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Brown People Are Less Than Human

My appraisal of current acceptance of American foreign policy. Please comment/share/bump if you like it.


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The Money Machine will kill

The Money Machine will kill anyone who stands in the way of the acquisition of natural resources. It's all about scarcity.

the illusion of scarcity

the illusion of scarcity



It's not about race, it's

It's not about race, it's about class. Regardless of what color you are, the language you speak or what group you identify with, you are losing. Falling behind on bills, having trouble putting nutritional food on the table and being accosted by government on all levels.

When riots start, the core motivation will be the same, the difference will be where individuals choose to place the blame. With so many different ideologies, every one of us interepts problems and directs blame a different way. These differences will be used against us, used to divide us. It's the same old song and dance. The globalists thrive on hate, confusion and panic, and will use our ignorance against us. Divide and conquer . I repeat, these are not race wars, but class wars.

Ya.. we should find some

Ya.. we should find some white people like Serbs, Russians, or some Germans somewhere, to kill. Don't want anyone thinking we're racist.

Can't allow our vicious

Can't allow our vicious government to have a disparate impact in who it kills. I think a lot of the so called libertarians here might just be liberals.


shocked that BILL3 trolled me again..

Whites are being killed

by the millions.
Political Zionists certainly aren't racist, they just kill differently.
Bomb brown people, and medicate, vaccinate, and GMO poison white ones.

Yes they are.

But, I can't say it.

late night bump

late night bump

I can see how you came to this conclusion, but...

I think that both the article's logic and conclusions are weak. I am not trying to be insulting, and if I seem so, please accept my apologies. I always want to address how we think.

First you claimed that this is the only possible conclusion. Your refutations of some ideas have merit, but are certainly not the only possible ones. Perhaps the people with political power in this country consider brown people to be less than human, but they also seem to think that all those who oppose their might are less than human. Many of these things you refer to are or have been done to all sorts people of all races when they cross the state.

In the end, if you walk down through it, the real problem seems to be philosophy. To someone that believes that the state and its preservation and "interests" (whatever those dangerous things might be) are always right, anybody who does not act as though they believe that (despite what they profess in religious settings) are a threat to the government and must be marginalized, demonized, or destroyed. And if you happen to be somebody just trying to live your life and are in the way of the actions to destroy those opposing the power of government, well too bad. We are governments, and we have the right to kill you if needed.

truth be told.. my true

truth be told.. my true "spiritual" understanding of what we call reality is far beyond how I've chosen to address the "audience." I'm merely trying to draw quick connections to instantly recognizable hypocrisy.. and challenge the reader to question things..perhaps a bit deeper than they might have before.

I've learned that your audience loses focus pretty quickly.. VERY challenging trying to keep the reader engaged with what might be considered "esoteric" meandering.. ESPECIALLY if they're interested in Miley Cyrus or the MTV VMA's..

Thanks for you comment. If I was writing to an audience solely of people genuinely questioning the morality/utility of the state.. I don't we'd beef. :-)

well expressed, and I understand--

discussions tend to get 'black and white' really quickly on here--

Understanding 'fine lines' is sometimes difficult--

I've been called so many different names, as I have attempted to express complicated ideas--

because there is an emotional 'liberal'/'conservative' knee-jerk reaction that tends to take place even here on DP, where *one* hopes the level of understanding of all things political is a little higher in tone--

sometimes people can't see beyond their emotions, or aren't able to admit that they can't--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Great comment! One need

Great comment!

One need only look to BILL3's comment for evidence..

Black cats are less feline

gold fish are less piscine
white dogs are less canine..
green birds are less fowl
rad frogs are less amphibion...

don't know what any of this

don't know what any of this comment means.. but I upvoted bc of "rad frogs"

It's actually war against

It's actually war against anyone who's not in the 1% club.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--