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Judge Enters Not Guilty Plea For 100+ Protesters Arrested At WI Capitol


More than 100 people stood silently as a judge entered a plea of not guilty today for protesters arrested at the Wisconsin capitol.
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A judge entered the plea on behalf of dozens of capitol singers arrested in the last month or so.

Capitol police began arresting protesters after a federal judge ruled groups of more than 20 people need a permit to gather in the building


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Arrest in protest at Wisconsin Capitol could result in felony

..."The incident leading to the felony charge occurred about midway through Monday's protest when demonstrator Christopher J. Terrell, 25, sat down and was approached by police. While they were in the process of cuffing him his brother Damon Terrell, 22, was pinned by officers in a wrestling match that lasted about 25 seconds.

From video made by protesters of the arrest, it was not clear what started the altercation. The footage, taken by another frequent protester and arrestee, Jeremy Ryan, shows Damon Terrell backing away from an officer before the altercation.

Officers turned Terrell over and one of them pinned the protester to the ground with his knee on the back of his neck and handcuffed him before carrying him out of the rotunda."...


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