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Zionist Loses It On Air: Shut it Mr. Barrett!

The tide is truly turning and they are getting desperate.


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Barrett makes a GREAT point ...

... and something I didn't know.

The allegation is that Assad launched a chemical weapon attack in the EXACT place and at the EXACT TIME that UN chemical weapons experts arrived.


Nobody would do that. Nobody would launch an attack at that moment and at that time ... unless it was an attempt to blame the other side.

The conspiracy theorist label

Is not working like it used to. Mainly because nearly everyone is one now. I'm a conspiracy realist and a truth researcher.
The nazis used the term "agitator" for dissidents and the awake.
I applaud Mr Barrett for getting right to the point....
These enablers and propagandists are lying greedy war criminals plain and simple!
There will be neuremburg 2.0 for these crooks if there is any justice in this world!!

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent."
- Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets

I agree

with you

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



Mostly correct and my complements to Mr. Barret

It takes brave men and woman to speak the truth in these times. Excellent job Mr Barret, The only addition I could give would be to make it clear that IzUnReal and former propaganda CNN talking head NitWit Yahoo (n0w zionist head puppet) are underling minions of the Rothschild crime family. The private stolen state of IzUnReal is a Rothschild private posession all actions are at the behest/authorization and with permission from the banker/counterfeiter false debt crime family.

Who built the private funded supreme court building in IzUnReal?

What is the name of the main street in IzUnreal? Rothschild Boulevard is one of the principal streets in the center of Tel Aviv.
All trails do not lead to Rome no more now they lead to Rothschild.


Both men came across badly.

Barrett could Wolff a new one simply by pointing out he has provided no proof to justify an attack on Syria. When Wolff attacked Mr. Barrett as a "truther," Mr. Barrett could have responded that he had more proof of Israel's complicity in 9/11 than Mr. Wolff had presented of Syrian government use of chemical weapons. Barrett is a liar and a stooge for Israel, but the best way to point that out is use the time allotted as an opportunity to point out Wolff's completely unfounded arguments. The audience is intelligence to determine who is the liar.


He slips and says "Dr. Barrett is an anti-Zionist", then quickly changes it to "I'm dealing with an anti-semite". Priceless.

Barret needs debating skills.

Barret needs debating skills. Disagree or not, don't interrupt. I had to stop watching. I want to hear the opposing view perhaps more than the view I agree with, without someone in the background saying, " You're a liar, you're a liar, you're a liar," like a little child.


I made it 11 min. and had to shut it off.

Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you for sharing this. an eyeopener! I wish there were more Dr. Barretts who are this vocal...

I've noticed one thing

In the majority of these type of debates the problem is the non interventionist they all say "we should have got into it earlier". We can tell the true libertarians and vs the neo-cons, people like Glenn Beck and Hannity are saying we could have earlier but its to late now.So in reality they aren't saying we should stay out, only that we should be more aggressive.

So where does North Korea

sit in all this mess?
It's been too quiet in North Korea.
Has the Zionist Political Agenda drawn a net around the US?

911 truthers, embarrassment

911 truthers, embarrassment to the human race.

911 untruthers, doltish enablers

911 untruthers, doltish enablers to the master race...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Someone who is not a 911 truther.

Must be a 911 LIAR!


Im no truther

but 9/11 could have been prevented while our puppet was on a month long "vacation"

The Head of Pakistan Intelligence - Mahmoud Ahmed - REQUESTED Umar Sheikh to wire $100,000 to Mohammad Atta <---This guy was the lead hijacker on 9/11

Money is the root of all evil.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Where is the proof that Attqa

Where is the proof that Atta was the lead hijacker? Hows do u know he didn't have a double?

Phxarcher87's picture

The Love of money

not money itself. Money can feed poor and help fund good things. Its making money your idol which is evil.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain




Does that mean you agree or disagree?

You dishonor the memory of

You dishonor the memory of thousands of dead, support a deceitful cause that threatens the lives of countless more, and I'm the POS? And all because you're too prideful to even consider reading a book, or something. Rich.

I never got that

How is revealing that people from within out government had something to do with 9/11, dishonor those who died? The only people it dishonors is those in government who were involved. You're hatred and anger at those who are so called "9/11 truthers" is misguided.


I love that line: "You dishonor their memory"

As if changing the perpetrator of 9/11 makes their deaths any less significant or tragic.

I don't believe in the 9/11 conspiracy, but I think it's foolish and illogical for people like you to pull at heart strings in attempt to make your argument stronger. It just makes you look like you can't hold a real debate and it really doesn't prove anything. Such a cop out.

Heart strings? I thought this

Heart strings? I thought this was all about "love"? You really can't see how people would find the truthers offensive, to have the deaths of their lived ones lied about so some Shock Jock on the radio can sell fear and radiation detectors? It's beyond offensive.

You have no real argument

We present facts (building 7 falling at free fall proving demolition, jet fuel can't bring buildings down like that, and so on), and people like you come back with "you dishonor the ones that lost their lives" or "you are crazy conspiracy nuts" or "wacky 9/11 truthers", but not really explaining how we are wrong. I'm sure I'm leaving out a few things. I use to be like you, exactly like you, but for many reasons, I changed. I know it's hard to believe in something that you did obsurd. Watch the 9/11 chronicles, that is what opened my eyes.

One side has only truth as motive

The other side only has lies to hide behind and is motivated by money power and greed. They hire professional liars. The zionist shill here is a professional liar.



Facts? ROFL



I'm a professional engineer btw, so if you want to have this debate, let's dance. I think pretty well everything is addressed on the above site though.

One thing you guys have never answered is HOW, or WHY? Ok, so you say it was a controlled demolition. How? You're talking about a very invasive procedure, it takes weeks, even months, just to wire a building like that up for demolition. And that's in an empty building. Have you ever talked to a demolition engineer, EVER? You're talking many dozens, perhaps hundreds, of guys, making a lot of noise and leaving a lot of mess over a period of weeks or months. Not to mention wires and explosives all over the damn place. Care to explain how this was carried out? Nobody noticed them? Of the hundreds of thousands of people in and out of those buildings, nobody noticed a demolition crew cutting into walls and putting charges all over the place? Can you tell me how many pounds of explosives would be required?

You are running around screaming "no no, the earth really is flat" and are upset when we see you for the complete and total nutcase that you are? I can understand those who are, at first glance, persuaded by the "loose change" and other such propaganda videos. After all, if you don't know dick about engineering or science what is there to refute, it seems convincing. But a rational person knows what he doesn't know. A rational person doesn't automatically assume a sci-fi conspiracy to enslave the human race. A rational person takes a breath and goes and talks to someone who does know. This stuff has been wholly debunked for how many years now, but you still believe it? That makes you completely batshit crazy.

Listen Jackwad

I can let a ton of shill/troll crap go by but when you claim to be a professional engineer and then spout unsubstantiated bs crap, it ticks me off.

The so-called 'debunking' was complete waste of time. Every engineer I know has seen it and immediately punched enough holes in it that they can't hardly listen to the end.

In short, molten yellow metal is hotter than any heat source available can produce under any possible scenario. That's indisputed and indisputable. Game over.

You say it has to be as per the official lie simply because it takes lots of effort to rig a building, etc. and that no one saw this happening? Well, one of the Bush family runs the security firm; and many entire floors were "under private (secret) construction" for weeks; and many other floors complained for weeks about concrete dust infiltrating the entire building; and many people complained about heavy construction (as in concrete demolition and jackhammering) work being done in the weeks prior. The only significant concrete work that can be justified in those settings is 'maybe' drilling a few holes in the floor to attach things to. The only concrete work needed to facilitate wiring the building for demo is that surrounding the central support structure. Motive, Means and Opportunity.

The sooner you understand the forces working against each other in this world, the better your odds of supporting the right side. Choose wisely.

Oh really?

First, when you say the so-called 'debunking' what are you talking about? You present this as a video or something, "they can't hardly listen to the end." The debunking of your [truther] arguments has been a long and drawn out process over many years involving thousands of people. Even Popular Mechanics got involved. From time to time people get sick of how annoying you idiots are and decide to reason with you.

You claim that every engineer you know is a 911 truther. I call b.s. What a lie. Or perhaps these "engineers" you refer to are software engineers, in other words, not engineers at all. I challenge you, let's see a list of registered professional engineers who have publicly supported 911 truth. And please don't send me a link to AE911Truth, the response to that charade is http://ae911truth.info, AE911Truth is a dishonest organization that engages in quote mining, taking people out of context to make it appear as though they are truthers when they aren't. When you actually dig into that site you find that there are but a tiny handfull of actual degreed engineers who have supported 911 truth, and of those none of them are professionals. They may have a degree, from some joke of a school, but they work in other unrelated fields or are complete nobodies with dead or long-retired careers.

Show me the head of a university engineering department or a registered PE with 20-30 years experience actually designing steel buildings. Show me a demolition engineer that has been blowing up buildings his whole life. And this is the key, in all the diversity that is our world, with all the hundreds of thousands, millions, of engineers that are out there, you can't find even a single reputable person to support you. Not. Even. One.

An architect is not an engineer. A theoretical physicist is not an engineer. A wordpress webmaster is not an engineer.

The closest thing you've got to a "professional" is a disgraced physics professor from BYU who's been a hack his whole life. The guy was part of a cold fusion debacle many years ago. His whole career he's done research in very theoretical and impractical areas, with zero success by the way even in his field of study. Long story short, the guy isn't an engineer and doesn't know the first thing about structures. He's a theoretical physicist, a wonky mad scientist searching for free energy in a tub of water. Even before the 911 truth stuff he was a joke, even among physicists. In academia and the physics world he had a horrible reputation. Why do you think BYU fired him so easily? Because he had no clout and they had no pressure to keep him around. And do you see any other universities picking him up after he got fired? Nobody will touch him. Man has no job.

He's made a constant loon out of himself online since then, especially with his self-peer-reviewed papers, lol. Even he recognizes that setting charges in the towers is an impossible task, requiring too many people, the explosives weigh too much, etc, so how did he solve this problem? By inventing magic paint. He says the government must have secretly invented a magic explosive paint. Seriously? This is what it has come to, magic explosive paint that nobody in the world has ever seen or heard of. Literally a fairy tale at this point.

Are you man enough to debate the science yourself? I challenge you. Come on big man, let's debate it. I've got a wall full of books on the properties of materials and the mechanics of steel right behind me. I can make this discussion as technical and math-intensive as you'd like to take it.

Your claims go against even a freshman-level understanding of engineering. In the engineering world what happened at WTC wasn't a surprise. Many in the community thought it was a poorly-designed building and that it could easily collapse as a consequence of an airplane crash. People talked about this long before 911. University engineering classes even openly discussed it.

Steel doesn't have to melt for the building to come down, it just has to lose a portion of it's strength. Go read about tensile strength. Not a very complicated concept.

There may be one here.

AE911Truth Petition Signers, Architect and Engineer Signatories (2,006)

Here's one of the signatories, taken out of context:

Alfred Lopez
Title: Structural Engineer

Degree: B.S. Arch. Eng. Lawrence Tech Univ

City: Holly

State: MI

Country: USA

Occupation status: Degreed + Licensed


I am a structural engineer with 48 years of experience in all types of buildings.
911 Statement:

I agree the fire did not cause the collapse of the three buildings.
The most realistic cause of the collapse is that the buildings were imploded. The reason would be to go to war.

(You only asked for one, right? ~anon)