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Montana teacher gets 30 days in jail in rape of 14-year-old student who later kills herself

A mother in Montana is outraged that a high school teacher convicted of raping her 14-year-old daughter received only a month in prison, while her daughter took her own life.

"I think this sentence is a joke, a travesty," the mother, Auliea Hanlon, told CNN on Tuesday night, a day after the sentencing.

"People will lose faith in our justice system. I have."

Hanlon said she was particularly upset that the sentencing judge, G. Todd Baugh, said her daughter "seemed older than her chronological age" and was "as much in control of the situation" as the teacher.

Baugh later acknowledged to CNN that "that was not the best choice of words."


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Public School Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places You Could Possibly Put Your Children

is where the nation is at.

I feel for this poor mother.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

This subject was THEE topic

This subject was THEE topic of conversation in Montana today. Three travesties were committed. The first tragedy is our totally corrupt public brainwashing system which attracts sexual predators. The second tragedy is the totally irresponsible assault of the child by a predatory "teacher". The third and final tragedy is the totally irresponsible action by the judge, G. Todd Baugh, in suspending all of the 4 year sentence except for 30 days in prison.

Montana is currently the laughingstock of the nation, unfortunately.

Here are the remedies. Stop accepting the whiny voices from the teachers' unions in Montana for more money and start CUTTING the funding for compulsory PUBLIC indoctrination. Seek private alternatives, e.g. homeschooling. Stop mindlessly reelecting judges to the bench and enforce a ONE term policy. Replace this particular judge, G. Todd Baugh, and seek disbarment from practicing law in Montana. Seek measures to prevent this "teacher" from committing future crimes and ensure any judgment is served in prison as THEE ultimate preventative measure if necessary. Obviously, 30 days in prison is a joke for his crime. In my opinion, four years in prison is too little time for this particular crime even if it's his first offense.

I live in Montana

and this wasn't in any local newspapers or on local new channels or even on local radio. Just adding my $0.02

RE: "Montana is currently the laughingstock of the nation ... "

In reality stupid uses of language and misrepresentation of facts are the only laughingstocks of this event.

"As the case wound its way through the legal system, the girl committed suicide ... With the teen's death, the prosecution entered into what is known as a "deferred prosecution agreement" with Rambold."

So the state has no witness and no case at this point. However it appears a deal was made and then the state tried to obtain a lengthy sentence on technicalities of a deal for a case that was never went to trial:

"He made some violations of his treatment program ... They were more technical and not the kind you would send someone to prison for."

Furthermore, "I simply did not have the evidence to conclude that her taking her life was because of her sexual offense by Mr. Rambold."

And to top it off, he was charged with sexual intercourse without consent (obviously the argument was going to be a minor can not consent) but it is characterized as rape? I mean wtf?

"It's not probably the kind of rape most people think about," Baugh said. "It was not a violent, forcible, beat-the-victim rape, like you see in the movies. But it was nonetheless a rape. It was a troubled young girl, and he was a teacher. And this should not have occurred."

No shit its not the kind of rape most people think about because its not rape which is by definition violent and/or forcible. If it was a troubled young girl, a fourteen year old boy, and it should not have occurred, would it be characterized as rape in any form? Hell no.

If there is one thing psychology and the modern phenomenons of marketing and public relations have proven beyond a reasonable doubt is that most people act from emotion, not reason, a lot of the time.

What is the difference between a guy's dick getting hard who ends up having consensual sex with a fourteen year old and say ... someone getting trampled to death on black Friday so someone could save $100 on a tv?

The story leads us to believe mom is going apeshit over the legal result of her "troubled" daughter who (a) had sex; and, (b) committed suicide. What kind of family is mom running?

"As a result of the sexual assault and its aftermath, (the teen) experienced severe emotional distress, humiliation and embarrassment and fell into irreversible depression that tragically led to her taking her own life on February 6, 2010," Hanlon said in a complaint filed against Rambold."

No shit mom ... why didn't you relocate your daughter to a completely new environment?

I am not taking any sides. I am not siding with parents of a troubled teenager who sent a teenager to her own humiliation funeral nor am I condoning acts of the teacher.

I have only commented in an extreme way because the headlines on this story have framed it in a way which prevents any rational discussion about very real issues. Teenagers have a lot of sex. Parents do a shitty job raising teenagers clearly evidenced by the moral decay of society. People used to give away their fourteen year old daughters hand in marriage and in some parts of the world they still do. People claim the teacher should have known better when they are also hypocrites who act on their emotions. None of it can be reasonably discussed when everyone is going ape shit acting on emotions induced by a headline which reads:

"Montana teacher gets 30 days in jail in rape of 14-year-old student who later kills herself"

Age of the Minor

The ONLY pertinent question in this tragedy is the age of the girl, a minor. The issues of consent and upbringing shouldn't even matter.

According to you ...

not everyone believes one gets a free pass to do anything they please without regard to any consequences just because they are under a certain age. I certainly don't believe in any such free pass.

Since you brought up the argument a free pass for wrong doing under the age of 18 is the only thing which counts, let's talk about this magical age of 18 where enlightenment miraculously occurs legally:

1. Children enrolled in school are not at liberty to choose their own educational pursuits.
2. Since children are not at liberty to make their own educational choices the public school has a fundamental duty and obligation to alleviate ignorance.
3. No courses of legal instruction are offered.

So by what logic do you hold someone to a standard ignorance is not an excuse just because they turn 18? If I look around, people over 18 seem pretty dam ignorant of the law to me ...

What makes an age so magical that it should be a sole determining factor?

I find it ironic people under 18 who murder can be treated like an adult but not sex. What is up with that blaring hypocrisy?

No, according to the law ...

No, according to the law ...

To clear up any misunderstanding of what "law" means on my part

Would you be referring to the same law(s) no one has ever received any instruction of while they were not at liberty to choose their own educational pursuits?