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Freedom wins

Well forgive me but i Thought I´d post my opinion here.

All you Ron Paul Constitutional liberty minded people, I do envy you.

All the optimism, despite sure defeat.

All the defiance despite fraud.

All the continuing quest for liberty no matter what.

The truth always wins(in the long run, the psychotic don´´t believe this but it is always true), and nothing will stop you and that baffles the powers that be.

They never stop, but they never met an adversary that also will never stop.

Have you noticed their frantic desperation lately ? it is so blatant, even a 5 year old will spot it immediately.

In fact they have already lost, they just don´t know it yet... sure they will implement martial law, blah blah... but only for a short period of time....

already as we speak people are defecting from their mongric nwo and more will come...it is already over... but keep talking cause we better nail this in the bud. Peace and love is the way, and we have already won.

I can smell their fear...

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