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Am I Missing Something Here?

Newt Gingrich and Glen Beck are now opposing American intervention in Syria. Could it be possible that they are actually thinking a bit and coming around to a liberty standpoint, or are they just the extreme political whores we have always believed them to be and are riding a popular anti-intervention wave? Or is it just that it is an anti-Obama sympathy for them?

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They are most likely a contrived,

"swing to the Left".
Jack asses and serial cheaters don't change their spots.
What you are missing is that you are being conned by Big Propaganda, aka MSN.

my neo-conservative friends . . .

and associates will care about what these two men think.

I may not respect either of these men, but I know many people who do.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Why do you keep bringing up...

...these two jack@sses? Who CARES what they say?

This is so far beyond the pale

that even most neoconservatives are against this war.

no they are not


"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut

I should have clarified

I meant those voters of the neoconservative persuasion who are not in positions of government authority. Officials will be cheerleaders, of course, but their flock is not following this time.

For beck it's about

ratings and being popular. For Newt it is about being with the majority for 2016 when he runs for prez again. I have no use for either of these fascist pigs.

It's becoming obvious which

It's becoming obvious which way the wind is blowing and which side of history they want to be on.


They've seen the polls, and they are trying to jump in front of the parade (so that they can lead it a particular direction).

it's not about polls

Kerry never said anything about war.. so many people here are drunk on Russian TV..

They see the trap, unlike most fools here on DP, blinded by HATE.

You want Obama and Hu to do to Americans what Assad and Putin are doing to the Syrians? They don't.

Your right, technically. They

Your right, technically. They said someone has to be held responsible for the heinous act. What if they bomb the Al-Qaeda rebels who are responsible?

Assad is responsible

He was elected, and he turned on his own people, and his relationship with Putin prooves that.

If he was a real man, he would bring peace to his country, not sell it out for his own profit at the cost of Syrians.


No. It is an autocratic regime. Bashir inherited power from his father, Hafez.



The 'elections' in Syria have been rigged for a long time. Just like in Egypt. The Assad family are never out of power in Syria just like Mubarak of Egypt held elections and never lost.

It is a Ba'ath party pan-arab socialist authoritarian regime run by the country's shi'ite alawite minority.

The 'rebels' are imported mercenary and religious extremist fighters (Al Quaeda).

Its like Iraq and all these other middle eastern countries. Best to leave them all alone and try peaceful trade and non-intervention. Otherwise, we will spend money and cause lots of people to die for nothing. If these countries change for the better, it won't happen with outside interference. That only makes the situation worse.

Yes, elected


And I agree, it is best to leave them alone and take Putin to court for not leaving them alone but arming Assad with WMD to use against his own people (if not Israel).

youn seriously have no clue

you seriously have no clue about what you speak. NONE.

Obama will use the wartime atmosphere of a Syrian

intervention to do anything and everything he can to us, up to and exceeding anything done by Assad and Putin.

Why not

Ots the new world order and people here are cheering it on!!! As if those Russia troops we've been training really care about US.

No one here is cheering for either atrocities or war,

Granger (except perhaps for you, who seem intent on killing innocent Syrians). You miss the whole point, which is, that war is never a solution. The only "war" a person of good will could support is a war of defense of the territory of the United States, in response to an unprovoked attack by a foreign power. Such a scenario has historically never occurred to the US. And such a "war", would, in all actuality be an "anti-war" or a defensive action AGAINST war. Thus the correct position is to be against all aggressive warfare.

You are stymied by the logical fallacy that, because people believe killing innocents is always wrong, that they must somehow endorse or cheer for atrocities which could not be (possibly) prevented without initiating atrocities. I recommend you study in depth about principled opposition to the Civil War by libertarian abolitionists 150 years ago, to get a good idea about how people can oppose war on principle, and be totally opposed to the injustices that war would supposedly erase.

I'm not anti-war

I'm pro-peace and if that takes a war, sobeit.

Assad is killing his own people and you stand with ASSad the Idiot who has ruined Syria.

In this global world where you get OIL, because the brain dead liberal refuse to drill for oil, and have lame excuses, NIMBY, these conficks are in self defense you you can drive your car.

Every time you get in your car you've killed an innocent.

I stand with the Rebels in the Civil War too, General Lee was a far better man and general than that POS Grant could dare to ever be.

The south was right to fight in defense.

"these conficks are in self defense you you can drive your car."

(I will abstain from comments about grammar)

Granger, are you seriously trying to justify a war to steal petroleum from a foreign power? If so, you are one of the most morally depraved people I have encountered on this site.

Do you drive?

Do you buy food shipped in? Are you so deluded you have no clue how the hell you are living day to day?

Being morally deprived is LYING to yourself that you do not perpetuate a war by your own dependency on OIL.

Why not peaceful trade?

Rather than having a Petrodollar and gaming the price of oil through all these intervention... we could just buy it at market price. If the market price turns out to be $200 per barrel, then plenty of people will switch to cheaper alternatives.

The market has been injured twice by government. First when it manipulates oil prices and second where it forces all the suppliers to route their supplies through its crony banking system.

Don't blame the victim.

Don't blame the victim

as in, don't blame the people.. I don't blame anyone.. we all have choices..sometimes it may be between a rock and a hard place..

That is true

we all have choices..sometimes it may be between a rock and a hard place..

Pretty much.

"The south was right to fight in defense."

Again, you missed the point. The principled libertarian abolitionists were against the UNION aggressing against the South. I agree with you on that. My point was that these Northern abolitionists were dead set against going to war even if going to war meant the end of slavery. The south was justified in fighting a war of self defense, again, an "anti-war."

Please, learn your history.

The northern abolitionists

Were drunk on industrialist's bankers lies.

Granger you are sounding

like some neocon psyop provocateur.

Your entire line of thinking here is just odd.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...


It's a fact that the North had industry on the mind when they started the civil war against the south, which the south was fine.. South was prosperous and the North was full of ghettos and had tremendous problems from too many people with little to do. The line between rich and poor was huge, and the call to end slavery was two fold.. part was because the North saw machinery ending manual slavery and ramping up a war against the Catholic hold in the West, where they claimed the Church was using Indians as slaves.

Did the North have any provisions for the Blacks they wanted to free? had they jobs and schools and homes for them? NO. They freed the Blacks to STARVE, and made us ALL slaves to industry.

It was a socialist bankers war.. and while it kept us out of WWI, it was the grouds to get us into WWII.

All the evidence is that Al

All the evidence is that Al Nusra is gassing people. No one elsewhere believes Assad did it. There's news reports all over with evidence the rebels did it. Not many people in the US believe it despite the government media's attempts to convince people.

So Mr Granger why are you supporting a radical Islamic Al Qaeda front to take over the country? You want the terrorists to win I guess.

I support secession anywhere and everywhere, but these guys are gassing their own people. The Syrian people, who don't particularly like Assad are now behind him. What justification does Obama have to go against the 'democratic will' of the Syrian people?

All what evidence Russian TV?

Who took that film? UN can't get in? Who filmed it? Plenty of people who have brains KNOW ASSad did it.

ASSad is the radical murdering dictator who turned against his people when he sold out for a NWO..

Personally, since Kerry never mentioned war.. all he said is they are talking... but MSM and YouTube , like Russian TV and Press and saying Obama is wanting war.. I think Obama is listening to the American people support Assad.. and so, why should he be like Assad.. it's much easier to be a dictator and tell people, you will have no property, no guns, no nothing... here's your fema camp/ And what will he lose doing that? Americans HATE him already. Their support for Assad gives Obama all the confidense the American people are ready to be taking out.. UN can call those who refuse to comply with the US government terrorists.. Ready?