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Politico: Scott Walker’s Stealth 2016 (presidential) Strategy

MADISON, Wis. — He can’t use the Senate soapbox to rack up media hits and political points, like Rand Paul or Marco Rubio. He isn’t poised to run up the score in his reelection campaign as a show of strength heading into 2016, as Chris Christie intends to do this November in New Jersey.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (artist's depiction)

But Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s game plan for the next three years is quietly taking shape: Win reelection next year in this purple state without moderating a record that has won many hearts in the conservative base; let the other GOP hopefuls get sullied by the mud pit of Congress and each other; then pounce in 2015.

That, in essence, is the outline of the likely presidential contender’s game plan that emerged from interviews with multiple people in his orbit.

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Doesn't matter what he dose...

He is "Boring", therefore, extremely unlikely to get the nomination.

Standard platform

concerning the unions, which I agree with and commend.

But he has no Senate record to refer to. He has no congressional record to refer to. If elected, if it was planned for years, would he turn out like his distant relative (I am still looking into the facts)? Is this a diversion from Rand, who has been there every step of the way and has a proven record?

Would he, if he won the nomination, be able to attract democrats, union members outside of his state and the minority votes needed to defeat Hillary?

I personally am staying the course and standing by Rand. Otherwise it is local only for me.

My goal is to support somebody who will "set the tone" for the American people. Otherwise nothing will ever change at that level of politics.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

More on Scott Walker...

Is Walker the GOP's sleeper presidential candidate?


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