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Vote to send Betty Liberty to L.A. for the Atkins All-Star Challenge

Hi there,

I've entered myself in the Atkins All-Star Challenge. I started the Atkins diet on 4-3-13 and have lost 38 pounds, with only 7 more to reach my goal. The contest closes today.

There will be 4 winners, Men and Women under 40 and over 40.

The prize is a trip for me and guest to Los Angeles, two night's stay, $1,000 in spending money, a make-over and photo shoot with Sharon Osbourne.

If you do Facebook, and are so inclined - please vote for me! Thank you very much.

At the link below, on the top right, click on "Gallery". I'm currently on page 2 of the gallery at the bottom - Maria Norbeck, the fatty holding a baby wearing a Santa hat, LOL!


If you don't do Facebook and might be curious...

BEFORE: http://imgur.com/soVYUIj

NOW: http://imgur.com/o23IS2I

Thanks again!

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I've been thinking about changing the wallpaper on my desktop.

Thanks. :)

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

that is a sweet ass

i don't facebook, but i'll bump.
and congrats, you look great.

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