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Tony Blair says the west must protect Syrians. (Bombing Syrians for their own protection seems flawed to me)

Tony Blair backs intervention against Assad regime in Syria. West must stop 'wringing our hands' and protect Syrians from Bashar al-Assad and al-Qaida affiliates, ex-prime minister says.

"I hear people talking as if there was nothing we could do: the Syrian defence systems are too powerful, the issues too complex and, in any event, why take sides since they're all as bad as each other?" he wrote. "It is time we took a side: the side of the people who want what we want; who see our societies for all their faults as something to admire; who know that they should not be faced with a choice between tyranny and theocracy."

Blair acknowledged that people were acting cautiously after the Iraqi intervention. He wrote: "In this struggle, we should not be neutral. From the threat of the Iranian regime to the pulverising of Syria to the pains of the Egyptian revolution, from Libya to Tunisia, in Africa, central Asia and the far east, wherever this extremism is destroying the lives of innocent people, we should be at their side and on it.


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Demonize, kill and loot.

Tony knows the drill.

The nation gets poorer but Tony gets a share of the loot.

Free includes debt-free!