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Senator Mike Lee, On National TV !

Mike made a commercial to DEFUND OBAMACARE!

Join Senator Mike Lee! Sign the Petition to STOP obamacare!

Call Toll Free 800-750-5113


Only 577,539 signatures? Really?

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He holds constituent

He holds constituent Wednesdays, his office is on the third floor, he has a great and friendly staff. I definitely urge you to visit Lee, or Cruz at their offices, very accessible.
Forget Rand, he's too busy being a neocon newsboy...

I called

Previously I called and wrote my senator and also signed the petition. I just called the 800 number that is in the main thread. I left my name to DEFUND obamacare, but after that it asked me for a contribution. Had I donated, I would have received mark levins Liberty and Tyranny, which I did not and will not do.

I do not believe in contributing frn's to representatives to represent me. That is what they are elected to office to do.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul