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Mark Levin has Finally Found a Way...

Mark Levin has finally found a way to make himself look like a defender of state's rights while not actually taking a position that would allow the states to mount any kind of resistance against federal enforcement of tyrannical laws. Like the double-talker that we all know Mark Levin is, he has not only chose to champion a fruitless and unnecessary cause, he has taken focus away from the greatest revitalization of state sovereignty in modern history.

Mark Levin has been attempting to generate a movement behind his call for an Article V convention, which is about as pointless a scheme as one could conceive. Frankly, I am fed up, but obviously not surprised, by the conservative media's unquestioning reception of Levin's propaganda tour at a time when multiple states are fighting their most important battles of the last century, attempting to nullify disgusting over-reaches of federal powers.

Could it be possible that he is trying to distract from an effective movement fathered by a man that has made Levin look like a confused eighth grade history student on multiple occasions? He does conspicuously declare his Article V convention as the only known way to combat the supreme court monopoly over decisions on the constitutionality of legislation. And it is not likely that he is trying to drum up any real support for more power to go to state governments as he has consistantly defended intellectual positions which deny the supremecy of the individual states. For instance, he is a faithful disciple of Lincoln and bashes anyone that questions his motives for invading the South. He ridicules any callers that claim to identify with the Anti-Federalists. He consistantly quotes Alexander Hamilton and even though he also quotes the debates of the state ratification conventions he somehow denies the compact theory of the Union. Most importantly he has come out with hopelessly absurd attacks against some of the most important proponents of Federal decentralization of our time including Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods and others.

Levin is no friend of the liberty movement and he is certainly no proponent of giving powers back to our state legislatures. Tom Woods has given the states an intellectual head-quarters in his book "Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Centurty" by providing a detailed historical and legal precedent on how the states could, at the very least, give themselves some leverage to buffer their citizens from the burden of federal trespasses. To be sure, I have not read Levin's book and I am not suggesting that the principles behind his proposed amendments are unsound, but there is already a legal and proven method to fight unconstitutional and unjust laws, which can and is being put into effect RIGHT NOW. And Levin decides to try to incite some grand revolution behind a constitutional convention which will probably never happen and even if it did happen would almost certainly not accomplish anything that any of us could stand behind.

Here are some examples of current nullification attempts and Tom Woods' correspondence with Levin.





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You have a word that's spelled right, but unfortunately, the computer doesn't have an "is this the right word" checker. In paragraph 4, third line from the bottom, it says, "Levin decides to try to insight some grand revolution..."

The word here is "incite." the sentence should read, "Levin decides to try to incite some grand revolution..." as in, "inciting to riot."

Please don't give the enemies of Liberty the chance to call us ignorant. (not that any of them would know the difference, but in the immortal words of Rocky & Bullwinkle's nemesis, Boris Badenov, never underestimate the power of a schnook.)

Rich Grise, Self-Appointed Chief,
Internet Apostrophe, Grammar, and Syntax Police

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Much appreciated


he is more skillful than

he is more skillful than scumbeck.

Article V

Nullification is growing increasingly effective and I wholly support it. I have no reservations about nullification as it best jives with the goal of political decentralization, which I support.

I have thought about the Article V convention for many years, long before the likes of Mark Levin endorsed it. I think it is worth considering and debating. I have personal reservations about it which have not been sufficiently addressed and so as a plan of action, I can only move on the nullification front if progress is to be made.

Show me where the 'modern day founders' will come from and assure me that only the people of the highest integrity and honor will attend the constitutional convention and I will back it fully.

I don't now nor have I ever cared a fig about what Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough, or any of these other radio and television 'conservatives' say or do. They may as well be monkeys tossing feces at the wall of their cages as far as I am concerned. I will consider ideas on their own merits and not because they were spoken well or badly of by one of the media clowns.


"Nullification is growing increasingly effective ..."

Yeah! Has everyone here at least visited the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association?

Every time I hear of another supporter of the Constitution who intends to defend Liberty and has at least some power, I feel like the Kevin McCarthy character at the very end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers," when the paramedics bring in a truck driver from a crash: "We had to dig him out from under a pile of some kind of seed pods..."

For some unknown reason, Whit Bissell and Richard Deacon aren't credited.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Forget the Messenger

Let's focus on the abject stupidity of an article V convention. What insane idiot could possibly trust the current crop of elitists to write a better constitution than the one we already have?

The constitution does not need to change, it just needs to be enforced. All of the politicians/judges/bureaucrats who have violated constitutional law need to be thrown in jail.

Whenever someone tries to say "the constitution is just a piece of paper", you must immediately correct them. Ask them, "are you in favor of the rule of law"? Then point out:

The constitution is a document of laws
Those who violate the law are criminals
Criminals belong in jail.

A MOST awesome post, sir!

Spot on and very well written, however this part deserves repeating:

"The constitution does not need to change, it just needs to be enforced."


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

And for that to happen...

The federal government must not be allowed to 'interpret' the very framework that gives them legitimacy/authority and use their own obviously biased interpretation to increase their own power. Conflict of interest. It is plainly written and speaks for itself.


for nullification attempts go here: www.tenthamendmentcenter.com

Levin's Loyalty

Levin's loyalty is as follows:

1)Himself and his ratings
1)His Jewish homeland of Israel and her interests
2)The Military industrial complex
3)Appeasing his neocon listeners who pretend to be constitutionalists

Remember, Levin slammed Ron Paul over and over during his...

...presidential campaigns.

Levin (along with Limbaugh, Medved, Hannity, Beck) ruined Dr. Paul's chances with their radio and TV shows.

Levin has no business talking about liberty now after helping derail the one candidate who represented liberty.

He is an Israel-first, traitorous rat.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Levin is serving a purpose

The Liberty Movement, for all it's good intentions, is no where and going no where but maybe special events. They are not going to come up with any resolution,s inniatives, acts, bills that have any teeth.

Those in the rEVOLution thanks to Ron Paul, and stuck with the GOP, in hopes of materializing Ron Paul's message, need MSM to begin or connect converation within the party.

Levin is helping to bridge that gap within the GOP. I for one, who don't know much about Lenin, being I don't listen to radio, know that others in the GOP do.. The GOP is not buying subscriptions to Ron Paul Channel. Meanwhile, Rand, Cruz and others, and those like me in the GOP, can use this platform Levin is offering as a tool to communicate constitutioanl ideas, and for this, it is a good thing.

Ron Paul advises us to make co-alations. It's not about making clones of Ron Paul.. it's about materializing the message, and to do that, we have to get those who like Levin to be open, and he is doing that, so I give him credit for that.

From this there will be inniatives, bills and acts inspired by the converations.. that's better than nothing, though the Liberty Movement can dissagree, as that's all they have: Nothing.

Agreed. I don't agree with

Agreed. I don't agree with Levin on everything, but he's far and away having a more positive influence than say Tom Woods. Nullification, what a joke. It's like wishing for unicorns.

Sorry dear, you're wrong. Just flat wrong.

Even from your statist perspective, the liberty movement has made great gains in the direction both of explicit nullification and liberalization of state law. Until recently, for example, there has been great progress in regard to liberalization of gun laws in many states.

Two years ago, I couldn't carry a pistol in my pocket or an ankle holster without risking grief from the nuts in costumes with badges. Same for being armed in any public location with more than 50 people, parks, and a host of other locations. All those things are no problem now. I'm not saying gun laws are the only issue, but there is progress even you should recognize, and it's not coming (exclusively) from the GOP. It is (really all) from the liberty movement.

Setting TSA horror stories aside, I believe (some of) those nuts in costumes are also becoming a little more circumspect due to pressure from the liberty movement. It may be said that we haven't accomplished much, but it can't be said that we have accomplished nothing. And momentum is key.

I think the comments in the OP about Levin making a move to destroy the momentum of the liberty movement with a safe, radical sounding, waste of time are well worth considering. It's a little like Rick Perry talking about secession. (Or people talking about supporting Romney because that is going to be our salvation and predicting how that is going to happen...OK, I won't go there---but seriously, I don't see how the GOP can even imagine it has a shot at potus for at least 8 more years.)

Yeah, do what you can in the GOP, but please quit trying to run down the liberty movement. If you are able to make any progress---and you're honest about it---it's because of Ron Paul and the liberty movement.

Like Ron Paul, I am a statist

Statist say things like, "The issue of marijuana should be left up to the states to decide". That's a perfect Ron Paul statist example. Ron Paul is NOT an anarchist.

What nullifications and liberizations has anyone in the liberty movement done? Name these congress people who are not party( statis power) operators. NAME THEM! Or stop lying.

Sorry, but it's not from the Liberty Movement. Liberty Movement has no power, no party, no offices, no resolutions, no inniatives, no bills, acts, no seats, no committees... sorry, but it's the people in the rEVOLution who joined the GOP and work with the coalations of TEA PARTY, and write these propositions down, get them voted on, find lobbiests and congresscritters to pick them up. Tea Party is FAR FAR more involved than the Liberty Movement.

What the Liberty Movement does is STEAL credit, but they fool NO ONE but their marginaialized selves.

Romney? I don't know one person who supported Romney. My committee had a discussion because Romney's signs were so expensive, our GOP headquarters had one Romney sign. Romney ran to lose, We are well aware that the plan is to fold the GOP into the Democratic Party to give the US ONE Party like Communist China, so if you think a duopoly is bad.. just wait until you get one party representing Democracy that tells you to stuff your republic up your butt. Wave that sign.. I'll honk.

I'm not going to stop running down the Liberty Movement. It's a pile of LIARS, CHEATS, COWARDS, Theives, Do nothing but smoke pot and talk crap.

Ron Paul got me in the GOP. THANKS RON!!! Ron is GONE fishing on his lame assed TV show. I bought a subscription.. But at this rate I won't keep it.

You seem to think that a fringe group chatting on DP has some power. You seem to think that those of us who joined the GOP, got seats and offices on committees, go to convention, learned Roberts Rules of Order, write resolutions, platforms, inniatives, debate, work on other committees, don't do as much as your liberty friendlies club.. I'm here to tell you, you are WRONG. At my committees we do not even mention Liberty Movement and 4 people there are Ron Paul REPUBLICANS.. you guys missed the boat by choice. You think you have principles.. saying you had anything to do with any amendment being restored is self glorification and WRONG.

Delude yourself all you like.. but you don't delude those who work by actually being elected to seats, and push for liberty and freedom.

I think the Liberty Movemnt is a Karl Rove invention.. people who vote for another Republican because he put on a Libertarian Party pin.. a bunch of Liberals who voted for Obama and then found out they were had. They have no where to go.. so there's the Liberty Movemnt tide pool for washed up do nothings.. light that bowl.. smoke that pot.. that's really getting the job done!

The only thing the "liberty

The only thing the "liberty movement" has achieved is marginalization. By taking paranoid, extremist stances on virtually everything they turn off most conservatives who would otherwise agree with them. People would have jumped from the GOP bandwagon long ago had it not been for the likes of the "liberty movement," with it's brainwashed cult of Alex Jones disciples who live in a fantasy world. People are starting to leave the GOP in greater numbers, but we have no idea where to go.

High Five

We have just been issues tons of new election and campaign laws.. that's one reason the old reliables are leaving, and our perfect opportunity. It's a whole new game. Let's Rock and Roll them OUT.


You supported Romney. You *assured* us he was going to win. Do you want me to find the specific posts? "Romney will win, and then we will have all the power."

Your prediction was w-r-o-n-g.

Romney did not win.

Look, I like you. But these off the wall theories about accomplishing anything through the GOP are really hard to take seriously.

Yea, Ron Paul has his TV show. He probably thinks that is the most effective way to change peoples' hearts and minds. He was involved in the GOP for the same reason. Being involved in the GOP for that reason is quite praiseworthy. Being involved to have party and power and resolutions and offices and initiatives and impose laws can only warp peoples' minds further in the wrong direction.

It's simply the wrong direction. Join Levin and his ilk, if you want to go in the wrong direction. It's a reliable choice for that.

You're a very confused person

I did not join the GOP to be a Ron Paul delegate to support Romney.

I did not get a GOP committee seat to be a Ron Paul delegate to support Romney.

I was not Ron Paul NW CA team campagin leader to support Romney.

I was not chosen by Ron Paul's campaign as a national delegate to support Romney.

I did not max out on contributions to Ron Paul to support Romney.

I did not sign loyalty oaths to the constitution and the GOP to support Romney, and when Romney got the nomination, I stuck with my oath, because to me, principles mean that you don't quit when an election doesn't go your(my) way. I wrote a post and explained that. If you actually respect oath keepers you would respect that. If you don't support oath keepers, then you would diss that. Unlike you, my county who elected me, is glad to have a Ron Paul Republican representing them.

Ron Paul teaches us to make aliences, and that's what we are doing.

After 17 years in a libertarian party that lost every election, and 16 years as an indy with dozens of law suits in dozens of states not one debate and ballot access more closed than ever.. joining the GOP was not my idea. It was Ron Paul's. I didn't want to join the GOP, and in 07/08 I did not. When he said he was going to run in 2011, I KNEW he would not leave the GOP, so I joined RON PAUL.

For all these people who LOVE Ron Paul so much, they didn't even do what he asked and crash the GOP doors down. I understand. I'm GUILTY of the same thing in 07/08. A few of us did join, and we're hanging in there and making the best of it, while the so called Liberty Movment is like a gift from God to Rove, who LOVES to tell his bunch about the Liberty Movement and uses what the Liberty Movement says against us. We are called INSURGENTS.

And it would be great if there were more of us, but the Liberty Movement works to keep people out of the GOP and marginialized. I don't know Levin, I'm sure he's no diffeent than any taking head on MSM who dissed Ron Paul.. but he is giving us an opportunity.. maybe it's to flush us out. Be great if Ron Paul interveiwed Levin, and helped those of us who joined the GOP FOR HIM.

Make alliences, that's what Ron Paul said to do, and that's what I'm doing. I'm sure for all the Ron Paul republiCANs in the rEVOlution, I will hear more sound bites from Liberty Movementers off twitter from Levin who will work hard to keep us marginalized.. but we will prevail.

I like you too and am sorry that you did not get in the GOP and get to work with us. Election laws are changing.. you can still get in.. least you can do is an hour a month. Why not support your Ron Paul republiCANs?


What have YOU done?
Show us some of your results and their impact.


Thanks to Ron Paul

It was not easy to join the GOP. I never thought I would. I refused to join in 07/08 when I met Ron Paul and BEGGED him to run as an indy.. so I don't want my joining the GOP to be no big deal. Many here refuse to koin the GOP. I understand. It is a BIG deal.

In all my years of activism, I had no idea there even was committees. Libertarian Party had meetings, but not committees like the GOP, because LP doesn't have enough people. And as an Indy, we had Meet Ups.. but no committees. So the committee was a new thing, and to be honest, I was afraid to go. I thought I would see people like Rove, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfel, staring me down. There were two people. There should have been 24. Where was everyone?

This is another issue some want to say "no big deal", but they never went, so it is a big deal because I have done what others REFUSED to do. When I saw there were two people, I suddenly saw Ron Paul's GENIUS. The GOP was a MSM sham. The next meeting there was 6 people, they had called their friends. And they were not nice. They had no intention of me getting anywhere with their committee.

I was asked who invited me. I recalled when I met Ron Paul he said, "Thank you for inviting me to your rEVOLution." MY rEVOLution? All my banners said RON PAUL rEVOLution, so what was he talking about? Now I knew.. Ron Paul invited me. One lady put her head down she was so upset I was there. But I didn't stop going, and to be a Ron Paul delegate I had to get on this committee. So I petitioned as a Ron Paul Republican, qualified (that was in the paper), and won my seat.

I was the NW CA district team leader of the Ron Paul campaign, ran four counties and we placed third of 53 counties in CA.. but Ron Paul did not win, so even though I to this day am listed as a Ron Paul national delegate on the CA SOS web page, Romney's delegates went to Tampa. It was hard.

Since being on the committee I am elected as Treasurer, so I belong to an association for treasurers and certified (this is a lot of work, filing FORMs with the state and county, having to know the laws, campaign, election, who, how to take and make donations), and I am also on a number of sub committees. I go to the state conventions where I have a vote, and opportunity to debate/lobby, support organizations like C4L, YRs, LC.. I am in the leadership circle.. which is how I was able to meet and challenge Rove..

At the first convention, there was a program at the banquet about how money flows.. I asked to show my county.. I then asked, how much of that money was marijuana since it's legal in my county.. I brought the room to it's feet.. people yelling and some were saying RIGHT ON, MY COUNTY TOO.. people talked to me for two hours after dinner,, I was very busy the rest of the convention.. after the convention, several of the "leaders" emailed challanges.. anti-marijuana.. I let it pass.. I'm not done.. just a time and place to do things, and I'm not going to get into a faceless row, when there needs to be a face..

On my committee, I took on the task in the Rules committee to re-write the By-Laws, means they need to be coded with election codes, campaign codes, and aligned with the NRP and CRP.. I made 24 suggestions, and the first one begins with the mission, THE CONSTITUTION IS SUPREMEM LAW AND ALL ISSUES, CANDIATES the committee supports will be constitutional sound. Those are not the exact words, but you get the point. This is a HUGE move, because it restricts the committee to only being able to vote for issues and candidates that are constitutionally sound. If the GOP had this writing into the By-Laws, the Patriot Act would have never passed.. so my mission at the convention is to get Rules committee to adopt this to the CA GOP.

I have votes that have to do with the GOP.. our GOP wants to make it very expensive from $24.00 to $150.00 for a membership.. there's much more they plan to do, and I will be there to fight to keep costs affordable.. they are trying to kick the youth out, fold into the Democratic Party and get with the UN Agenda.. this is from the top.. there are many issues with the GOP.. waving signs isn't going to change the GOP.

Locally, there is more work. I had been on the committee by myself as a Ron Paul republican for about a year.. now I have had 4 Ron Paul republican appointed.. I still have one district with no one showing up (It's a marijuana district, and while they supported Ron Paul, growers live a different life.. when they are here, they grow and then vacation for months, come back, grow, vacation for months.. so they are not reliable. and others who live in the district are indy.. I'm still working on that. But we have local issues.. and I'm lucky that there are committee members in my district, they are taking the lead and I give them support.. and it's a BIG issue,, state parks is reclaiming land and this is moving people off their property.. it's a land grab.. heavily contested.. looks like we have the upper hand.. only 2 board of supervisors is sticking with Parks.. the rest are for the people..

Meanwhile CA is changing election laws.. so I have four meetings to learn the new laws.. this is very good because it's going to level the playing feild.. the old timers may not want to learn, plus the high fees, the problems in the GOP.. they could quit.. that means the younger ones have a chance to rule the election, if we can keep the GOP.. matter of fact.. reading the new election laws.. there will be no third party or Indy on the ballots.. but I will see where the loopholes there may be to this (though I do not believe there are any) when I take the seminars.

I joined the GOP in 2011.. about two years ago.. My elected seat did not start until January.. so I'm 9 months into it..

2014 I'll be up for re-election.. unless GOP changes that to every 6 years.. so my supporters in my district like me, hapopy to have a Ron Paul Repoublican in the committee representing them.

Next meeting, I'll be checking for any inniatives, taking proxies and preparing for the convention.. see what kind of coalations I can build for my county.

Denise B's picture


I just have to tell you that I really do have a lot of respect for you and even though I may not agree with everything you say, I certainly admire your determination and commitment to restoring Constitutional governance! If even half the people in the liberty movement had your passion and "just do it" attitude we just might stand a chance at getting our Republic back. It really is inspiring when you come across people who truly "walk the walk" and with all the "guff" I see you take on here, I just want you to know that you are appreciated. In the end, it really is people like yourself (determined and unwavering) who end up making a real difference! :)

Thank you (((((((Denise B)))))))

You know, I really thought when I got into the GOP I was entering into the snake pit. I'm not saying there are no snakes, there are, but they are in "untouchable" positions. Most the folks on the GOP are nice people who love America, are completely clueless and like to be clueless.. having a Liberty Committee helps.. BIG TIME, and why I wish nmore people would just go and see if they have a Ron Paul Republican and support them.

In truth, Liberty Movement is far tougher meaner crowd.

Thank you for the kind words. They touch my heart and melt me.


Voter registration

I think I was born a Libertarian. However, in the '08 primary, I changed my registration from Libertarian to <gag, barf> republican <spit> specifically to vote for Dr. Paul in the primary. We lost. But I haven't changed it back yet, mainly because his scion, Rand, looks like he's going republican this time. I won't know until primary time, but if Rand doesn't even run, or runs Libertarian, I'll change my registration back in a heartbeat. (it doesn't take very long in the People's Republic of Taxifornia.) Then I'll have a dilemma - if Rand does switch, he and Gary Johnson will be competing in the Libertarian primary - how will I choose? Thankfully, there's still a couple of years to watch developments, ass-u-me-ing that the Commie-in-Chief hasn't declared martial law and "suspended" the election by then.

But the movement is growing - this isn't the only group I'm following - there's The Truth About Guns (primarily focused on Amendment 2, but what the hey, we can't be all things to all people), the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Townhall, which is kinda conservative, but carries John Stossel, also here, John Ransom, who admittedly is a little iffy, Daniel J. Mitchell, and of course, everyone's favorite "black" Libertarians, Thomas Sowell, also here, and Walter Williams, also here, who all seem to be on our side, and I'm sure there are others.

Spread the word! They're Here! You May Be Next!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

You couldn't pay me to be a Libertarian

Been there done that. I'm happy to be in the GOP cleaning it up.

Denise B's picture

You're welcome

(((((Granger))))! :)

Always follow the money to

Always follow the money to know what is really going on.

Mark Levin's Landmark Legal Foundation was started and has continuously been funded by Dick Scaife, heir of the Mellon fortune. Scaife's family has been really supportive of Planned Parenthood, the Heritage Foundation (which sells globalism with a "conservative wrapper", among many other "non profits".

So if you're looking for the bankster connection, there you go.

Levin enjoyed his 'role' as a defender of the Constituion

when it made him money from the MSM controlled by the 'elite'.

He's a follower, not a leader. Always has been.

He's trying to save himself. God Bless those that have made him move to his new position from supporting the neocon wing.

But he is there to follow what you all have done.

Don't forget it. And don't quit.

And while he is a 'celebrity' with a radio show, he's nothing more than a shill against American Principles.

the anarchists

Anti Americans, cult followers, and Jew haters have spoken. Are there areas where Levin and Tom Woods agree?

Excellent question and most astute point made well!

To me, as an American I don't like any of this being involved crap. But as an American have witnessed the 'legal' takeover of my country.

Hopefully there are enough Americans left to stand for the idea.

The fact you even ask the question about Levin (Socialist asshole in the past), and compare him to Tom Woods is a sign of the collapse of the Zionist paradigm that has killed rather than create?

Nature always wins, and inflated egos always die. Carrots don't care but are always appreciated when people are hungry.

Just take it for that. You win either way.