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Reuters New Poll: Syria Intervention Even Less Popular Than Congress

By Max Fisher, Washington Post

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has finally found something that Americans like even less than Congress: the possibility of U.S. military intervention in Syria. Only 9 percent of respondents said that the Obama administration should intervene militarily in Syria; a RealClearPolitics poll average finds Congress has a 15 percent approval rating, making the country’s most hated political body almost twice as popular.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was taken Aug.19-23, the very same week that horrific reports emerged strongly suggesting that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people, potentially killing hundreds or even thousands of civilians. If there were ever a time that Americans would support some sort of action, you’d think this would be it. But this is the lowest support for intervention since the poll began tracking opinion on the issue. The survey also found that 60 percent oppose intervention outright, with the rest, perhaps sagely, saying that they don’t know.

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Oh, Granger,

you make me want to weep!
I have never seen anyone as passionately wrong as you.
Russia's only Mediterranean Naval Base is in Syria.
The War on Syria isn't about Syria, it is about (for the near future), Russia.

I realize

Russia's only port in the Med is in Syria.

And I agree that the Syrain civil war is bigger than Syria.

I believe it's about a NWO.. Assad upset Syrians when he want NWO, just as Americans would be upset if Obama did to Americasn what Assad is doing to his own people.

And I tell you what else I think.. since America has been wanting OUT of wars for so long, and many have been watching YouTube, and finding they trust RT more than US news.. I think what Americans are doing is giving Obama the OK to do what Assad did.

I also know that the EU is dependent on US support in the ME, and this is important to them, because if Putin gets his pipe from Iran to Syria.. it's over for the EU.. and might as well be the USA too. The UN is a democracy with the sound majority in communist and Islamic nations. Maybe that's what kind of world you want to live in, but I didn't think you did.

Did you...

...realize that the port of Tarsus which Russia operates out of through Syria is their fleet's only access to the Mediterranean? They have vital interests there in that respect. The interventionists are insane.


Russia has a port, and their abetting Assad with chemical weapons and tropps to slaughter the Syrain People who are rebelling against the selling out of Syria sovreignity to the UN NWO..

Let me put it to you this way.. China now has a the port in Sacramento CA.. it's not on the coast.. it's inland.

So let's say Obama made an announcement in 2014.. As your president, with all the things happening at thei time, my administration and I have discussed what to do to make America a better place.. we want to focus on our homeland and assure peace for everyone. To do this we will need your help. First, all of you who own guns, you will need to turn them in. The internet will be open from 10 AM to 4 PN everyday, that's it. There will be no more private property, the state is going to take the property and we will be using a UN monetary system to adopt to a global currancy.. all states have been suspended as charters.. food will be rationed for a short time, and everyone will be expected to go to the posts set up to get a job.. it's time to put America back to work. Thank you.

What do you think would happen? Think people will wave flags and sing kumbayah? Think we might have rebels?

Assad had rebels when he pulled very simular crap.. it's been a civil war for two years.

Russia is sending arms to Assad so Assad can wipe out the rebels. Is that Russia's interest? You garee that Russia should be arming Assad to murder his own people? Now Putin is threatening thermol nuclear war. That's OK with you?

Tell me about that. Please.

Is is not Assad, you stupid moron

It is rebel terrorists that are using chemical weapons. Assad is winnin on the ground and rebel terrorists last chance is to involve US into the war. And the only way to do it is? ... Guess what ... A fake chemical aatack by Siriab national army. Btw. are you aware of the fact that a tens and tens of christian churches in Siria are attacked by rebel terrorist supporten and funded by US in last couple of weeks. Are you realy that stupid or what?

What does REBEL mean to you?

Syrians REBELLED Assad.. this has been a CIVIL war that has Assad murdering a million rebels. The rebels are people like you and me, and there are no allies with chemical weapons. Russia has been supplying Assad with WMD THAT is a FACT. R

You are saying the rebels are killing rebels. BS!

Assad is winning because he has the military, weapons from Russia and the luxury life is more important that the simple Syrian people who want Syria as it was, not a NWO.

I am aware that the Chistian Churches are being attacked by BOTH sides. I posted a wiki link earlier, they include maps and explain how BOTH sides have attacked Christian Churches and why.. and you may find it interesting what the Christians have to say..

Let me put it to you this way.. Lets say Obama called Marshall law, began taking American's arms, putting people in FEMA camps.. some Americans rebelled.. they became rebels.. a million of them have been murdered by Obama's regime.. many are fleeing to Mexico and Canada.. the Churches stick with Obama.. so some rebels attack the Church because the Church only serve people who serve Obama.. when the people are gone.. then Obama attackes the Churches..
Does that help you.. so let's add China.. China supports Obama,, offers drones and troops to stop the rebels who oppose Obama's NWO..

What you tell me is that you want a NWO.

Not me,

It is You who want a NWO, it is obvious. Your level of false info is just unbelievable. We (Croatia, Bosnia) have a couple of "reporters" (mostly muslims that are living there as a reporters, ex-diplomats or working people) that are informing us what is going on in Syria for a months (or even more than a year) and know exactly what is going on (info, stories, videos). Unfortunately, our government as part of the EU is supportnig the same lunatics as you do.

FYI, 75% of Syria population is on Assad side, including all christians. I know because we have a catolic mission there. Assad was allways protecting christians, you can easily check this.

Btw, mrs. Carla Del Ponte, UN supervisor for Syria, is telling that those missiles with nerve gas came from FSA side. Russians showed satelite pictures that confirmes this as well.

You should avoid the news that comes from Al-Jazeera or Anadolia or all EU and American news. You should also read the latest interview by Assad to the Russian reporters. It mostly acurately describes situation in Syria. Russia, China and Iran are just protecting themselves (se the world map and will know why)

And don't get me wrong, I was against Assad in the beggining when all this looked like real movement against tirany but Assad is very inteligent and after being instructed by Russia and China he realy changed a lot in a positive way in last couple of years:
- he announced first democratic elections under supervision from the UN to be held in couple of months (that is why USA and allies are now very nervous and in a big hurry, because they know that most of the Syrian people will vote for Assad of course)
- he is abolishing all rebels that do not want to fight against syrian army any more and is allowing them to go home (a lot of them decided to join the regular army after seeing what imported rebel-terrorist are doing to regular syrian civils just because they are diferent muslim fraction)
So, he is actualy the good guy in this "civil war". The bad gays are mostly made of terrorists from diferent countries, less than half of them are real syrian people that started this fight in the beginning.

Did you hear (and saw video) that less than two weeks ago rebels buchered the whole village (around 450 murdered mostly woman and children) just because they were of the same religion fraction as Assads family is (and do you know that most of the top officers in syrian regular army are of the same religion fraction like most of the rebels - so it is definitely not a war between different religion fractions like they want us to believe in). At the same time they took the whole other village (more than 600 people) and no one knows by now what happened with them.

Did you hear that couple of months ago rebels took two christian priests and never released them nor showed them to the public (most syrians think they have been killed because most of the rebels are islam radicals)

Did you saw the vido of eating heart of syrian army soldier by one of the leaders of the rebels
Did you saw the video of killing two kids just because they were telling to rebels that they are supporting regular army

Grow up Granger, you owe it to yourself.

And sorry for the wording "stupid". I was really pissed of by your lack of information. Now I'm calm :)

I've seen what you've seen

And I don't agree with you.

The UN is the NWO and here you are quoted the blasted UN.


UN is just a bunch of US slaves

and US (POTUS, Congres, Senate) is a slave (but also part of) the NWO



You trust...

...so-called rebels who are aligned with Al Qaeda? And you trust the elements in our government who would arm such 'rebels'? Even if there are genuine elements of innocent protest by the people against Assad, these protests will be steered and corralled by those who would use such sentiment for their own purposes. This has destabilization for the purposes of the Empire written all over it, just like in Libya. Any nation which does not go along with the globalist vision and tries to maintain a separate identity will be tilled under.

I really do suspect that the rebels are the ones using the chemical weapons in a false-flag maneuver. Has the feel of a Gulf of Tonkin, USS Maine-type moment.

And what about the Christians in Syria who are fearing massacre by these angelic rebels once they come sweeping through -- a la Egypt, Libya, Iraq, etc.? What about them?

This is NOT A FACT Granger

Wikipedia is not an official enciclopedia. I know it very well because we had a war here in Croatia not so long ago. We were attacked by Serbs and whole Serb-Croat story has its strange and stupid history and now we are finaly in some kind of peace and everyone has its own state. But even today there are a lot of different missinformations on the Wiki regarding the Croat and Serbs history and culture, depending who is writing info. It is definitely very stupid to trust to such an highly "coloured" info.

Btw, alaviti are to small in numbers to run the army, therefore a lot of main generals in regular syrian army are sunnity and most of the syrian sunnity are on the assad side. This definitely is not religious civil war.

But, after all, that's your problem.

No, it's not mine

Since the UN is dominated by communist and Islamic nations, it is.. they are friends for now, but when Russia takes Syria, and they will, then maybe the liobrals will wake up. I hope.

Assad has...

...nothing to gain by using WMDs on his own people. It makes no sense that he would hand his enemies a major excuse to vilify him even further in the media and bring on bombardments from us loving Westerners. (We love the poor Syrians so much, we're going to go drop bombs on them to help them out.)

Those who oppose him have everything to gain by instigating such a move themselves, if they can blame it on him. I'm following the logic.

Not even to quell a rebellion?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if leaders didn't kill their own people by shooting them? Least we forget Kent State, as it even happens here, and it most definately has been happening in Syria.

Who are his enemies? Israel and the USA? What has Israel done? Stayed out until they found out about a WMD shipment made by Russia that they took out. So were these weapons from Russia not for his own people, but you are saying Russia and Syrai were attempting war with Israel? Russia has done this before Yom Kipper War..

Israel had no complaint about Assad being elected.. said it was the Syrians choice and they had that right.

Most Westerners hav no clue about Syrians.. Syrai was established by the French after the fall of the TURKISH Ottoman Empire.

Let's not forget the Syrians with help of the Russians attacked Israel during Israel's MOST HOLY DAYS.. for three days, Israel was unable to defeat itself.

I have not heard Obama or Kerry say anything about dropping bombs. I've seen accusations, but nothing I have read has indicated this.

The rebels of Syria oppose him. He is killing them. Others have come to help because he has killed over a million of his people and they have been fleeing to refugee..

It's amazing when a brutal dictator is seen as a loving person after killing a million of his own people.. and you think the rebels are killing rebels. I think Russian mind mucking is working very well on you.

The interventionist...

...elements within the US and Israel that have hijacked both of our nations, indeed are choosing to be the enemies of any nation that stands in their way. I think they are purposely injecting their Al Qaeda-aligned mercenaries into nation after nation as a tool for creating destabilization against whatever regime they want to bring down. This is not to say that the dictators are angels themselves, but at least they are refusing to just roll over to the globalist machine.

I'm also not saying Russia is pure in their motives, but they understandably are opposed to the constant encroachments by us on their interests in their own backyard. We in the US would be (and in the past have been) similarly uncomfortable if Russia decided to come into the Caribbean and start instigating political uprisings and stirring up regional wars.

Are you saying Russia sent these chemical weapons to Syria? My impression was that they were bolstering their surface to air missile defenses and the like. I have no doubt Assad is fighting the rebels; using WMDs on innocent civilians makes no sense, though. It smells of Imperial false-flag...

And Israel

I am...

...pro-Israel and pro-US. That doesn't mean I must support whatever foreign policy blunders and violations of the wisdom of our forebears they want to engage in.

I share a passion for the nation, the people of Israel -- that doesn't equate to embracing everything Netanyahu does. Israel's governments through the millenia have been good and evil at times. How many wicked kings and queens are documented in the OT and NT? Would I have been not pro-Israel enough if I hadn't supported Queen Jezebel or King Herod's actions back in those days?

My point is

Israel has stayed OUT of the Syrian civil war.. they did bomb the WMDs Putin gave Assad. Why did Assad want those weapons? To use on his own people or Israel? Either way.. Assad has become a tyrant..murdering a million of his own people who rebel the NWO, sending them off their land that he takes, he has destroyed Syria and Russia wants that oil from Iran.. Russia has attacked Israel before, in the Yom Kippor War... The rebels (now called terrorists) attact the UN because the UN is THE NWO.. and people get confused because the UN is divided right now.. you have the majority being Communist and Islamic (Putin and Assad), and the minority being USA, Israel and EU..

we are poised to lose, and why Kerry is talking.. he didn't threaten war.. Putin threatened thermo nuclear war.. not us.

We are not in a good position.. and if Americans who are for peace are for Assad and Putin.. I'd say we are going to be where Syria or Egypt are very soon.. Why shouldn't Obama do what Assad did? declare marshall law, conficate all property and weapons and encamp people in FEMA camps. assassinmate protesters.. and get China to help him? What's wrong with that? Assad did it and it appears that's what many in America are standing for.


...particular WMDs are you referring to, which Israel destroyed? What kind of WMDs were they?

Where did Putin threaten thermonuclear war? -- I must have missed that quote. Not saying it didn't happen, but please provide the quote.

wolfe's picture

We don't ALWAYS have to...

pick our favorite killer. Assad is evil, the rebels are al Quaeda and psst, evil too.

Sometimes (in fact, USUALLY), it's two evil guys fighting it out, there is no good guy. There is NO righteous stand.

There is only the petro dollar.


What amazes me is on this website somehow we have managed to find representation for the 9% that support our dictator (namely yourself). That is truly shocking.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Pee Wee Herman

had more support after his moviehouse extravaganza !