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Chemtrail Awareness Reaching A Tipping Point?

Chemtrails are aerosol trails sprayed from aircraft that spread out in the sky, forming unnatural clouds that contain reflective, metallic elements such as barium and aluminum, and can contain other chemicals as well as biological pathogens. These are different than ordinary contrails made by jets, and are widely reported to be part of classified projects being carried out by NATO nations. One publicly disclosed purpose of spraying chemtrails is weather modification and sunlight deflection to supposedly counter global warming. However, many theorists and activists believe there are multiple projects being carried out via these spraying operations, with geoengineering and weather modification merely being the purposes that are easiest to acknowledge to the public.

As crops are affected by chemtrail compounds disturbing the soil, Monsanto corporation has developed genetically modified crops that are resistant to being harmed by those conditions, leading some people to suspect that Monsanto may be complicit in these operations, planning to sabotage natural farming and force agribusiness to become dependent on GMO crops designed to tolerate a toxic, polluted environment.

Public awareness has grown steadily since the late 1990s, when the chemtrail phenomenon first drew attention from the alternative media. In recent years, filmmakers have produced documentaries such as What In The World Are They Spraying? and Why In The World Are They Spraying? Millions have watched these films, browsed educational websites, and looked up at the skies to see this mass contamination of the atmosphere happening in plain sight. Activists are hoping to bring even more attention to the issue and encourage the public to pressure public officials to disclose the truth about these programs and halt any operations not approved by the public. - See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/chemtrail-awareness-reaching-a-tip...

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I'm starting to see

I'm starting to see commercials airing on tv that have chemtrails in the background....

Photographic Evidence

Compare photographs that of today to the past. Critics out there like to say that chemtrails are really just contrails with the difference of atmospheric conditions to why the trails expand. If that's the case these "long lasting contrails" should of been around since the near advent of the aircraft. We should see these "long lasting contrails" in our past films, and prints..but the truth is there is none to be seen! I love the work of photographer Ansel Adams and there is no contrails in the hundreds of scenic landscape images he took and he is just one photographer..then compare photographs of today as well as photographic time-lapses you'll see that "long lasting contrails" is a prevalent phenomenon. By analyzing the past through photographic evidence, we can see that there is no such thing as "long lasting contrails" to the point one can reasonable conclude that "long lasting contrails" of today that hang in the sky and become a haze are in fact chemtrails.

Excellent point

If that's the case these "long lasting contrails" should of been around since the near advent of the aircraft. We should see these "long lasting contrails" in our past films, and prints..but the truth is there is none to be seen!

Excellent point. Except for the part about there being none to be seen. Actually it's not hard to find at all, but the rest of your point is exactly right. If they are just contrails, we should find them in old video and photographic evidence.

Here's a 1980's newscast about contrails spreading out and blocking the sun enough to cause detectable climate change:
Don't miss the comment the scientist there makes about how "In the absence of natural clouds, given the correct atmospheric condition, jet aircraft in high frequency can almost completely cover the atmosphere, visible atmosphere, with clouds."

You can find as much more as you want. This page can get you started:
There's even one by Ansel Adams on there! That site has some 1940's video. There was quite a bit of study of contrails done in the 40's because contrails made it easy to spot aircraft. Then in the 80's you can find studies about how contrails that spread out and lingered were causing detectable changes in the climate, as I mentioned. And any decade before or after as well. Happy searching!


Thanks for the links. I have 4 books on Ansel Adams and never came across that photograph or I might have overlooked it.

Definitely more

planes, but in the case of Ansel Adams it might be that he just didn't think skies with contrails looked as nice as skies without. With the exception of that one where the contrails and the train tracks together make a nice composition.

Atmospheric Constants?

To continue, what atmospheric constants are there that would permeate a long lasting contrail?

The atmospheric conditions that

would allow for long-lasting and spreading contrails are explained here:

Some people object to seeing this explanation on a "chemtrail debunking" page but it's the same science that's been used to explain contrails since at least the 40's, so if you want to verify it from other sources and verify that this isn't something they came up with recently that's not hard to do. Google books has a bunch of old textbooks online.

Watts UP With That has a new thread on this. My Comment;

Chemtrails or Contrails? Another Alarmist Issue Without Scientific Context

I changed the meme from “Chemtrail” to “Geo-Engineering” in the blogosphere about two years ago to be more scientifically accurate and get the debate into the mainstream. It really worked like a charm. Both words work for me just fine, but psychological conditioning has made many averse to the discussion. No matter if you acknowledge the persistent contrails in the skies contain added chemicals or not, causing their lingering dispersion overcast effect, I just ask you to do some math.

Commercial jet aircraft numbers in the skies cannot account for the tick tack toe patters and all day long trail patterns being laid in the skies. In my neighborhood of SW Florida we have maximum number of passenger jets in very low numbers. My skies are not heavenly traveled by commercial passenger aircraft. So who owns the planes lingering in my skies all day long and why are they there? Just to waste jet fuel? I think not.



Pilots Learn about Geoengineering & Chemtrails, presentation by David Lim, UK March 2013

Chemtrails are artificial clouds..

created as a side effect of air travel. Is there harmful byproducts of burning jet fuel? yes, or course. Are there harmful byproducts of your car getting you to work? Yes, of course, but are you involved in a vast poisoning conspiracy by driving your car?

How long the artificial clouds, containing chemical residue from burning fuel hang around, is based on climate conditions. If you were the NWO, would you poison yourself along with everyone else on purpose? They breath the same air, how stupid would it be? Better to poison your food and vaccinations.


Well played.

I heard from a buddy who

I heard from a buddy who heard it from a NASA scientist the the contrails....I mean chemtrails brought down building 7. No seriously. Haha

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."


Look at this... they are spraying us... here's proof!

This is not like any ordinary sky-writing, these vapor trails are thicker, and more prominent, and I have never seen ones like these before! They take forever to dissipate... this is not like normal trails. Has anyone noticed more of these lately? I think they are trying to block out the sun... or maybe trying to tell us something.

I can't even see an airplane... why are these trails just appearing out of no-where? Why are they doing this to my sky?

They're not appearing out of nowhere... the planes are there...

Cloud-seeding & chemtrails are 100% real.

It is not a 'by-product' of commercial airliners. It is military. They often fly with escorts in formations. You can sit there and watch in real-time as the chemtrails grow wider & wider and eventually come together. You can watch the water vapor flow and come together and form cloud-cover.I've studied this first hand, not (just) on the internet, but in the real world for years and years. I am CONVINCED.
Go outside and just spend an hour or two watching the long thick white trails that stay in the air, and watch as they come out of the planes and get thicker and thicker. Watch how they spray with much more frequency in front of storm fronts and the clouds follow the lines and merge with them. Look for the escort planes that often fly parallel to the sprayer planes, not a commercial formation. Look for the weather changes that happen immediately or soon after the spraying.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


I stopping trusting Youtube documentaries about the same time I wrote off Natural News and the Star Globe.

I've been watching aircraft

I've been watching aircraft since commercial flight was piston/propellor craft and I can assure you that contrails that persist or grow are nothing new.

Whether a contrail quickly disappears, hangs around for minutes, for hours, or grows into a solid overcast, is solely a matter of the relative humidity of the air the aircraft flew through.

In an undergraduate meteorology survey class I took, back in the late '60s, one of the weather phenomena discussed (which contributed to making forecasting a tough problem) was supersaturated air masses. They'd be clear as crystal until disturbed, then turn into a cloud, fog bank, or even a storm.

You had positive feedback both in triggering condensation and then in the condensation being more reflective of solar heat than the underlying ground, changing the thermal energy input. This leads to what later mathematical theory calls a "butterfly catastrophe", where a tiny input grows to an enormous change of outcome.

The poster-child example given was a small airport in Alaska: It often starts the day with crystal clear, supersaturated, calm air. This lasts until the first small plane lands, disturbing the air with the prop wash, airfoil turbulence and wingtip vortices, and exhaust heat, moisture, and minor dust from burned oil - effectively "seeding" the air mass. This causes the water to suddenly condense into a thick fog in the aircraft's wake. The fog quickly spreads out in all directions, becoming a thick fog bank completely blanketing the airport and the surrounding countryside for several hours, until solar heating "burned it off" by raising the air temperature above the dewpoint.

So you get to land no more than ONE plane in the morning on such days, after which the airport is shut for half a day. Further, the fog bank reflects the sunlight and delays the time when the air becomes stable and the airport can operate normally. So landing that one plane in the morning is frowned upon. Taking off in the morning also triggers the fog. So if you manage to get airborne (without socking in the airport just by taxing to the runway), you don't have a place to land until midafternoon.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Cognitive Infiltration

Is a wonderful thing.
An 'expert' that has been watching contrails since their inception (as claimed) is about, um, 90 years old, perhaps OLDER.

Nothing to see here. This guy has a degree in 'meteorology'. The 'butterfly theory' crap is well-played.

'ology': In words of this type, the "-logy" element is derived from the Greek noun λόγος (logos, "speech", "account", "story")
'Meteor': A meteor or "shooting star" is the visible streak of light from a meteoroid or micrometeoroid, heated and glowing from entering the Earth's atmosphere, as it sheds glowing material in its wake. Meteors typically occur in the mesosphere at altitudes between 76 km to 100 km (46–62 miles)
A 'meteorologist' is, then, one who 'gives an account' of 'shooting stars' in the 'mesosphere'. You have a degree in this, dated back in the 1960's.
An expert, therefore, in 'vortices', and 'propwash', at the age of 90, your main education in the interactions of space rocks at 60 miles high is now 'crystal clear'.

A 'poster-child' example!


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like clock work

on the weekends here i see the same aircraft flying
heading in the same direction,coming from the same place.I can set a watch by them,now these do not leave a visible lasting trail behind them.These leave
a vapor trail that dissipates
No there are ones that leave a trail,and it stays,they do not dissipate
these spread out,and cause the sky to turn gray,when i first noticed them
3 days later it would rain,bet this give meteorologists a run for their money

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

"on the weekends here i see

"on the weekends here i see the same aircraft flying
heading in the same direction,coming from the same place.I can set a watch by them,now these do not leave a visible lasting trail behind them.These leave
a vapor trail that dissipates"

Scheduled air traffic, such as commercial airlines and FedEx. These try to route through stable air for as much of their flight as possible.

"... there are ones that leave a trail,and it stays,they do not dissipate these spread out,and cause the sky to turn gray,"

Craft flying at different altitudes and through moister air. Also: Even if they were spraying chemicals, for the overcast to cover the whole sky it has to be "powered" by just the ambient air and moisture, since hypothetical seeding chemicals don't reproduce but condensation state-changes can.

"when i first noticed them 3 days later it would rain,bet this give meteorologists a run for their money"

If it rained shortly after a seeding (deliberate or otherwise) it might have been caused by it. But three days is plenty of time for any weather phenomena (that didn't change the ground's reflectivity or moisture content, like a snow or rain storm) to move on. In fact, 3 days is about the short end of the time for most whether phenomena to be replaced by unpredictable results of chaos amplification.

= = = =

Now none of this proves the spooks AREN'T spraying some nefarious stuff from time to time - to poison us, immunize us against feared bio-war weapons, make us all docile, kill us before Social Security and Obamacare go bankrupt, try to reverse perceived global warming, or what-have-you. But all the "evidence" I've heard so far can be perfectly well be explained by well-known atmospheric phenomena. So I'm not impressed.

If there really IS something being sprayed, and it's coming down to ground level to do something nefarious, how about somebody collecting and analyzing it, and reporting THAT.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.


No there are ones that leave a trail,and it stays,they do not dissipate
these spread out,and cause the sky to turn gray,when i first noticed them
3 days later it would rain,bet this give meteorologists a run for their money

It's a well-known phenomenon that the atmospheric conditions (high relative humidity at altitude) that enable contrail persistence correlate with rain/haze/overcast conditions at ground level shortly thereafter. This is for the same reason that people noticed, long long before airplanes, that certain kinds of clouds often foretold rain moving in.

Contrails have been, under the right atmospheric conditions, spreading out and turning the sky gray for just as long as airplanes have been burning fossil fuels at high altitudes. I posted a 1980 video about it, but that's not when it began. Meteorologists have known about and understood this phenomenon since before you took your first science class.

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ah yes

but what you failed to read,as i didn't put it in there,was this.
The jets were flying at the same time,the ones that didn't leave a trail
flew through the trails of the other ones,same atmospheric conditions
You are right,it all started in the 70's,congress has spoke of it,and it is in their records
Russia and china have spoke about it,but these are just passenger jets?
No,I don't think so,this is deliberate,and I would bet it has something to do with the global warming/climate change farce that was brought to light

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

Still funny

The jets were flying at the same time,the ones that didn't leave a trail
flew through the trails of the other ones,same atmospheric conditions

Planes tend not to fly through the same place at the same time, for obvious reasons.

Atmospheric conditions can differ significantly over relatively short times and distances, so there's nothing problematic about seeing planes that are in the same *approximate* area over similar timeframes, with some leaving contrails and some not. Any more than the (mundane and well-understood) phenomenon of contrails starting and stopping as a plane moves through different regions with different conditions.

You are right,it all started in the 70's,

LOL I didn't say it started in the 70's I said I posted a video from 1980. You can find videos and photos from before the 70's as well, showing the same phenomenon. You can find meteorological studies from as far back as the 1940s, if not before, looking at the science behind the formation of contrails. They took the phenomenon *very* seriously in the 40's because contrails gave away the position of airplanes. None of this is new, or surprising or hard to explain in scientific terms.

I've seen people look at the evidence of historic contrails and conclude that it must have been started in the 40's as a chemical weapons plot against the Nazis. That still doesn't fit the historic or scientific evidence but it does, sort of, get around the fact that the contrail phenomena that get chemtrail theorists (who have no science background to speak of) so worked up are phenomena that have been observed for as long as we've been burning fossil fuels at high altitudes.


We laugh, and try to point out the obvious.
You obfuscate, in your room (cubicle), and try to deny.

Your children take medications, and you don't research the classic symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. Your paycheck is derived from promoting the 'party line', because you are superhuman, and immune to the facts. People who 'know more' tell you what to post, how to post it, and where to post it. HELL. You might even trust and believe them!

YOU have seen OTHER PEOPLE look at the EVIDENCE, and therefore, YOU are using THIRD-PARTY EVIDENCE to support your falsities. "I've seen people look at the evidence of historic contrails and conclude that it must..."


If you want more, just ask.



Anyone can look at the photos and see that the same sorts of contrail phenomena that occur today have been around for many decades, including the ones that spread out and linger. Anyone can look at research from the 1940's and later, explaining contrail phenomena exactly the same way those same phenomena are explained today. Anyone who is unsure whether they're being told the truth by people who says these phenomena didn't happen when they were kids, or can't be explained, should go look for themselves.

I don't dispute that people have proposed all kinds of ideas for weather modification. That one's not nearly as scary as other more recent ones with whacky ideas for reducing global warming. Look at some of this guy's stuff: http://www.envsci.rutgers.edu/~robock/
At least he has the sense in some of the later papers to explain why it's a bad idea, but that didn't stop him from making publishing some pretty far out there ideas, like here:

I do think it's great that you're pushing chemtrails back into the 60's with that document! Push that date back a few more decades and you'll remove one of the biggest holes in chemtrail theory.

So, to summarize, the things you can observe contrails doing these days are not new, and are explainable scientifically, and have been explained the same way since at least the 40's, and all of these things can be verified by anyone who wants to go look. And people come up with some scary whacky ideas, don't they?

Have we found anything to disagree about yet?

has anyone else noticed less chemtrails lately?

There have been a lot less and some days none! in my area of Iowa lately. Has anyone else been noticing this in their areas?


Yes, less spraying and have hotter temps. I'm retired, have a hobby farm and watch the skies for hours several times daily.

To those trying to poo foo the existence of Chemtrails,...........unbelievable you aren't aware.
Been proven, admitted and samples taken.
Did you not know we also control the weather? Non musically inclined haarp players for the more severe weather.


Chemtrail Truth Campaign on DP


Did anyone get out to protest geo-engineering / chemtrails on the 25th?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

There has been debates posted

There has been debates posted below on providing proof and science. The only proof and science I need right now is that I see strange lines and haze that spreads across a completely blue sky in ways I never once saw throughout my childhood and teenage years. They do not resemble any type of cloud structure that I learned of in my science classes. I have seen little mention or explanation for them in the media - almost as if they are being ignored or unacknowledged -like the emperors new clothes. I can't prove what they are, but I know that the government and the media aren't proving what they are or aren't. I think a sound examination is in order but since it isn't forthcoming, I can't blame anyone for assuming the worst. After all our government hasn't been exactly honest and sincere with us on any issue, has it?

George Carlin on Chem Trails

"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." - George Carlin

"There has been debates posted". Proper English from people who know how to speak it is "There have been debates posted"

So, wow, yes ++ this guy who can't even speak nor write proper English... yes, chem trails are reaching the tipping point as most people with below average intelligence (that's 50% of the people) (which means half the people for you people that are on the lower half), are now hearing about chem trails, and proceeding to irritate the heck out of the upper half.

"Strange lines"... are vapor trails from jets. They are from passenger planes. Have you seen how many of these passenger planes are in the air right now? Take a look: http://www.flightradar24.com .

These planes are trying to make a profit, and even skimping on luggage to save weight, and they also only carry enough fuel to get to their destination. They certainly are not carrying extra "aluminum" or other chemicals in the fuel, as that would destroy any profit margin they have. Do you realize how much extra weight these additives would weigh, if it were true they were spraying something? Thousands of pounds! And where are these so called chemicals being added? At the airports? At the oil refineries? And if so, they are being added at every oil refinery, or every airport in the entire world? Give me a break.

The chem trail theory falls apart for anyone with an ounce of critical thinking in their brain. So go smoke another doobie, and look up in the sky, and get on Daily Paul and spout your ignorance...whoopiedee doooo chem trails... the only chem trail is in your pea sized brain.