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General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned

2 min. vid. Important stuff, not because *we* didn't already know this, but because people in this country only validate things and act as if they are real only when it comes out of the mouth of a celebrity.

Does anyone know when this was made?


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I have been posting and showing this video

to people for about 5 years.I think it is one of the most important videos of our time.Not sure when it was recorded but in another interview General Clark does say that this was all planned during the Clinton administration.

March '07

...I think.

Though I'd mention, Clark is one to talk. He was on the ground at Waco directing his "brave" Delta Force troops, and he aided the Al-Qaeda affiliates, the KLA, in Kosovo, when the United States was bombing Christian Serbs.

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The POWER the elites have is....

frightening. I weep in my heart for all the Middle Eastern people. I weep for the children, so innocent. I weep for us, for who knows when "they" will start attacking their own.


exactly when that vid was taken, but he's been telling this story since at least October 3, 2007.

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