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Liberty Crier-> Spendopedia: Federal Waste Collection Site Opens On Internet

Has government waste become so bad that we need an encyclopedia to keep track? One watchdog group seems to think so and has started a publicly edited, crowdsourced website that compiles cases of fiscal abuse, modeled after the popular site Wikipedia.

Spendopedia, launched this month, is an attempt to organize examples of fiscal waste into a central, easily searchable database.

“Too often, information about wasteful spending pops in a news story or blog post, and then disappears into the black hole of the Internet,” said Joe Mansour, who dreamed up the project. “Our goal for Spendopedia was to create a Wikipedia-style resource for citizens to learn more about how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent.”

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Airport Authority President's Traveling Expenses
Amtrak Loses Millions On Food
Amtrak Loses Millions On Food Sales Army Camouflage Uniforms Bay Area Rail Transit Receives Extension Grant For Two Stops
Billions Spent on Unused Government Buildings Bureau of Indian Affairs Spending CRM
Chinese Study on Swine Manure Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Funding Climate Change Research on Cows
Colorado DOE Misspends Stimulus Funds Commodity Futures Trading Commission Awards Questionable Employee Bonuses Community Airport Grants
Congressional Travel D.C. Government Misused Jobless Aid Funds D.C. Receives Grant to Make Fruits and Vegetables Available at Work
DOE Pays For Uncompleted Work DOJ Spending Department of Defense (DOD) Improper Payments
Department of Energy (DOE) Car Batteries and Other Components Department of Health and Human Services' Questionable Spending Department of Transportation (DOT) Basketball Shooting Machine
Department of Transportation (DOT) Overpaid Union Officials Dept of Energy Awards Unnecessary Severance Packages Dept of Veterans Affairs Neglected Security Software
DoD Improper Travel Reimbursements Duplicative Grants Economic Development Agency (EDA) Shuts Down IT Service, Costs Millions
FEMA Replaces Buildings Farmers Paid Not To Farm Federal Agency Undervalued Coal Mine Lease Collections
Federal Funding to Study Hookah Smoking Habits Federal Funds Spent Tending to Wild Horses Federal Funds Used For Personal Gardening Services
Federal Government Wireless Communication Program Federal Grant to Help Idaho Caviar Company Expand Federal Grant to Increase Agency's Facebook "Likes"
Federal Grants for Video Games Federal Highway Funds Spent on Statue Federal Highway Wastes Stimulus Money
Federal Loan To Build an Agricultural & Motorsports Museum Federal Study on Hand Eye Coordination Federal Study on Smoke Detecting Underwear
Federally Funded Games for Change Festival Fisker Automotive Loans Friend of President Obama Receives Special Loan
Fruits & Veggies Youtube Video Contest Funding for Chimps GSA Conferences
Getting Started Grants to Make Communities More Livable Health and Human Services Conference Overspending
IRS Conference Overspending IRS Overpaid Low Income Tax Credits IRS Stores Unused Furniture
IRS and VA Training Videos Interior Secretary’s Private Bathroom Renovation Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Awards Inappropriate Contracts
Job Corps Deficit Loan to Build Aquarium in Brazil Main Page
Medicaid Integrity Program Medicare's Duplicative Pneumonia Vaccine Medicare Advantage Bonus Payment Demonstration
Medicare Overpayments Due To Outdated Testing Methods Miami Courthouse Constructed With Extra Unused Space Mismanagement at the Department of Energy (DOE)
Mismangement at the Department of Energy (DOE)
Misspent Hurricane Aid Musical About Climate Change & Diversity
NASA Funds Mars Food Preparation Study National Science Foundation (NSF) Studies National Science Foundation Over-funded Research
Nearly $6 Million Spent on Parking Spaces Nebraska Misspends on Energy Assistance Programs Obamacare PR Firm
Overfunded Grants to States for Water Infrastructure Overfunded United States Department of Agriculture Intern Program Overfunding Health and Human Services Grant Program
Overfunding In Employment Programs Overfunding and Duplication in Forest Service Programs Overfunding in Animal Inspection Service
Overfunding in Housing Programs Overfunding in International Broadcasting Systems Overlap In Air Force Satellite System Program
Overlap In Grant Programs for High Umemployment Communities
Overlap In Grant Programs for High Unemployment Communities Overpayments to Afghanistan Contractor
Paying For Free Reports Pd-communication Pd-ineligible
Pd-self Penny Production Loses Money PepsiCo's Federal Grant to Enter Yogurt Market
President Obama's Golf Weekend Public Officials' Portraits Questionable Animal Studies Grants
Questionable Federal Grants to Support U.S. and Foreign Culture Questionable Investment in Mobile Apps Lab Questionable Spending Through the Prevention Fund Program
Secret Service Limousines Sidewalk To Nowhere St. Louis Loop Trolley Project
Stimulus Funds Spent on Recycling Plant
Style Guide
TSA Unused Security Equipment Taxpayer Funded New Hampshire Brewery Expansion Taxpayer Funded New York Distillery
Taxpayer Subsidized Haircuts The Internal Revenue Service's Questionable Bonuses U.S. Agriculture Department's Advertising Program Abroad
USDA Mismanaged Fees USDA Questionable Spending Unemployment Fraud
Unimplemented IG Recommendations
Unnecesary Catfish Inspections
Unnecessary Catfish Inspections
Unnecessary Crop Subsidies Unnecessary Upgrades to Abrams Tanks Unused Army Garbage Incinerators
Unused Taxpayer Funded Grant Accounts Vending Machine For Books Vice President Joe Biden's European Vacations
Vineyards Receive Taxpayer Subsidies Weather Mobile App West Virginia Internet Routers