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Government Selling Personal Data To Mail Marketers

A disturbing news story from a Denver CBS affiliate has revealed that the government is proactively selling information about citizens to private marketing companies for profit. Big Gov isn’t satisfied with taking our money from us in the ever-growing myriad of ways – now they need to make money off of us while also assuring that we receive endless and disturbingly specific junk mail.

Spokesperson Andrew Cole confirms the Secretary of State sells business information for monetary amounts ranging from $200 to $12,000, depending on frequency and amount of information requested. But, Cole says the fees only cover the costs of running the databases.

“We are not looking to make money,” said Cole. “We charge to cover our costs.” (Ed note – yeah right)

According to Cole, there is no way to opt out of these lists and anyone can buy them, even scammers. There is no screening process.

“It’s a public database,” Cole said. He said it’s “meant to be public” and part of running a transparent government.

The Secretary of State also sold voter registration information — including names, addresses and political party affiliation of voters — for $58,000, last year.

Even death is for sale. The Social Security Administration sells a “Master Death Index” for $7,500 each. The result, an onslaught of letters to surviving family members asking to purchase a home.

There is a difference between having a “transparent” government, where citizens have access to information and can do their own research, and having government organizations compile lists specifically for the purpose of sale for profit to private companies. COntinue Reading

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It's all ok, because ... "welfare reform"

From 2001: "Over the past decade a dramatic shift has taken place. The government has developed the ability to accumulate the maximum amount of information and provided central access to an army of low level bureaucrats. All signs indicate that this is just a beginning. ... Systems were integrated so that information obtained from all government sources would be available in one search, and so that businesses and other private organizations could contribute and access information." http://www.enterstageright.com/archive/articles/1201/1201nat...

Correlation does not prove causality!

This is about the Secertary of State of Colorado

i believe,,from a quick glance..not the federal one..