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"When white people piss black people off." Child posts bullying video on facebook.

Stumbled upon this video on live leak today. Toddler gets bullied by a group of children that brag about it on facebook. They named the video "When white people piss black people off." We have severe parenting issues to address here.

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Don't worry

Real ethnic countries are inherently racist. When economic conditions turn there will be massive ethnic cleansing and/or ghettos. The real difference between the US and every other country in the world is that it was defined on ideas. (a handful of former British colonies were founded as immigrant countries, which is a little different). There's no mention of race in the original constitution.

No mention of race...

...just 3/5 of a person.

IMHO, the United States would have been better off from the beginning if it had been two countries and let the South take full ownership of its hypocrisy. Then we blew it entirely with the Civil War. Thanks to the Civil War, we had racism nationalized by 1900.

Typical behavior

Typical behavior just like their parents and their parents before them.

But like all the apologists below say, it should just be ignored and when the little girl grows up and doesn't trust black people then we should demean her further by calling her a racist and tell her it is her fault for riding her trike on the street. Luckily those kids aren't old enough to know that the real way to have fun on a boring day is to shoot her with a 22.

Their culture of hate is sickening.

Are you lumping a whole race

Are you lumping a whole race together there? "Their culture"?



Please, I beg of you all

Do not buy into the carefully planned "hate speech" that has exploded through out the internet.
This is a ploy to make us beg for "someone to fix the problem", and the United Nations will be only too willing to censor the 'net for our own safety.
I am asking the DP moderators to moderate with prudence.

I agree with you.

The title of this post is unnecessarily inflammatory.
It's not how the LiveLeak video is entitled.
I'm sure there are just as many videos of White children
"acting out" violently as any other race/ethnicity.
I don't understand why my comment was down voted.
I guess someone approves of such a young child being in the street?

The title of the post is what

The title of the post is what the child named the video he posted to face book. They are not my words. Why someone here mentioned hated speech is beyond me. I did use quotes didn't I???


You used quotes and I don't mean it is any kind of attack on you.
You are absolutely right. That's how it was originally posted.
It was a hateful and offensive post that will probably be one of many used exactly as Ms. Booth suggests. It is amusing that she apparently believes that the internet is not already censored.

Carefully planned "hate

Carefully planned "hate speech"? Where? Please show me. You think this video is going to be used to censor the net??? I'm sure there are thousands of better choices than this video to suit that agenda.

It takes milloins of pixals

to complete a picture.
And to answer your question, (I will type very slowly so you can understand), no I don't think THIS video is going to be used to censor the net, I think THIS video and thousands of others like it will.

Wow, you could have fooled me

Wow, you could have fooled me with your outcry to the DP community and moderators in your original comment + your insinuation that I am part of some hate speech agenda. Your "I will type slowly" comment was unnecessary and immature also.

I didn't insinuate that

you, personally, as a person, are part of a "hate speech" agenda, only that it was really spreading through the internet.
But now, I'm not so sure.
Kids are kids. They should not be plastered over the internet to push adult agendas.


Why is that poor little girl out in the street by herself?
Her mother must be on crack.

I'm calling you out Anonymous 2012.

I think you are here to stir the racial pot.
I have read your comments about "white genocide" and "assimilation".
Bollocks my friend, you are merely staring down the barrel of evolution at work.

That's your opinion.

You're entitled to that.

White Genocide is real and intentional.
Google White Genocide.


You're pushing a divide and conquer agenda, and distracting from the real problems facing the HUMAN race.

Less "white power" and more "end the Fed", please.

I have never said anything

about anyone being superior to anyone else.
You just want to suppress my freedom of speech
with regard to advocacy of the preservation of
the White race and culture.

In your opinion, as an anti-White,
why is it that Black Pride is fine, Gay Pride is fine,
Latin Pride is fine, but any time anyone speaks in defense
of the White ethnic heritage, he is labeled "racist"?

White culture has already been divided and is all but conquered.
Collectivists will be what is left when the White race is dead.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.