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The Appetite For Other People's Liberty, Property and Lives

Collectivism in all its mutations - Socialism, Communism, Fascism/Corporatism, or any of the other 'isms' it may take is, as Mike Vanderboegh states,

"...collectivism -- in all its forms and despite all its various lies wrapped in noble-sounding excuses -- is nothing but the appetite of a self-appointed 'elite' for other people's liberty, property and lives."

The same is true of Tyranny in all of its forms whether under the guise of "noble sounding excuses" or just honest Dictatorship through raw power, or somewhat hidden through the power of money, elicits a horror in large parts of the population so great that they either blind themselves to it, or actively participate in their own exploitation hoping to be spared of its more voracious appetites.

No where is this more disconcerting than among the "conservative" class who staunchly oppose the collectivist iterations of Communism and Socialism, but then shiver and cower - or worse yet, defend - the power of the Bankster Cartel that controls the money supply, and therefore all economic activity in the "free world," as well as the governments that issue the fiat currency. And staunchly defend the power of the State to enforce their version of "conservatism" on the rest of us mundanes.

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