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I Miss All The Iran War Talk

Does anyone else miss the old days when we were supposed to start blasting the hell out of Iran?

Tell me those days aren't gone. We can still have a war with Iran, right?

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Efffffffff THAT!!!!!!!!!

I miss the days when we NEEEEEEDED to blast the hell out of N Korea. Remember how urgent that was???? With that MADMAN who was gonna nuke us. Face it dude, Kim Jung-whateve is a way better madman than whatever putz iran has.

Syria is a proxy for Iran.

Syria is a proxy for Iran. Come on people. You should know this by now. Please wake up and learn the real reason for the hysteria. Israel is behind this as usual. Israeli intelligence got us into war with Iraq, and it will get us into war with Syria, unless Obama grows a pair.

Sure, I know that, and you know that,

but do they know that?

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.