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William Hague Says Gov 'Clear' that Assad is Behind Chemical Attack in Syria

Sowing treachery and deceit.

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Chemtrails, GMOs, Vacines, Aspartame, Floride, etc.

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hits on all the pre-scripted talking points

- if there is no evidence it's because they destroyed it

- the fact that it took 2 days to green-light the weapons inspection proves their own guilt.

- "evidence overwhelming" (but doesn't cite the evidence.)

- illogical conclusion that Syria was in good political standing last Monday but now, because of the chemical attack, the "crossed line" automatically means Syria must be attacked. (Tens of thousands of people have been killed in this Syrian civil war since 2013, mind you. Does the choice of weapon really make a difference?)

- inclusive "we" language. (us and uk allies are in on it.)

Remember, if you are an oppressive regime, then you can pretty much do whatever you want to do to your people except use poison gas. As long as you don't use chemical weapons you're in the clear. May this be a lesson to you future regimes of the world. Civil war good so long as you use bombs, tanks, and bullets. Poison gas = unacceptable.

A great example of a man that really LOVES childeren.

I'm with Granger on this. This man displays NONE of the PSYCHOPATHIC behavior of Bush, Cheney, Stalin, etc ...

I believe him. He clearly LOVES childeren.

We're clear all the evidence

We're clear all the evidence points to the allied forces using chemical weapons on innocent Syrian people.

I fully believe Assad did it

Why would rebels take out rebels.

I think UK/US should hold Putin responsible, write a resolution against him for being there are supplying and abetting the chemical weapons. We should vacate the area.. Russia is saying tey will start a thermo nuclear war.. they are insane, desperately insane.

This is some funny shit lol

This is some funny shit lol

Governments always lies to start wars, always.

When the government wrecks the economy that distracts us with war and phony patriotic fervor.

Free includes debt-free!


Needs to stat with his own country.