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Is THIS Why Rachel Maddow Attacks Alex Jones?

MSNBC, the haven for “progressives” and diehard Democrats, is in the toilet… again.

“MSNBC continued its rough 2013 in the ratings, continuing to lose significant audience from 2012. The problems were particularly prevalent in primetime, with some shows losing close to -50% of viewers,” reports TVNewser, a website dedicated to reporting the news on the (mostly corporate) news.
Rachel Maddow is experiencing the worst of it:

In primetime, “The Rachel Maddow Show” posted all-time low ratings in total and demo viewers, down -43% and -47%, respectively.


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Love it! It made my day!

"The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
-Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN

As Obama goes, so does MSNBC

Since MSNBC is the Obama worship channel, it just follows that as Obama's ratings go down, MSNBC does the same.

Good News

There is nothing worse than a know-it-all woman.

Aww I don't want to see her go.

Rachel Meddows' Angry Young Man persona, is the perfect foil to Mr Greenwalds' Hissy Missy!

You lost me at "MSNBC"

That is all.

rachel maddow is losing her audience ...

because she used to have a good show. Now she is just a partisan hack.

AJ is a hater. He sells hate. That message is only successful for a period of time and only on a very young demographic.

His ratings will eventually suffer as well.

In the meantime sponsors love young demgraphics. AJ is making and will continue to make a killing off selling hate.

God Bless.

My opinion on why Rachel is losing her audience

is that she has lost her SOUL.

During the Bush years, Rachel was on the right side of issues that I cared about. Civil liberties, the Patriot Act, first amendment rights, ending the fruitless wars of aggression, etc. She went after these issues with an seemingly PRINCIPLED passion, often having Jonathan Turley on, a great civil rights lawyer, and talking about the PRINCIPLES and not the politics. etc.

Obviously I was fooled regarding her "principles. Since Obama has been elected, Rachel doesn't do anything but defend him and her party.... and all of her presumed principles have gone out the window. She goes after the Republican party, she goes after the Tea Party, but she ONLY talks about political issues, and NEVER goes after Obama on his broken promises in the area of civil liberties, Guantanamo, ending the wars, etc.

She has been almost SILENT on the NSA spying, Snowden, spying on news reporters, the wars of aggression based on lies, etc.

VERY, VERY disappointing. I would think that even her PRINCIPLED Progressive following has noticed that there is no MEAT in her
reporting anymore. Just cheer leading for her "hero", Obama.

When one sells one's soul, one always loses in the end.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

She's a partisan hack

She didn't flip from the "right side" of issues like civil liberties.

She's has and always will take the democratic side. People like her on the left and people like Sean Hannity on the right are the same. They put their party first and support whatever is at the best interest of the party at that time no matter how wrong it is or how silly they look switching sides to try to benefit.

Follow the mulla

They get paid, good, for party pander. Hannity and Maddow, they both know how to make a buck, but, their messages... suck.


She attacks AJ because he's an easy target. He makes for great soundbites that make conservatives look bad.

I don't even have a show and

I don't even have a show and I make fun of Alex Jones. He is very dishonest. Do your own homework.


MSNBC= More Shit, Nothing But Crap propaganda