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Will Congress Vote On Syria?

Isn't that what the Constitution says? If the United States military goes to war against Syria without US Congressional approval, I think that means America is officially gone.

If Congress does nothing to prevent another useless war, it's over....kiss our sweet asses goodbye.

Anyone else starting to feel like this is all being done intentionally in order to set us up and make America fall as the last superpower of the world?

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This isn't about America going to war as many here want us to believe. This is about the US committment to help it's allies, in the UN, the EU continue to get oil from the ME, which Russia's actions, taking advantage of Assad's signing on to the UN Agenda.. is a Ru8ssian grab for the oil.. wanting a pipline from Iran to Syrai and to build a port for Syria.. with that Russia can provide for China what we are providing now, and they will bury the US and the EU.

I think Ron Paul had the answer.. tell them all to do what they want and focus on rebuilding America.

Doubt it

Congress has become a potted plant...I'm pretty sure our asses were gone a while ago. Restoration would be great and I'm all for it, but I'm much more concerned with what comes next.

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