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HuffPo is going nuclear! Users are abandoning ship!

Make sure you read the comments!

Jimmy Soni Explains Why The Huffington Post Is Getting Rid Of Anonymous Commenter Accounts (VIDEO)

Managing Editor Jimmy Soni appeared on CNN Friday to explain The Huffington Post's latest effort to fight trolls. As of next month, users won't be able to create anonymous accounts to post on the site; going forward, their identities will have to be verified internally.

"We're looking to promote civil discourse on our site," Soni said. "We want to do what we've always done: promote a positive, healthy community at our global news website."


Businessweek: Why Huffington Post Comments Should Stay Anonymous

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Heavily moderated sites

Heavily moderated sites should come with a warning label and be rated on ideological tolerance.

Yahoo is doing the same!

if you comment to much and don't fall in line with mods thinking they will block you and prevent you registration since it now takes valid phone number to register.on yahoo answers they would delete my account everyday since they hate liberty/Ron Paul questions...see where that is going?

they are preparing for the elections...they are cutting communications and the spread for Liberty.

You never know what the

You never know what the stories are about from their teaser headlines and the page takes too long to load. That's why I never want to click on their stories except for a select few where I want to read the comments only. I never read the article.

I've been using my online persona over there for 3 or 4 yrs.

And everywhere else. I don't have any problems at all with posting.....anywhere.

Yeah, right!

I am not an anonymous poster...yet RARELY do my comments get posted!

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

designed to track people for

designed to track people for questioning status quo. there are already paid trolls using fake identities on there to promote status quo

I Don't Need To Be Anonymous

The pussies that censor Huffpo content are the ones I'd like to see come out of the closet.

I have been censored on that site many times, not for ad hominem attacks or profanity- for only pointing out the horrible flaws in collectivism and how it always fails. Those cowards have deleted more comments of mine along those lines than any other type.

they won't let you close down

they won't let you close down your account, tried several times...

They will no longer let me post....

I have said a lot of things that get censored on Huffpost. The last one was on the Tsarnaev trial & I talked about how it is BS and how the BB was a false-flag and went into detail and all that.

Got an email from them saying my account was temporarily suspended. Now every single thing I type there gets censored.

Total idiocy on those comment boards anyway. One or two good Ron Paul folks who go on there regularly.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Did they give a reason?


Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

They can do what they want

they can do what ever they want-ban users, delete posts, require registration fingerprinting. They are a private company.
We are also free not to ever use their site.

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

I think it's GREAT!

Maybe they will wake up. That is my hope.


Most of the anonymous comments were counter to the Huff Post's liberal ideals.

This move won't stop them, but it will hinder them and that's the goal.


Most Huffpo was annon and why there is a mass transit out of there.

Covering for liberals and blaming conservatives// Huffpo hated Ron Paul, and you stick up for them.. (shaking head).

Granger, you dunce.

The reason they were anonymous, as opposed to registered, is because they held their nose at registering on a liberal website. How was I even remotely blaming conservatives? I was referring to them as the anonymous party that wouldn't register on the site. (AKA, those that had counter ideals to the Huff post ideals)

Why is it that you take the most extreme opinions against the most novel of ideas? These are very basic, and logical ideas. I neither gave my support nor condemnation of the Huffington Post, but if I'm being candid, I hate the Huffington Post as much as Fox News for twisting their liberal agenda as much as Fox twists their conservative one.

My tin foil hat is not the shape of a dunce cap

Maybe you forget there are Nader voters, Green party, Peace and Freedom.. and what was Rocky's party, and the LaRouche people.. and none of them trust MSM, or Huffpo, and they would register annon because they don't trust the Dems, having the crap beat out of them by Dems in past elections. I'm sure they feel this is just anouther attack on them. Conservatives don't give a crap.

When I was petitioning for Nader's ballot access.. the people I mentioned above worked with me, Libertarians worked with me, as we were all sick of not being in the debates and not getting on ballots.

Republicans ROTFLTAO. They would almost have tears from laughing so hard at us.

Democrats.. spit on us, ripped up our ballits, screamed in our faces, complained to managment where we had permission to petiton, complained to the police, made false arrest charges, vandalized our cars, our back packs, phycically attacked us.. I saw it. Back in those days, before the Patriot act, we had "bail money" so we could bail each other out of jail.. those voters don't forget what Democrats did.. to them, this is just more.. and look at the timing.. just after the MSM about NSA.. it's BS, and enough is wnough. Huffpo deserves to be ignored.

Never called you a conspiracy theorist.....

No need for the tin foil hat.

But how is any of this information you posted relevant to the fact that I said Conservatives post as Anonymous as opposed to registered accounts?

My whole point was this: The article stated the Huffington Post was attempting to rid themselves of Anonymous users. You praised it, claiming "they will wake up" - implying the Anonymous commenters were brainwashed. I stated that the Anonymous commenters were in conflict with the main ideology of the Huffington Post and implied they were Conservatives, later clarifying that. In other words, saying this was a bad move for open discussion on the Huffington Post.

You end with some nonsensical post that I can't see has any relation with the discussion we've been having.

I don't do Huffpo because it's a POS

Huffpo has shown their true colors POS. The fact that Huffpo showed their true colors I think it's great.

Huff Post is a very strange

Huff Post is a very strange government employee blog site.