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Am I Missing Something Here?

Newt Gingrich and Glen Beck are now opposing American intervention in Syria. Could it be possible that they are actually thinking a bit and coming around to a liberty standpoint, or are they just the extreme political whores we have always believed them to be and are riding a popular anti-intervention wave? Or is it just that it is an anti-Obama sympathy for them?

Welcome any comments.

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Drunk posting?

You are incoherent. Try posting tomorrow when you can make sense.

Anyway I'm no fan of the UN, at all. But we don't need to be supporting Al Qaeda. We shouldn't be involved regardless, but in this case it's extremely obvious. It's just insane to put Al Nusra in power.

And no I don't trust Russian media anymore than I trust US. I don't trust any media, trust is a rube game.

Again why do you want to spend American treasure, and soon to be blood, to support Al Qaeda? To put them in charge of Syria?


What I have said in other posts, is that Obama needs to pull out of the UN and begin focusing on rebuilding Detroit (US). I find Israel's model of government, as no government is ever going to be perfect, the best model in that it brings US back into focus on we the people.. I see Israel thriving, business, technology, agriculture.. what they are doing is amazing, while we seem to be stuck in building Darth Vader's Army. We deserve better, and we can do better if, we were not so busy policing the world. We're not what we were, and it's time to rebuild.

I was not drunk, but I was tired.. had a big day yesterday.. the kind that when it's done, you're still in motion.. took a few hours to get down.. didn't even have a drink.. me an alcohol don't get along..

Also, I see America treasure as the people.

As for AlQaeda, this isn't about them and I'm not going to make it about them. There are far more than AlQaeda who don't want a NWO. Why should Putin be in charge of Syria? Ir the UN? Assad is guilty of destrying Syria.

I joined the GOP to help Ron Paul get the nomination. Recently a GOP afiliate called the Ron Paul republicans "insurgents". So to me, there is a big war on words, lacking respect for what motivates people by labeling them these ugly names..

Are you for a global government. Is that what you really want?