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Chinese Chevrolet GM In China


all HAVE to watch this......especially those who say we must buy
American and those who say we should buy a GM. vehicle.

CHEVROLET ..... GM in China

Please, for
your sake, take the time to watch this.

AMERICAN CAR ?????????????


Makes one want to just run out and buy a GM automobile. Why didn't
we let China bail them out, when it was so mismanaged by all, including the
unions. How can the unions support this loss of jobs to China and still
want to keep the present administration in office?

Now that
GM is Removing Camaro Production From Oshawa, Have you Thought of
Buying a GM Car Lately?

This will
make you sick

haven't we heard this on the nightly news????


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I saw this a couple years ago...

At first, it pissed me off...all these jobs going to China, all this money going to China, etc...
But, isn't this just a working example of free-markets? If the Chinese have the money, the marketplace...shouldn't any successful corporation want to do business there? I mean, with union labor costs and health insurance costs, just a decent pickup truck is now stickering at $50k +!!! Ford, GM and Chrysler are all building better vehicles than they have in the past, however they are still MILES behind the rest of the planet! Most anything from Europe is far superior to anything built in North America. I have an Avalanche; it gets awful economy...nice ride, very quiet and comfortable...but is drinks terribly with that gas V8...why not a small 4 cyl diesel? It would pull the V8 backwards down the road and still get me 30+mpgs!!
I guess my argument here is that we all are screaming for free-markets...yet when GM impliments it, we get mad because Amerika is no longer the target audience as the money just isn't here. Yes, I understand that it's the same villains who killed the money...

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


Oh GM - also sponsoring Manchester United for 500 million over 10 years as I recall lol


I have a hypothesis

1. Politicians sold out the country to bankers.
2. The country went bankrupt.
3. Instead of charging bankers with any wrong doing the politicians decided the country would be better off using the same fake, counterfeit, credit card with no limits the bankers used to bankrupt the country.
4. Any costs associated with politicians using a fake credit card were passed off to American businesses and people
5. American business realized it was getting the shaft but the American people didn't.
6. American business decided it had to take a more active role buying off politicians to reduce the length of the shaft it was receiving by stifling competition using regulation.
6. As things have progressively gotten worse American business has moved operations wherever it needs to in order to globally compete.

So we got a fake credit card with a balance that can't be paid. A nation of people who love getting free benefits charged on a fake credit card. A lot of competition stifling regulation lobbied for by American business no longer doing a lot of business in America. Is such a hypothecated scenario supposed to end well? For who, I wonder?

The insidious disease

Called Globalization, perpetuated by western corporate monopolies, sold you down the river decades ago.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.


our cash to help Chinese with employment - nice

Yeah, I've seen this... It's a big deal... 70% of GM cars are...

...made in China.

The GM bailout, went to China. Detroit dying faster than before. China is buying up miles of private property there, on the cheap. I wonder if this is how they are planning to pay back China for all the loans.

Our government is selling us down the river.

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