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Obama will not use findings of UN to make decision on Syria, says he has spies to make that decision.

"Administration officials made clear Mr. Obama would make his decision based on the U.S. assessment and not the findings brought back by the U.N. inspectors. The U.S. evidence includes an analysis by U.S. spy agencies of the type of rocket used in last week's assaults to deliver chemical weapons. " So let me get this straight. So Obama bitches and complains about the UN inspectors not being allowed into Syria quickly, but then Obama says it doesnt matter what the UN says anyways, because the he has his own spies doing the investigation. Well well well, I think that Obama is trying to blow out the candles on a cake he already ate.


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Or paid liars that he commands.

The guy is a dope and believes we are, too.

Free includes debt-free!

I am too flabbergasted

to believe that this is happening again.
The "handlers" of Miley Cyrus, and other major "media" personalities of the moment have distracted us all from the speed that this engineered military take-over has traveled in such a short time.
It sickens me to the stomach.

Shout it out loud and clear for all to hear!

How can one get it into our delusional leaders' heads: no more young American military deaths in the Mideast/SW Asia!! Enough already. Our military derives from the constitutional directive for the Republic to defend the territory of the USA. Please get that at least through you cumbersome heads. We can not sacrifice our most brave and capable heroes on the field of useless struggle. Those troops so proud and at attention will follow the orders of those appointed over them and trust to their moral, logical, effective and winning judgement. That's appropriate. It's the elected leadership outside of the military that instead of hearing the 80% voice of the electorate, choose to throw these wonderful examples of manhood to the hounds. No voter gave such expectation or approval, rather the bugle's clarion call sounds loud and clear: stay away from foreign entanglement, and turn a caring eye toward your own back yard.

They plan to use Syria

like Afghanistan, as a jumping stone to attack Iran. It's a sad day in America, that we must rely on the Ruskys and the Chicoms in hopes of preventing another mass murdering war for the Banksters. In case you missed it, Zero Hedge pegs the Fed behind the desire for another war. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-08-23/pentagon-preparing-...

Want to know, as the

Want to know, as the represented, WHY we go to war?

Thats too bad, national security, IT CLASSIFIED,

Not good enough?

Ok here, heres some information we "dug up"(sniggers), we cant show you the proof of our claims, because you know.......CLASSIFIED

Oh yeah, oh yeah, i agree with'ya, it does appear to be oh so convinient for us (sniggers)