the only people that will subscibe are people that already agree with him. That is hardly spreading the message of liberty.


He didn't care for them in office. He still doesn't care for them in studio.

I disagree

It costs money to run a studio and produce a show.

So far he's had

Glenn Greenwald
The wife of Michael Hastings
A guy who was raided for growing his own food
The owner of Lavabit
Judge Andrew Napolitano

These people are not easy to get on as guests. But guess what is even harder: Getting on Clear Channel or cable television without being watered down and censored.

What he is doing is charging a subscription fee for an interesting show.
That's it.

When you pay less,

you get less.
You pondered, "I am curious why there is a subscription fee". I suspect that it costs a fair bit to produce a show with good lighting, audio and professional editing/post production.
Remember the first vids out of Dr. Paul's home office? We soaked up every word but wondered what others would think when we linked to them to share what we were learning.
Yes, we've gotten the message, but there's more to come and to be reported on. Listen to RP talk we Elise Jordan, Michael Hastings widow. Doubt anyone but Paul could have pulled off such a genuine, heart felt discussion.
Finally, there's always the chance that cable/satellite will pick it up. They've got to fill all that air time with something.

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The seen and the unseen.

Aside from infrastructure and initial sunk costs of production, there are five people or roles that the subscription fee must account for in addition to supplementary costs accommodating guests to the show:

1) Seen, Diana Alvear, co-Presenter.
2) Unseen, Producer, responsible for procuring guests, planning show, processing viewer questions, keeping the doctor on point.
3) Unseen, Video Editor/Camera Operator, responsible for shooting video, troubleshooting technical issues with offsite video feed, editing each episode.
4) Unseen, Webmaster, responsible for all issues pertaining the website and content delivery to subscribers.
5) Seen, Dr Paul, Presenter committed to 3 episodes a weeks. Recipient of net subscription proceeds.

There may be more work unaccounted for in my assessment and some people may be wearing multiple hats, but certainly these roles need to be filled in order to pull off a successful talk broadcast.

Unfortunately, it's hard to imagine...

that thousands or millions of people will be paying $10/month who are not already huge Ron Paul supporters.