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Is This Why Rachel Maddow Attacks Alex Jones?: August 2013 Ratings: MSNBC Down Double Digits - VIDEO

Is This Why Rachel Maddow Attacks Alex Jones?: August 2013 Ratings: MSNBC Down Double Digits - VIDEO


By Alex Weprin on August 27, 2013 4:24 PM

MSNBC continued its rough 2013 in the ratings, continuing to lose significant audience from 2012. The problems were particularly prevalent in primetime, with some shows losing close to -50% of viewers.

The ratings for August 2013 (Nielsen Live + Same Day data):

Primetime (Mon-Sun): 520,000 Total Viewers / 173,000 A25-54
Total Day (Mon-Sun): 348,000 Total Viewers / 119,000 A25-54
Compared to August 2012, MSNBC was down -28% in total viewers and -32% in the A25-54 demographic in total day and -36% and -32%, respectively, in primetime. MSNBC was the only cable channel to see viewership growth last August, thanks in part to live coverage from the Olympics.

Read more: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/august-2013-ratings-msnb...

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There are seismic shifts going on in Media at the moment.

It looks like a slug out between Right and left, to swing the mood of the masses.
Ever wonder why none of the "media" ever told you what you wanted to know
or asked the obvious questions? Or searched for the obvious answers....and now they are tripping all over themselves to do just that?
In coming from the left!

LOL, less than local access numbers!

Wayne and Garth beat Maddow! LOL

Is MSNBC being subsidized?

How else are they staying afloat? Charitable companies paying premium for ads for less viewers? They should just fold up.

Maybe they will finally die out if people quit watching.

She's such a sellout b3tch

Go away. No one is listening anyway, tool.



MSNBC= More Shit, Nothing But Crap propaganda

"MSNBC = More Shit, Nothing But Crap Propaganda"

Great idea for a t-shirt, Sir. I'd wear it with pride. As long as it made fun of Fox News and CNN as well.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Amen Brother