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You Wanna Make a change toward liberty? I have two words for ya' Jack..Manifest destiny

If you believe in Una-LIEN-able Rights like I do, then wouldn't it be logical to conclude that freedom=destiny?


I was created to be free, therefore I am destined to be free.
Herein after I desolve my Trust in Mans governance and assume Authority
to manifest my destiny, I will not recognize de facto "authorities" for I in accordance with the constitution I believe the institution of government to be under man and man under God. In that light I appoint government to the duties of a fiduciary standing in my court.

^ see that I just made a declaration like TJ, HOWEVER it has no force or effect if I do not support my claims in REALITY

I will "Manifest" -make real, act in my capacity as MY OWN SOURCE OF LAWFUL GOVERNMENT,I pledge to stay withing the LAW and not bring harm or injury to others, do business in gold and silver.
live my life
enforce my rights
uphold my community
Honor Contracts

now here's the hard part I gotta go out there and do it, but i made a pledge and now I must fulfill my destiny by manifesting my full capacity under God.

authority is ASSUMED never granted. so just do it, ASSUME authority TJ didnt send a please let us be free letter to the jolly old king people! your petitions WILL NOT BE HEARD! Cheers ...just think about it, Thanks for hearing me out all comments welcome dont just talk about freedom LIVE IT

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