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Let Me Show How Evil Obama & Holder Are Concerning Race & Education

In Louisiana, the Governor has been sued by Obama/Holder for allowing parents of children from all socio-economic backgrounds to use school vouchers to escape failing public schools and use that money to choose better educational programs.

So Obama has DOJ attacking Jindal's attempt at effecting educational freedom and excellence.

What a s-h-i-t-t-y thing to do!

Obama is using and abusing white children -- taking away their freedom of educational choice so he can fudge the numbers.
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DOJ Sues to Keep Louisiana Kids in Failing Schools
Mike Flynn 24 Aug 2013
To understand the failure of public education in this country, one must first understand that the entire system is designed for the benefit of the adults who work in it. Union dues from people working in the system are funneled into lobbying and campaign contributions to the very legislators setting the rules of the system. As a result, the entire political system is biased against reform of public education.

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