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FOX News and CNN telling Filthy War Lies to Trick us into War with Syria

90% of the American people don't want war and most don't believe the filthy lie being peddled by mainstream media on behalf of our government. We know they're trying to lie us into war again.

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you”. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Why isn't MSM being labeled a "Terrorist Organization" and enemy of the USA?

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what's your point?

Just wondered

Someone asked me to inquire. Seems I've read your posts in the past and you used British spelling. Didn't you say a while back that you moved to America when you were young? I see now that you are part American indian :)


America and a few Asia countries should bomb Japan....

Maybe Britain, the Czechs, Poles, and Russia can bomb the Germans....all because they may suspect something.

Did someone say warmongers?

Peace on Earth!


North Korea should bomb the US, put the liberals out of their miserey

I thought you might say yes

That Russia should launch a nuclear warhead at Germany because America installed nuclear missiles there and they suspect we gave them to the Germans to launch at Russia.

Maybe next time I see someone that I got into a fight with in high school I'll just give 'em a good hard punch in the head, just in case.

That's what I did

Put her in the hospital for three weeks and earned the nick name "Killah", but I was one fucking haole no moke fucked with ever again.

Sure the name killah

wasn't due to your coochie--biochemical warfare :) I'm just teasing you


You should see my yearbook.. hundreds of little stories and pictures from all my friends.. "Killah" is a very popular name to have in high school. She started the fight.. I ended it. Actually.. I didn't want to fight.. and trying to talk her out of it, she beat my ass from one end to the other.. I was going down.. and she was kicking, stomping me down.. and some little voice told me.. "it's ok if you kick her back". So I kicked her back.. I didn't know she had a bad heart. Really kind of shocked me to see her go down.. and all the kids ran out, and the teachers ran in, and blamed me.. it was my first day at achool, friday is kill haole day.. and I wasn't supposed to win. So the ambulance came and took her and the police came, my parents came, and I was suspended for three days.. When I came back, they were all calling me "Killah".

Funny thing too.. my parents were pissed.. and only a few years ago my Mom told me that she was sorry, I should have never been suspended and she wished she would have stuck up for me.

It's ok.. I had it made...

now you know the rest of the story.


I thought you meant you sucker punched her forty years later.

not my style

nor is it Israel's.. The Jew haters have already made their threat to anhilate Israel clear.. Israel does not need to wait around and let them materialize their motive.. everyone now KNOWS.. don't even think about hurting Israel, you will get hurt.

Good for Israel! America should be more like Israel!!

Here's My Style

Please learn the truth about Israel. It's time for America to distance ourselves before they pull us down with them.

As Ron Paul says...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTpJOVhIxWc





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I don't agree

I think we should be more like Israel, which is THRIVING, and stop funding Islamic nations so Israel won't be offended by our appeasing Islam becasue we are so weak.


But we are,,,

like Israel,, we too are being represented by the Rothschild satanic kingdom.


I don't agree

The way I see it, WWI and WWII were banker wars.. it was about the socialist banker Rockefeller overthrowing the imperialist banker Rothechild.. and while Rothchild continues with Church and Crown estates, that did not buy into the Rockefeller industrial socialist Keynesian enslavement of ALL people, Israel has remained a sovreign state because of it's Rothchild connections, where everyone else who sold out to Rockefeller has lost their sovreignity.

The world is illusion, corruption, a testing ground for one's soul, to be judged in the end, or not.. lost..

The world is satan's kingdom.. bankers or not



There you are

speachless as a pile of bs


http://www.opinion-maker.org/2012/08/the-yinon-thesis-vindic... Yes, this intervention is on Israel's behalf, not that of the Syrian people.

Yes, it's a war for Marxist

Yes, it's a war for Marxist Totalitarianism or Fascist Totalitarianism. Which flavor do you like better D or R? At the end of the day both D's and R's drink at happy hour together.

Ever hear of a trojan horse?

I'm not talking about rubbers. Rs all ready call us insurgents..so why not get in and make a difference?

The use of chemical weapons

The use of chemical weapons by US backed rebels is undeniable and defies morality.

Bugs in the machine's picture


I'm inclined to believe they are peddling more lies, but I have elders around me that think Fox can do no wrong. If you've got some blatant lies about Syria being spewed by Fox, let's prove it.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

Remember the last time this

Remember the last time this was alleged, the UN team concluded that it was likely the fault of the Syrian rebels, not Assad!

Re: Sources

If you'll watch carefully, the Fox narrative is cleverly crafted with assumptions which are unproven, such as when they say "there is no doubt the Syrian Government is using chemical weapons".

They influence the opinion of their listeners/viewers by having one-sided debates and inviting military experts who favor military action in Syria.

In fact, they regularly have military and political experts come on the screen debating the cause for maintaining US presence in Afghanistan with no end date. This is all to further the military-industrial agenda, to which they heartedly espouse!

Terrorist Organization -

Terrorist Organization - 1.(n) Term used by government, front organizations and corporate media designed to discredit, defame, slander, disparage, and otherwise vilify all those who dont believe that any one group of people have the authority to enslave, subjugate, bind, enchain or otherwise dominate any other person or group of people. 2.(n) term used by government and corporate media and front organizations to identify targets for assassination, kidnapping, and/or torture, due to actions causing undue irritation or embarrassment. E.g. The terrorist organization "The free state project" is coming dangerously close to effecting some real change.


MSM believes they get to

MSM believes they get to write their own version of reality and have the authority to enslave, subjugate, bind, enchain or otherwise dominate any other person or group of people for their owners.

I'd say that makes them enemy terrorists.