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"When white people piss black people off." Child posts bullying video on facebook.

Stumbled upon this video on live leak today. Toddler gets bullied by a group of children that brag about it on facebook. They named the video "When white people piss black people off." We have severe parenting issues to address here.

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baiting! Down with these articles, I say!

The parents of both children have already spoken. The black father was outraged at his children and the white father says everything is fine.

Case dismissed.

Let's move on to how we're gonna destroy Graham, McCain, Obama, and the rest of the America's true enemies.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Also, I read about this on

Also, I read about this on theblaze and the fathers worked it out. Apparently the girls actually play nice with each other but the 12 year old boy filming was instigating. The Mother apparently is crap and made some remark about Trayvon on facebook.

Bullcrap this is why I'm

Bullcrap this is why I'm going to enroll my kid in a self defense course and teach him to only respond if absolutely necessary. If a kid pushes you, walk away. If a group of kids surround you and won’t let you get away, F* someone’s world up and carry something to even the odds like a pocket full of sand or a sock filled with rocks.

So sick of racism

It permeates throughout our culture. The white Irish were slaves the same time blacks were. The irish lost millions in the so called potato famine (really British military genocide via starvation). You dont hear about these because they dont serve the elites agenda. The only slavery that exists now is the slavery of the system that we are all under. It is time to move past the divide and conquer programming and shun racism and racism of any kind both personally and as a culture. Lets start with a boycott of mainstream media and racebaiting shows like Totally Biased W. Kamau Bell. Key & Peele are actually very talented guys, but I can't watch the show because of their obsession on race and Obama worship.

Mom's in the house with a

Mom's in the house with a black snake in one hand and a crack pipe in the other.

It is becoming increasingly

It is becoming increasingly difficult to have free and open discussion about race relations in this country. Are we supposed to ignore the world around us and blame every video that pops up on the net on divide and conquer techniques?

Be it resolved: Welfare and Slavery destroyed the black family


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Thank You, SOCIALISM !

Thank You, SOCIALISM !

And after "the blacks", "the whites", etc, the gays and heterosexuals sure are grateful to you, just as much, too :


Indeed !

"Thanks again for ALL THE HATE, SOCIALISM !"



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

If this girls Mom had become

If this girls Mom had become a diversity consultant or a civil rights attorney, she could have afforded to live in a better neighborhood. Tsk.

Welcome to 2013

Welcome to 2013

Children beating children channel

Cause we need to watch more children bleed.


More child beating fun

and that is how...

a kid torments and then kills another child.. hopefully he's been seriously checked. I'm curious why no adult noticed her outcries and got the boy away from her.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I think I found a worse video than the post up top

But I will refrain from posting it and leave it to your imagination.
But if you really want to see it visit this site!!

This is the first year ever I

This is the first year ever I can't wait till basketball season starts.


We're still playing baseball.
But basketball season is coming.

Pretty sad.

The only thing more under-reported than black on white violence is black on black violence. Why not go shine some light on that too. Investigate how motivations differ and are the same in the two abusive acts. Maybe you saw a couple videos like that while searching for black on white violence?

I'm getting the sickening feeling

That there are forces in the world that want to incite a race war in North America. Divide and conquer is a well established strategy, and man is it working,

Because in the end, regardless of all the other statistics you might read, most white people, and most black people are not violent criminals or Racists.


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Sure. These forces are well-known and have a name:

Sure. These forces are well-known and have a name:

they're called "SOCIALISM".

And inciting race wars IS ONLY ONE OUT OF THE MANY ways the socialists push their agenda towards installing A BIG NANNY STATE to "take care of us all".

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

You may as well call it what it really is.

"The goal of socialism is communism." -Vladimir Lenin

And it's not even communism, at least not voluntary Communism

It's far more like an oligarchy: where everyone is equally badly provided for except for the Communist party heads.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Fascist oligarchy, in

Fascist oligarchy, in reality. Even communism or socialism would be better.

It's not like you are probably imagining.

It's not violent, for the most part, and not televised.
But that war is already worldwide.
Because you, like many others, believe in the inherent "Goodness of Man", which exists in most of us, you simply haven't woken up to the truth.

Nobody promotes mass immigration of non-Chinese into China,
or mass immigration of non-Hispanics into South American countries,
or mass immigration of non-Jews into Israel.
Policies of mass immigration and assimilation are ONLY for White countries.

Some people justify Genocide, as "evolution", "better", or "anti-racist". Aren't they just agreeing with Hitler?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

America is not a white country

It's Native American.

No. The United States of

No. The United States of America was created by former European Whites,
who all but annihilated the so-called "native Americans" and stuck them
in 100% "native American" reservations, where they live at the exclusion
of "non-natives" and are not targeted for genocide, to preserve
their genotype and ethnic heritage. I know schools aren't what they once were,
but wow, do they teach history at all?

What similar place do White people have to exist and preserve their ethnicity?

A couple of things...

First, the Europeans enslaved Native Americans pretty much as soon as they got to North America. Then they discovered the African slave trade. Unlike the Europeans, the Africans enslaved their own people. Indentured servitude doesn't count because even though it was harsh and the indentured often died during the term, the ones that lived were free once the term was over, and they were always considered human.

Second, the Europeans started this mess way back then by importing a half a million Africans into North America by the early 1800's for cheap labor, calling it "property", and treating it as such. African slaveholders never did that to their slaves, even of other races. Every one of us knows that every human being has the same natural rights, and these Europeans knew it, too, but they did it anyway. The descendants of these Europeans did their very best contain the spread of "blackness" within the U.S. in every way they could get away with and to keep their cheap labor subjugated. It violated natural law and was never going to work, but they did it anyway.

American blacks have had to fight for every inch of freedom they have ever gained, and even when they won, they lost. We look at what we have been doing in the Middle East with contempt and disdain, knowing that we are setting ourselves up for generations of hatred and blowback from the people of that region. What is the difference with American blacks? I think there are still enough people in this country that are still trying to pretend that the white way of life is the best way of life, whatever that means, that those who want racial divide to pursue socialism have the ammunition they need to make it look true across the board. We are suffering blowback, plain and simple. Generations of oppression do not just vanish because we are suddenly ashamed of it. It happened, and we get to pay for it. See video.

My question while I was watching the video was "where is that baby's mother, and where are those other kids' mothers?" What I saw was racism being passed to the next generation on both sides. There is no telling how long this will go on, but it will go on as long as individuals act individually on group think instead of defying it. We of all people know we don't have to think what the group tells us to think or do what it tells us to do, which is hate...correct? We can blame it on socialism, but it's not socialism. It's us.

My two cents. Have a good day. :-)

Sure, White rabbits have

Sure, White rabbits have dominated the northern hemisphere until recent
time. And in the course of doing so, we have enslaved or decimated other
groups of rabbits that got in the way, just as all rabbits have done to
each other throughout world history.

I don't know whom, in your opinion, is pretending that the White way is
"the best way". However, personally, I do feel that White rabbit culture
is able to provide the best rabbit hole for me and my family.
Apparently, millions of non-White rabbits, who want to take what
White rabbits have, are in agreement with me.

If socialism is so wonderful, why must it be FORCED on people?
Why were the borders of the USSR guarded with fences and guns to keep people IN?

Nobody is trying to create a blended humanity in Africa or Asia.
Why are conditions of mass immigration and assimilation,
"to create a blended humanity",
FORCED on WHITE countries and ONLY on WHITE countries?

In 1965, the U.S. was 90% WHITE. Today, non-Hispanic Whites probably
number less than 60% in the U.S. This condition has been intentionally
accelerated by government mandated policies of mass immigration and
assimilation, INTENDED to blend out White rabbits.

We are FORCED to assimilate.
We are not allowed to have all-White neighborhoods, schools, churches,
sports, businesses, etc. White rabbits do not have "freedom of association".
That freedom is only for other rabbits.

Pink rabbits don't have to force interbreeding, they only have to force conditions that lead to it, as done to aborigines of Australia and Tasmania,
the indigenous rabbits of Tibet, and others.

This is White geNOcide.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Sorry no country for mud race whites

There is no country of white. White is not an ethnicity. Thankfully I don't have your problem of being a mud race white. I have clear European ancestry and could go back to my family's country of origin and claim citizenship. I even speak some of my ancestral language. My country of origin would never recognize you as European. Maybe they'd let you visit as a tourist tho. That way you could learn about European culture.

Gee, that would be

Gee, that would be great.
Maybe if I hurry, I'll get there before it's Islamic.