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Sleep experiment: a month with no artificial light

Came across this experiment: http://jdmoyer.com/2010/03/04/sleep-experiment-a-month-with-...

Some excerpts: the June experiment with no artificial light was a huge success. Kia and I immediately started going to bed between 9 and 10 instead of around midnight. We quickly caught up on sleep, sleeping ten or eleven hours a night at first, then normalizing around eight hours. One thing we both noticed was a huge boost in mood — moments of unexplained, unreasonable joy would strike us at random times during the day. I’m not talking about the calm sea of serenity — I’m talking about bursts of goofy delight — the kind that’s really obnoxious to the moody people around you.

I can function with as little as five or six hours of sleep as night. But with that little sleep (especially for more than one night), I’m not at my best, or my happiest, or my most creative; I’m just grinding through life.

Since the only thing we have in life is quality of our consciousness, and sleep deprivation so obviously and negatively affects the quality of our consciousness, it makes sense to prioritize sleep. Most people would agree, but almost nobody does dedicate enough time to sleep.

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I like to sleep in the dark.

I also enjoy going barefoot in the grass for 15 minutes a day. I often went barefoot over the years putting on shoes because of thistles was a drag IMO.

Bump for later. Thanks.

Free includes debt-free!

Interesting article

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