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A Libertarian Case against Mass-Immigration

A Libertarian Case Against Mass Immigration
Keir Martland

“Forced integration is a means of breaking up all intermediate social institutions and hierarchies (in between the state and the individual) such as family, clan, tribe, community, and church and their internal layers and ranks of authority. In so doing the individual is isolated (atomized) and its power of resistance vis-à-vis the state weakened.”7

"It is not statist or fascist to make the point that some peoples are obviously incompatible. Yes, differences between nationalities do exist and libertarians all too often ignore this fact. Accepting this does not weaken our argument in the slightest, although this is what the ‘modal libertarian' – to use Rothbard's term – would have us believe. No, it is only by applying our philosophy to the real world that we will ever make progress. To acknowledge that a state exists and that there is a need for a policy on borders is not to devalue libertarianism, but rather to present a problem which libertarianism can then try to solve.

Furthermore, we are not still talking about the settlement of small numbers of people from Ireland, but we are talking about an unprecedented flow of people from all over the world. And though our supposed aim, as libertarians, is to loosen state controls, it should also be a priority to try to ensure that whole areas of the country do not fall into the hands of those who wish to disintegrate our ways. As we live in the reality of a statist world, it is incredibly difficult to realise the goal of liberty simply by sitting back and doing nothing.8" Read More

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