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Ron Paul Stands With Rand

Ron Paul jumps in to defend son Rand against Chris Christie's attacks, as Kentucky senator heads to New York for fundraiser

The ex-congressman of Texas inserted himself into the feud, calling Christie a 'big government person' and stating his dislike for the two men's bitter back-and-forth. Christie earlier this summer called Rand Paul's libertarian-leaning politics 'dangerous.'

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I found the video


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I feel like family

I stand with Rand.. Ron stands with Rand.. :D


That's good to know because I don't stand with Rand or Granger :)

You don't stand with Ron Paul

for that matter.

Oh no, I always have stood with Ron..

And Ron Paul can stand with whomever he wants. Doesn't mean I have to. Unlike you, I stand for principle over party.

You have the principles of a vulture

I was elected to my seat as a Ron paul republican because people in my district want a Ron Paul Republican to represent them.. It was not a good day when Romney took the nomination.. I didn't want to vote Romney, but a principled person doesn't quit their community because of a selection.. a principled person keeps their oath, and serves their community, and that's what I do as a Ron Paul Republican.

So now I have a seat and a office, Romney is long gone, my committee is now a liberty committee, I'm doing a lot of good work for my community as a Ron Paul republican. What are you doing besides holding grudges and calling yoorself principled for not being a delegate, not doing what Ron Paul asked, and voting for another Republican becuase he put on a LP pin?

when asked

what one should do for the movement Ron Paul replied: do whatever you want to do to spread liberty.

quit trying to put words in his mouth. he refused to endorse romney.

how can you call yourself a ron paul republican when all you do is diss him and his ideas?

How do you know if I was or

How do you know if I was or wasn't a delegate?

And what grudge? If I see a comment that I don't agree with I usually reply to it.

"I didn't want to vote Romney, but a principled person doesn't quit their community because of a selection"

So, you quit and voted for a neocon?

"not doing what Ron Paul asked, and voting for another Republican becuase he put on a LP pin?"

I make my own decisions thank you very much :)

nice of you

after all the dissing we've heard from you about ron paul.

the latest:

"I look forward to the rand interveiw, hoping it will change my mind about what a piss poor boring drag it is with Ron looking tired and the whole production looking like warmed up left overs."
-The Granger

I stand by what I said

I am hoping the interview will change my mind about how absolutely BORING and unproductive Ron's channel has been so far.

The Ron Paul Channel

Now this is rich! You're saying Ron's own project, which he loves and has been promoting to the exclusion of all else, is boring and unproductive, and yet you condemn the rest of us as not really supporting Ron because we dislike the creep Benton! The whole world dislikes Benton. Competent people everywhere dislike Benton. People who don't like Dr. Paul being treated with disrespect dislike Benton.

But here you are actually insulting RON HIMSELF, and yet you're the one who says we're not Ron Paul supporters because we criticize some creep who married into the family!


Love Ron

but not one of his finest moments in my opinion. Let Rand fight his own battles, and it also made it look like Rand needed his help, besides other than here the take was that Christie (hate to say it) won that round.

on a brighter note i'm looking forward to seeing The Ron Paul channel with guest Rand.

I agree and disagree.

I don't think Christie won anything. No one agrees with him but the aristocracy and old people who are too long in that mindset to think differently. Oh, and morons who vote for people attached to their areas; people who refer to their favorite sports teams as "us" and "we" instead of "them" and "they." I know the impulse. Before I became political, I was glad Ashcroft got the cabinet position. 1) Because he was from my state and 2) I had lunch with him when I was a teenager in Boys Town. What can you do ... I was young and too apathetic to learn?

I agree that Ron should stay out of this kinda thing but, unless I'm mistaken, he was asked and he didn't give it much of a response in my opinion.

I'll still vote you up ... for not being dead wrong and for loving Ron Paul. heh

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

fair enough

and since i agree and disagree with you i vote you up as well.

lunch with satan in boys town. yikes!

+ 1

There is a saying...

Like father like son.

Have trust in the son.
Father payved the way.

Oh that Old English tongue.

Fear Not!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

it is rare

that son ends up like father- just my personal experiences with family and friends. Rand is a lot like his father Ron, but he is definitely not the same. Ron brings people together. Rand plays politics for votes and that is divisive. He is less socially tolerant.