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Father of Boy who posted video of Black Preteens beating up White toddler says he is not a racist...

Last week a young black boy posted online a video of a 3 year old toddler being spit on and hit in the face. The parents of both the toddler and the black youths who beat up the little girl say they were not aware of the video.

The video received hundreds of thousands of views online which prompted countless phone calls to both parents. The local Fox TV news followed up on this story and posted the interview with both parents on their News site.

Below is the link to the site:


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Who here remembers growing up?

Kids squabble. Kids can be quite cruel. I've seen such levels of "violence" by persons (kids) of many different colors and backgrounds.

The fact that so many use this as an emblem to demonstrate, aggrivate and further racial hatred is frankly despicable.


So both parents are flooded with phone calls? By whom and for what motive? To say hi and discuss the weather or was this an outpouring of hate on otherwise private lives?

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

I don't remember growing up

because I haven't. :D

I get your point though, and agree. When I was little kid I went to a racially diverse school (actual diversity, not code for '99% black') and nobody seemed to care about race...until the parents brought it up.

That said, I noticed the obvious differences in physical appearance between myself and my classmates/friends at a very early age, so it's not as if little kids don't pick up on it. And of course kids like to pick on the one who's different, so there's that side of it too.

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I didn't see the parent interview....

Only the abuse of the 'toddler'... And I wondered where in the heck the parents WERE? How could they not HEAR her?!

Susie 4 Liberty

Sorry, the kids learned that

Sorry, the kids learned that behavior from someone. Good that the father is taking care of the problem but let's hope that includes his or his wife's beating of his kids.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

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FR, do you have kids? I'm six

FR, do you have kids? I'm six of seven and my brothers did worst crap to me than this. Younger children are influenced by older kids all the time and it doesn't necessarily mean that something is horribly wrong in the home. I have kids and nineteen nieces and nephews and sometimes kids are mean. It's not right and they need to be corrected but it is normal.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
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6 brothers?

I barely survived 3 brothers. How my folks did is just miraculous.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

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Three sisters and three

Three sisters and three brothers but the brothers were closest to me in age. I don't know my parents did it either but I'm glad they did :)

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e.e. cummings

The two

parents in that video look to be upstanding Americans living peacefully together. The black father said the video clearly showed the kids were being coaxed to act that way, and he didn't teach that type behavior.

I think this issue is less about race and more about the stupidity of children at times.

Also, with all the negatively race themed topics lately I want to point out it's not always negative. There was a black man that during Hurricane Katrina had to hitch a ride with a van full of white people evacuating. He said he was surprised at their behavior and would never look at white people the same again.

ALL people in this world are individuals in the end and deserve to be given the respect due any human unless their behavior dictates otherwise.

That is such a hopeful,

That is such a hopeful, promising piece rpcongress.

Let's not bring up the unfortunate reality of the rampant looting, rape and murder that the black population of New Orleans committed during the aftermath of Katrina. When civilization is not enforced by European Americans, it can disappear entirely, and in an instant.

The horror of of the Third World is in our midst, and it will be interesting to see how white liberals deal with this reality when it arrives in full. I think your hope will turn to remorse.

You're so right

but the PC crowd around here will vote you down and turn on their own. They'll find out one day.

Kinda funny

considering in the US, we had the Slave Trade, Manifest Destiny ("Indian Removal"), Trail of Tears, and Jim Crow, which are also unfortunate realities. Selective history at its finest.

During the LA riots

many Korean shipowners helped keep the peace while defending their businesses.

I don't buy into this idea that only "European American"s are capable of enforcing (like the way things are 'enforced' now?) civilization, lest it collapse. I'm not saying that genetics don't play a factor in one's behavior, but let's not pretend that the "European-American" group is the paragon of humanity and protectors of the first world.

Personally, I think it's more of a 'nurture' issue than a 'nature' issue, since the human mind is infinitely malleable. Just look at how effective the MSM is, or any propaganda tool for that matter, to see what I mean.

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Who were the Korean shop

Who were the Korean shop owners defending their shops from?

Speaking strictly in the context of the United States, it will be Europeans who either preserve, or fail to preserve civilization.


We both know who they were defending their shops from; a predominantly black crowd. How does that turn into "only European-Americans can maintain civilization"? Because I'm pretty sure most of the ruling class is "European", and they're not exactly doing a bang-up job form where I'm standing.

On that note, the actual Europeans are doing terribly. They (as in western and northern Europeans) allowed, nay, *pushed* Europe to turn into what has, just as "Europeans" here allowed the U.S. to turn into what it is now.

"Speaking strictly in the context of the United States, it will be Europeans who either preserve, or fail to preserve civilization."

To preserve European civilization, yes. Given what European/American civilization is like, maybe letting it go and trying something new or modifying it isn't such a bad idea.

I'm not saying that people of European descent should discard their culture/civilization, quite the opposite; I'm saying they should find a better way to maintain it.

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Good comment, but where on

Good comment, but where on earth did you get the idea that the human mind was infinitely malleable. What an absurd statement.

Piers, 'zat you?


I don't think it's an not an absurd statement at all. Could you explain why you say that? Look at how easy it is for people to be indoctrinated, or how easy it is for people to build up a false reality around themselves to cling to their belief system.

Just look up the multitude of studies done over the past decade alone on how experience and environment constantly changes the brain, how the brain is capable of 'rewiring' itself (to an extent) after serious physical injury, how easily it is to trick people into believing things they 'normally' wouldn't, etc.

Perhaps I should have said "infinitely malleable in terms of beliefs held"?

tl;dr-- My basic point was that I think people are capable of believing literally anything, given the circumstances.

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lol, I was thinking the exact

lol, I was thinking the exact same thing after I typed that. Piers got me.

I would agree that people have a very wide range, if not an infinite one, of things they are able to believe in, with the right social pressures and incentives. Or at least claiming to believe publicly.

I think that's an entirely different concept from the human mind being malleable. Beliefs, or outwardly held beliefs, are indeed incredibly malleable. But they are so, as an expression of a very fixed human nature. The ability to get people to believe or pretend to believe almost anything is a concrete expression of a concrete nature, and that is why marketing and propaganda work. Because how people will adopt beliefs under the right pressures is very predictable.


Grr, you replied as I was fixing a typo! Now my mistake is on the internet for all to see! Forever. +1 for a thoughtful response.

I think I get what you're saying about our fixed nature, and agree. We humans tend to be very predicable when one takes in the long view, and people (generally speaking) fall for the same tricks wrapped in slightly different packages time and again.

Predictably, most of us never take any of this into account, heh.

Touching on that, lately I've been thinking all that has been happening is just part of a never ending cycle, an inescapable part of our nature that nothing we could possibly conceive could remedy*. We build, destroy, and rebuild again...hopefully a bit better than the last time around.

Or maybe I just watch too many bug shows.

*though if we're talking about Artificial Intelligence, then that's a whole different story...okay imma stop before I ramble too much again, but I fear it is already too late...

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I disagree

about the European civilization part.

The Chinese civilization is the oldest surviving civilization, around for thousands of years predating European Americans. An older civilization than that was the Egyptians who achieved amazing things including pyramid engineering feats that still today baffle scientists as to how they were accomplished.

Also, the native Americans, the Indians, I believe had a perfectly fine existence until American settlers arrived. Don't get me wrong, I believe in Capitalism. But with all the problems we see rooted to money, sometimes one has to question if those Indians that lived more in harmony with nature were on to something.

Speaking strictly in the

Speaking strictly in the context of the United States, it will be Europeans who either preserve, or fail to preserve civilization.

We could import 400 million Chinese to enforce Chinese civilization. Sort of besides the point.

Good Dads

Good to see the fathers taking care of this and nipping it in the bud.

A follow up on the story of the white toddler who was beaten up.

I recently posted a video that was one of the top stories on Drudge today but it was taken down by one of the moderators. I am still waiting for an answer to as why it was taken down but at any rate, in order to have the complete story told, I posted this video of an interview that the local Fox News did with both parents.

I realize that there are some who may come to this site to race bait, I'm not one of those people. Like many on this site, I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If the daily paul is so gun shy that they can not talk about race and the affect that it has on "all of us" as citizens then the chance to have liberty minded candidates elected are going to be little to none.

Lol, it's ironic then

Because all the race based threads you've created have a white person as a victim and a black person as the antagonist. Not saying there's anything particularly wrong with those threads, but it's obvious you have a pro-white agenda because there's tons of other stories with many combinations of races involved and you aren't posting those.

And let's not forget the thread you put up earlier that got deleted...that was total trash.

So Drudge is pushing a racial agenda?

but you're not?