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Wild...Staged Syrian Media Footage...People Holding Poses, etc

This is very interesting...I was skeptical of the "crisis actors" before...but this is pretty damning stuff.


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The poster of that video deletes comments that disagree

I posted a comment under his video, questioning his points, and he deleted it.

Clearly, he's deceptive and trying to hide something.

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who knows?


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Yes... I know footage can be

Yes... I know footage can be and is faked. But the author never shows any evidence of the Drudge images being faked at all. He simply shows that other images are faked, so these might be too. I agree with the direction, but the argument is -very- weak.

All the signs

being held have to do with Egypt not Syria. He seems to be showing syrian pictures but the alleged actors are in Egypt.

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thank you

for that clarification.

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