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World's Oldest Lightbulb Has Been Burning For 112 YEARS

Look at that - it's not a CFL - it's an incandescent!

Apparently it's outlasted 3 cameras that have been filming it for posterity.

Makes you wonder: if incandescent bulbs last so long, why are we being forced to use Compact Fluorescents that are fragile, don't really last that long, and oh yeah, they have mercury in them?

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Like the .45

I still think the Colt model 1911 .45, is the best auto handgun ever made for a variety of reasons- including balance and feel.

100 years later- not sure the new auto loaders are any better.

The quality of light an

The quality of light an incandescent bulb gives off is superior than that of a CFL or LED with no-compromise in color rendition (100 CRI).


Amazing - the older bulbs like most things are much more sturdier than today.

Unfortunately they suck the power but they should not be made illegal. It should be up to customer.

I think the new wave of light is the LED - I think they only draw 1 Watt compared to the 10 Watts of the new bulbs.

I think the fluorescent tubes are 20 Watts if I am not mistaken.

Still nothing beats those 100 Watt bulbs lol


Hideous color

The problem with fluorescents and (so far) LEDs is that they give off such a hideous, unnatural color. And incandescents don't need a bunch of Chinese electronics just to run.

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Good Points

I also like cleaning up broken fluorescent tubes lol


I will give people a free

I will give people a free pass on saying that fluorescents suck. You can only do so much with phosphor coatings, but if you think LEDs put off bad light, you need a reality check. You can get any color temperature you want from an LED bulb. You can get ones that are pretty cold to mimic an incandescent, you can get something pretty hot to mimic a fluorescent, or you can get ones that mimic sunlight, which would be the best, but not for people who can't let go of incandescents and claim they are superior (much like people claiming that records are technically better than CDs).

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