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Army Holds Annual Bring Your Daughter To War Day

"There were lots of explosions, and I saw a leg"


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I saw a leg?

that's hilareus!!!

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Maybe next year the girls can visit their dads in Syria.


Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Great Idea

...they just need to ensure they have enough gas masks in size XS to go around. Do you think the girls will be eating MREs during their visits or will Halliburton already have full service dining facilities completed at our new military bases there? Hopefully the girls will be able to get ice cream with daddy after a long day of some red, white and blue ass kicking.

fancy decorative red splatters everywhere is fine and all...

but nothing beats good quality family time.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

either there or

at the closed casket funeral for those who died in VAIN !!!!