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Please don't call Obama a socialist that is far too nice a term for him.

When we speak of Obama I think it is very important we not use the term liberal or socialist they are far too endearing to one side of the equation and further contribute to the divide. I took a second and looked up the definition of fascism and it seems to fit like a glove.....
and here is socialism....

I did not find a very concise definition that offered the merging of corporation and state, feel free to elaborate on that part.

Socialism is an accepted political system for people feeding off of the system, we must learn to refrain from using this term.

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Too much focus on the presidency?

In my opinion, it seems like a lot of folks really like to encapsulate the whole government/fascism issue in just the one personality that is the president.

There's like 4,000,000 other federal employees and if you stretch that to the corporations who are wholesale fascistic or socialistic (MIC, Wall St., prisons, education, healthcare, utilities, law, petroleum, energy, water, garbage) or partially fascistic (telecom, transportation, accounting, mining, chemicals, construction, unions), then to state and local government, and then maybe all of the participants in the welfare state --- you end up with quite a larger systemic throng of fascism than just the one guy.

Criticizing the messianic BHO to liberals seems to backfire since it makes a polarizing us vs. them debate that overlooks the broad systemic fascism that isn't reflected in BHO or the party's articulated ideology.

And if your Gadsden flag is showing, well, then you are just a racist who can't stand the idea of a half-black president.

I don't think anybody really likes the idea of fascism when you ascribe it to the corporate/state system. But lots of people want to defend or attack that one man with the nice smile and shiny teleprompter.

This may also suggest that pursuing the office with Ron or Rand may be pretty futile at this point. Who could shut this all down with the way the majority of the planet thinks?

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call him what he is

He sides with the Muslim Brotherhood and funnels guns to Al Qaeda in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt.
These people are killing Christian believers in those countries.
Since he supports those that kill Christians that would make him antichrist.

He is an anti-Christ just like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and anyone else that supports the killers of Christians in these countries.

They are anti-Christs.

He just isn't THE ANTI-CHRIST.

Socialist is too nice?

I guess I have never shared what I think of socialists. :)

Socialist is pretty sounding word for criminals and I think he is a criminal.

he is a thug, liar, murderer and usurper, yep he is a socialistic.


Liberty = Responsibility

Potato Potato

Socialism always leads to Fascism by concentrating power in the state. Therefore, they are both appropriate.

Check this 7 min vid...


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Mercantilism or Fascism or corporatist or third position economi

Mercantilism or Fascism or corporatism or third position economics

Are all dandy terms for the marriage of the corporation and state.

And this distinction is one of the greatest and most destructive oversights in liberal worldview, IMO.

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Yup, Corporatism is also accurate, a synonym really...

Corporatism generally refers to the economic system which is most compatible with a totalitarian, Authoritarian-Collectivist, social governing system (socialism). Together, corporatism, and socialism equal Fascism. That's pretty much my take on it.

The term really tells you who exactly is in charge. It is a partnership of the most powerful international corporations, and the military leadership forming a political party and controlling the population. It's not about everyone getting along in a perfectly collectivist society. It's about forcing people to do what they want, for money and power.

Mussolini dubbed the term 'corporatism', which was really just a reference to the economic system he employed under his fascist regime. Hitler employed a very similar type system, he called his party the German National Socialist Workers' Party. So they are all inter-related.

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Gerald Celente says the merging of corporate and

government interests is fascism, indicating Mussolini defined it as such.

Obama is a collectivist, imposing both fascists and socialist policies.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.