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WMAL radio interview: Benghazi Attorney: At least two major networks ‘fully engaged’ on Benghazi; NSA just ‘tip of the iceberg’



Regarding Benghazi, DiGenova said people are coming of the woodwork to talk to him about Benghazi and at least 2 major networks are fully engaged in trying to uncover more information about Benghazi:

All I can tell you is that people are coming out of the woodwork from both active and retired areas of government service – I’m not gonna be more specific than that.


He also hinted that they are uncovering a lot more about domestic spying and not just by the NSA:

We’re discovering information about surveillance programs…the NSA looks like it’s going to be the tip of the iceberg.

…What’s happening is that as a result of people coming forward just to talk about Benghazi, we are learning ‘things’ about other things the government is doing that it probably shouldn’t be doing domestically.

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