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Syrian Rebels filmed launching chemical weapons?

Searched around to see if this was posted already, but this showed up in my newsfeed this morning.


Can anyone vouch for the authenticity?

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You just don't know anymore do you?

Wadding through Left and Right propaganda makes it so much harder to find the truth.
For the moment, I'm out on this video.

Look at the MOTIVES----the picture doesn't matter!

Who cares?! The USA is the aggressor in this whole charade from beginning to end.

Even the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the US does NOT have decisive evidence, and don't give me the NSA "phone call" business stuff. I'd like to hear that wive's tale "live".

I agree, fractions within the US are the agressors,

but that doesn't stop the other side from putting out false intel.
For all I know, this video could have been filmed in film lot.
There is nothing distinctive in the back ground to identify were this has been taken.

highly doubtful

this is firing a chemical weapon .. but?? I am not an expert .. do the people there have any protective gear on??? .. looks to be something routine...


Comment from VT page where this video is featured:

That's a Hell Cannon! Range of less than a mile. it's a glorified mortar that uses a propane cylinder for a war head. The video above was a promotional video from the Syrian army to fund building these types of munitions. It's the only one that exist aside from a few prototypes. if you watch the original video this "journalist" ripped from and understand the original language on the video it says so. The possible weapons used against the FSA and the rebels where war heads that traveled from 50 kilometer rockets.....it would take 100 or more of those mortar type cannons to be modified to kill a possible thousand people. Do some research! - Erik Ingram

Looks like an improvised mortars. Duff doesn't tell us why he believes these have sarin or vx.

Some similar footage of gas attacks, in this news piece...

You will find interspersed in this news clip of a discussion of the region, some of the same weapons and footage! It appears the first view shows up at around 7:55 of the clip.


Been verified yet?? The

Been verified yet??

The hacked emails seem to have some doubt now. I'd like to know if this is real or not..