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Zionist Loses It On Air: Shut it Mr. Barrett!

The tide is truly turning and they are getting desperate.


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I understand

I aatended college as a student aide to my dean who was being visited by a number of Muslim women who were protesting wearing a chef's uniform in culinary class and demanded that they had the right to wear their long dresses and scarved. I got to talk to them many times. One women was from Egypt originally, and she told me that she HATED America because he husband left her for a secular life with a blond American woman, abandoning her and her two children who could not return home because he had shamed them. So instead of assimulating, she decided to protest and fight for her Islamic rights over the school's stated policy.

Ron Paul,

Said if you treat others the way you wanted to be treated you would have friendship and trade from most Countries.
The golden rule!!!
Did you BOO him when he said that?



I realized he was talking about Israel, and that if you want REAL friendships, you have to LOVE JEWS too.

By your logic

I'd have to love Nazi Germany in order to love my fellow German-Americans. I'd have to love Imperial Japan in order to love my fellow Japanese-Americans. Your line of thought sent Japanese-Americans to the concentration camps by equating the two wrongfully.


You would have to love Hitler to LOVE Nazi Germany.

You would have to LOVE ALL people to LOVE Jews too.

But Israel is more than Jews. It's got a government I think is the perfect model for every state in the USA.

More Eurotrash

The Israeli government is a product of Europe, not America. America gave up on its way and started following Europe and look where that has gotten us. Its just another national socialist welfare / warfare state and nothing special.

There are no 'good' states and states do not equate with the people who are subject to them.

Israeli government is a self made government

who refused to sign the UN Agenda, unlike our government.

There are good states, THRIVING is an example of a good state. Detroit is an example of a bad state. Syria is an example of a bad state.


You just tipped your hand!!!



Granger, I'd like to ask you

Do you defend the Jewish Nation because (as the Scofield Bible put it), you are scared of being "cursed by God"?
Even Jesus Christ raged against the money men and the tax collectors, because he could tell the difference between the sin and the sinner.
Maybe it is time you learned the same. People are Zionests, the sin is
political Zionism, and Political Zionism is destroying the Middle East.
I wish you well in your torturous search for the truth.

No way

I see how Israel is THRIVING, Science, Tech, Ag, Arts, they are so way ahead of the rest of the world as we become Detroit.. If Detroit was in Israel is would be producing cars that don't need oil and gas, but employed advanced technologys.

Islam is destroying the Middle East. I suggest you stop being an Appeaser to Islam and I hope that you begin fighting for the advancement of civilization rather than slumping to the excuses to religion and HATE. Thank you.

Wow. By that logic, silicon

Wow. By that logic, silicon valley is way ahead of the rest of the U.S. in terms of tech and all others should fall in lock step...but that doesn't mean Silicon Valley doesn't have some very screwed up areas and that every factor is hunky dory and a-ok.

Silicon Valley is way ahead of much of the US

Just look at Detroit and many cities that were once productive..

Here in CA you can do a hell of a lot worse living elsewhere than Silicon Valley http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_attractions_in_Silicon_...

Silicon Valley is THRIVING despite Brown, Feinstein, Boxer, and a Democratic majority bankrupting CA, so most corporations and people are moving OUT of CA.. http://www.siliconvalleycf.org/docs/2012-jv-index.pdf

Do you think that since many corporation in Silicon Valley are partnered with Israel that Israel could be a factor of Silicon Valley's success? I do.

The Lord commanded me

to love my Brother.
No matter HOW hard I look, I cannot find Sub clause 1, paragraph 1...except your Brothers who co-inhabit the Middle East.I allow you to slaughter my unchosen children without mercy.


If Israel is so stable and advanced, Why do you NEED to disrespect another peoples way of life?



Granger, you blind shill

Granger, you blind shill, I've told you before and I'll tell you again. You keep claiming that 'Israel is thriving'. Yes, it's thriving on the backs - and on the first amendment - of the American taxpayer. An artificial country, founded on lies, chartered in fraud, funded by American taxpayers by force, and watered by the blood of Palestinians.

Libertarians are fact-based, logical, rational animals, motivated by truth. Your blind defense of Israel contravents all qualities of a libertarian. Ayn Rand said, "You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality."

Kindly turn in your DP membership card to Mr. Nystrom, and move on to the AIPAC forums. You have an intellectual, rational vacuum on the issue of israel. Blind support of israel at the detriment of your liberties and at the cost of your taxes, and being a libertarian are mutually exclusive concepts.

I pray that one day, after israel dicks around with our foreign policy and internal affairs too much, it one day draws back a political bloody stump, administered to it by the awakened, fed-up American people.

No 'friendship', in the history of the United States, has undermined our security and sovereignty more than our 'friendship' with israel.

Ellie Dee the authoritarian

You are the coward who ran away from America, and now here you are letting me know that you are a JEW HATER.. apparently dictarships are your cup of tea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1N1zhUm84w

That's right. Resort to the same liberal M.O.

That's right. Resort to the same liberal M.O. of labeling those who intellectually destroy you in a debate, as RACIST! Don't like the TSA? You're a racist! Don't like Obamacare? You're a racist! Don't want to turn in your guns? You're a racist! Haven't you learned, through your libertarian exploration, that collectivism doesn't work? Haven't you made the distinction between Zionist and Jew? Example: What is Lindsey Graham? He's a Zionist! But he's not a Jew. Come on, Granger. Are you that intellectually vacuous?

LOL I'm NOT a Libertarian

I didn't call anyone a racist. I'm calling JEW HATERS like you, what you are JEW HATER. I'm not a big fan of the attitude TSA uses.. but, if it's stopping Islamic radicals from blowing up people traveling by air.. I'm ok with TSA.

I don't think Obamacare is fair to small business. but since I already pay insurance, it's won;y affect me much.. actually it looks like I may be getting a break on insurance.

Why would anyone want to turn in their guns? How is that racist? Think white people, or is that Hispanic, or maybe you think Blacks or Asians don't appreciate guns? Gee, even Islam likes guns.

If I was a collectivist Ellie, I would pander to get upvotes so I could feel good about myself. As it is, I'm very independent, and don't pander to anyone.. PAY for my time on DP, because I don't think MN owes anyone for their "intellectual" contributions (no matter how self flattered).

I have made the distiction that JEW HATERS, like to hide their HATE behind "Zionism" and "Israel".. but it really boils down to JEW HATRS, of course with the exception going to the JEWS who HATE JEWS, those JEWS are ok.. you don't HATE self HATING JEWS.

Lindsey Graham is a pimp for the MIC who uses Israel as his sheild. As for Zionism.. he's the type who give Zionists a bad name, because Israel has a right to exist and defend otself without pimps like Graham using Israel as their pathetic excuse to market WMD.

Yo you, Ellie, I am vacuos because I am unable to show you why Israel is so outstanding and a guilding light for humanity. But then you bought the great Palestinian LIE. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1N1zhUm84w

I'm sorry Granger,

but for the moment I wash my hands of you.
I have very often enjoyed our "conversations" and debates, and I have tried to reach out to you and suggest ways to deal with your dads estate, that was really bugging you.
But now you seem to be falling to pieces, and I wont Buy Into this topic with you any more.
Have you ever thought that your God may be trying to "open you eyes" through the people on this forum? Think about that.

Thank you Jill Booth

I understand how difficult it must be to realize that the HATE you have for JEWS is an ugly truth you feel "washing your hands" might remove the dirt. It won't.

I think many people on this forum have bought into HATING JEWS and as a collective, they feel safe, however; they are about as safe as lemmings following each other, and some, as in your case, even bring up God, as if that's why I LOVE ISRAEL, and fully believe ISRAEL is a shining secular star, which brings me much JOY and PEACE. One would have to not HATE JEWS to see that.

If only others had the brains, heart and guts to stand for TRUTH, and not be Islamic Appeasers in the name of Palestine, which if you study, doesn't like you or them at all.

God Bless you and GOD SAVE ISRAEL.

she has no idea what she is

she has no idea what she is talking about. She is so head strong and ignorant she will not study to seek truth. I have to admit I was just like her. I finally asked the question to my self, If the Jews are God's chosen people and all then why does God put up with all the stuff they do? They are the ones who put in people like Obama, why do they support abortion etc. Why are all those big Jews who run the smut industry, the movie industry with all the smut they push etc. How can God bless them? I looked into Zionism and what it was. Then stumbled upon Jesus's own words in Revelation 2:9. Then it all made sense. I support those who are Hebrews. I do not support those who do not have a drop of Hebrew blood in their veins. As Jesus said in Rev. 2:9. Those who call themselves Jews and are not. Also look at Revelation 3:9. Granger needs to get over her "Christian" brainwashing. She will not understand what is going on until she seeks for herself.

Granger is a she?!?!?!?!?!?!

Let me be my old bigoted stereotyping self and write ...

That explains alot.

God Bless.

Jews Advance Civilization

Why do you believe all the BS propeganda? I searched for a certian video,, I went through 460 vids of JEWISH HATE, and came across FIVE vids FOR Israel. That is how programed Americasn are being.

You want to say it's JEWS putting up all thei JEWSIH HATE?

I suggest that you begin doing an unbiased study about what Israel is and who is actually controlling your YouTube with RUSSIAN and PRESS (Russian/ UN NWO- COMMUNIST/Islam) vids.

ou have no idea what I even

you have no idea what I even said above. Your reply is not even remotely close.

Well said.

Granger, there are people here at the DP who are crying out to you that your misplaced loyalty is heading you in the wrong direction.
Please heed them.
The hardest part of educating yourself is researching the stuff that goes against what you believe, and coming to grips with the fact that "you had it all wrong". (been there done that, often, throughout my life).
Please take on board that many of the people here truly know what they are talking about, and have linked many, many informative, educational, eye opening articles and videos for you to learn from.
Political Zionism is taking us to war, bankruptcy, and Global Chaos.
Will you defend them then?

Don't blame Zionism for the crimes of Islam

enough is enough. Islam is a crime to humanity and I'm done with the JEW bashing. It's time to GET REAL and call a spade a spade.


You're defending people who

You're defending people who aren't even Jews, but deceitfully apply that label to themselves.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

you dont help your cause, and

you dont help your cause, and quite frankly, i dont care anymore, ive seen so many comments from you that that id consider so well suited for the mentality of sheep, in how you attack others, and other times, when your not NAME CALLING, i see sense in what you say, say what you want granger, just dont expect people to stop having their own opinions

by the way, i consider the voting thing a thing of free speech, no doubt on it WHATSOEVER

I dont know for the reasons you were downvoted (edit:for your FIRST post), as i do not feel i now enough, about this, but me personally i would not label an entire nation, as what i believe you are indicating, thats me personally, but i do know that ive been watchfull on what the israeli GOVERNMENT has been saying, and what they are asking from other nations, so while the entire nation is not to blame, as it should be, i do think their (edit: "government") involvement is a serious concern, purely for their conduct, not because they are jews, id appreciate it, if you would make light of that distinction, and not go ahead and give the impression tat you are labeling the liberty movement, and yes, that is how you seem to be coming across, and not just based on this post, and do you know who ELSE is trying to do that, i mean the exact same thing......i will not claim to KNOW you are a shill granger, for god knows WHO, but i WONT stop seing the similarities, the only reason ive not made up my mind on that, is the somewhat thoughtfull posts ive seen from you in the past, but quite frankly, im starting to wonder if im mistaken on that, maybe im remembering the wrong user.....yes, thats, how much im starting to wonder

Do what you like, say what you like, if you respect the rights of other, whats it to me, but i wont engage in discussions with someone who knowingly or unknowingly, insults the person their engaging

Granger, i can be civilized, but that was not my first response, to MANY of your comments

My freepeech!

by the way, if i recall correctly, i think ive only downvoted you ONCE, if i remember the right of it(edit, recalling whether i have indeed downvoted you, not HOW MANY, times ive downvoted you), i think it was for something i must have strongly disagreed with, so i say this not to speak up for my voting, but for others to do WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT, yes granger, go ahead and assume i mean with in the boundaries of yours and other peoples rights

Even now i feel bad for that last bit of sarcasm, i dont like how you rile me up granger, i dont like to resort to this

Get real you weak excuse of an American

I've had enough of this colectivist hate saying you have the right to freedom of speach.. well, guess what? I have freedom of speach too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNQ76pDvb-Q