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Zionist Loses It On Air: Shut it Mr. Barrett!

The tide is truly turning and they are getting desperate.


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Your right to exercise your freedom

Granger, Your right to exercise your freedom of speech is only defensible, if you spell the word 'speech' correctly, for god's sake. We're talking about a fundamentally central word to libertarian thought, yet you can't even get it right. We're not talking about arcane words, such as eleemosynary or pusillanimous. We're talking about the word 'speach'. You've left me 'speachless'. Go back under your ADL rock.

Hugs from Chile.

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how can you post what you just did?

you make claims about the first amendment,but went to the modbox to stifle
people's rights here,even went so far as to be giddy about it
About the video in question,it was not hard to see who was the lair and who spoke the truth,the stuttering stammering guy,who kept telling the other guy
to shut up.sit down,was the liar,one can tell by the body language
the dude on the left tried hard to keep the illusion he was the smart guy in the room,used labels,name calling,this was done to belittle the other guy,and at the same time prop himself up as what i call the principal talking to the school kids,but it did not help his cause nor did it cast him in an intelligent light
the dude on the right didn't resort to any thing like the other did,he posed facts,shed light,and put his thoughts out perfectly

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I went to Mod Box???

Could you link me to what you are refering?

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will do

here is where you said you were going to,and why


If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I remember thinking long and hard about that

Because I don't like making threats from an attacker, it's always better to just do it, bit than, if my heart is not fully into it.. I say it to break it.. thank you for the reminder.

Granger, I don't want to join this debate,

but I AM curious to see your side. Can you please clarify this response? I can't understand what you mean.

There's nothing to debate

I was being stalked and harrassed and the poster, IMO was making violent threats to me, which is crossing the line.

While I make posts many find offensive or passionate do not agree with me, most are like you, and ignor/block me. The person who violently threatened me, has the freedom of speach to do that, so there is no post on Mod Box, as I do not make personal violent threats telling posters that I will hurt them. To me, that is unacceptable.

Of course you are free to disagree and believe the person was not only correct, but you agree that I should be violently hurt because you don't agree with me at all, and fully believe I should be banned.

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there was no debate

as the conversation was not between you and another.
You interjected your own thoughts into a conversation
STM,michealwise and myself,the conversation was about OUR plans
and what to do when the fed crosses the line,and the police state
we are dealing with
There was threat to you at all,your comment came on page 2,our convo
was on page 1
here is your comment to mikealwiseguy

"Submitted by The Granger on Wed, 05/15/2013 - 21:33. Permalink

I have never posted on Mod Box to remove a post, or poster, but that's my next stop.

I am NOT for a police state, however, if you were put in prison for your THREAT I'd cheer."
SO where was that threat directed towards you from a stalker,who wasn't stalking?
here is the post it came from
no one threatened you,no one was stalking you,and you certainly didn't think long and hard about it,if you had,you would have noticed you were not in the conversation,it was not about you
You do not believe in free speech,this and your comment on this post proves that

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I do not agree

I felt threatened.

I still feel picked on by you.. you've got me in your focus, you work to discredit me, you pull up posts from months ago, you twist things to make it work for YOU.

I fail to see your respect for me. I believe I have been open and kind to you, forgiving your tresspass againt me, in hopes that we can agree to disagree and debate issues..

But this is not a debate from you, you are my watcher, and you are here to judge me, and condemn me, and that is your goal.. and all you really have to say concerning me and to me.

Here you are, making an issue where there is none. PULL UP THE POST I MADE ON MOD BOX. There is NONE. That is the fact.

You want to debate.. great, you want to stalk and harrass me, great, enjoy.

SHOW ME THE POST ON MOD BOX if you want me to respond to you again, I have a lot to do besides waste my time in your unjust court of accusations, stalking and efforts to hurt me. And if you deny that's what you are doing, then we have nothing left to debate.

deacon's picture


who is stalking you?
who has threatened you? did you mean me?
did you mean mikethewiseguy? did he threaten you?
SHOW ME WHERE I POSTED TO THE MODBOX?? you had that pulled
but a few comments remain to you,and your tirade about free speech
shall i tell you 2 comments remain from the very same day about the same topic?
one is from STM saying you are full of it,and you thanking PAX
these 2 go hand in hand with your comment that has been pulled
Don't sit there and accuse me of stalking,threatening you,when all the
while you lie,and you know you lie
I posted your comment about poohooing to the modbox,can't accept this? tough!!
I even pointed out to you what RP meant when he said israel was our friend
you didn't accept that either
Now you are all gung ho israel first,and screw our own people..you made these claims,you were called on them,and now,you want to claim you feel picked on
you felt threatened,people are talking about me
Countless people here have tried and tried to help each other.You act as if you are the only one here who knows whats go on,and everyone else are liars,frauds jew haters,muslim lovers,NWO backers
say what you will,any time you want,but people here will and have called you on it
I called you out for the 1st amendment,as you feel no one has that right
accept for you.You hate it when you get called out on things and then resort
to name calling,belittling and attacks on others here
Recently I called you out on another topic...you claimed to be just having a bad day,yeah cuz everyone knows when we have bad days our stances/perspectives changes
So,you don't trust me,think i follow you around?I have better things to do with my time than do any of them things,usually I won't engage you,you don't answer back with any points that help
hide behind anything you want,say what you will,but know this,others see
you as i do,and most do not agree with you
Oh and be sure to call out I am a picked on female card,It won't work anymore
let me ask you this,how do you figure i twisted your words? you know,seeing i copied/pasted your own words? you either stand on them,or you don't.
have a nice posting day

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I did not have the post pulled

I have NO pull with the mods or MN. At all.

As I said, I thought long and hard about the THREAT I received, that's how offended I was. I edited MY post because I retracted my greivance when I read what I posted. It wasn't mean. It was weak. I corrected my thought, and while this may not mean much to you, I think it shows the ability to self correction, something I admire in a person. It's recognized in the ability to say, I'm wrong when I see my wrong, and do what I can to make it right, for myself, because I know a lie, even a self lie at times, where it takes peeling off delusions connected, and sometimes, the hardest part is forgiving the self, and thanking God for having the mercy and grace for forgiving me the ability to correct a path worthy of losing. I lost it. I hope you do. If you can not, then it's your greivance to bare, not mine. I don't know you, but I know me, because I work on being honest with myself first.

So here you are saying that I am lying, and the post is missing.. No deacon, the post is there and has been there reflecting my true thoughts, by, of, and for me, with God's grace and mercy.

I believe in free speach, even if what is said is taken by me as a violent threat that has offended me to the point, I feel the need to address it to where someone could be the judge besides me being my offense was beyond my ability to reason.. if it meant I was going to be banned; if the thread was 403d. if my comments were pulled, or anyone's elses, or someone else getting banned.. I had alot to think about.. it didn't take me very long, but I got a grip and self corrected. If it was some victory you feel you have lost against me, where's the peace, love and liberty?

Tough! is so punk.

I know how I took what Ron Paul said. I'm in the GOP because of how I took what Ron Paul said. For whatever reason Ron Paul has for saying, "Israel is our friend", I took it to heart, and found LOVE for Israel. No government is perfect, and if I was Jewish, I would try to live in Israel, though I think it is very difficult because the jobs being offered pay well, but have demands, like speaking Hebrew, that I don't have.. I very much want to go to Israel, and my experience there will tell whether I will rest my heart there.

As it is, what I know about Israel.. I LOVE Israel, totally believe it has the right to THRIVE (just AWESOME what they are doing.. I think all the bad stuff about them is so people will stay away.. people find out how TOTALLY AWESOME Israel is.. talk about an immigration problem.. they have 1.2 million Jews claiming Amnesty now.

I don't know where you get the idea, "Screw your own people". It would be my hope that my own people would see what AMAZING things Israel is doing, how they are living, what it is doing that is allowing them to THRIVE in ground zero of what could be WWIII, and know, there would not be a Detroit or other cities crumbling and going bankrupt. To show my people how another nation is THRIVING, why aren't we THRIYING??? All we have to do is what they are doing.

As far as countless people here trying to help me.. I don't come to DP for help. I share my perspective and many people do not share that perspective. So what? Unless I feel violently threatened, I take into perspective what many people here have to say, and I've explained what I don't agree with, or do agree with. I'm just me, and I guess that could be a problem for people who are not just themselves and think someone has to have an agenda besides educating oneself and developing concepts, right, wrong, good, bad.. as ling as they are not threatening.. some are more interesting than others.. but that's my opinion and you can agree with that.. after all, you seem to what to hold me to opinion so that I'm some stagnant muddy puddle, rather than a tidal ocean.

As for being picked on by you yes.. in words, you even admit it and you proove it by bringing up a post that offended me because it was a violent threat.. it was very ugly for me.. so why would you bring that up? What good are you trying to acheive. There are friends and friendlies, and friendlies are not to be confused with friend, who can also be friendly, but a friendly is never a friend.. so what good this has done for me, is to show me that you are not a friend, but a friendly.. satan is friendly.. until he's not.

So is this is a friendly reminder of the past that hurt me, it's not what I would expect from a friend.. and since we made it clear, you are not a friend, and you're not being friendly, then you are exercizing your freedom of speach, at my expense since you are calling me a liar.

Yes, deacon, thank you for reminding me, that this is not the first time you have called me out for being a liar, what ever that was, must not have been so great you could repost it like this one.. but I get the point, this is not the first time you have made an unfriendly post calling me out, and I gather, you don't respect my explaination of having a bad day.. that was not good enough for you, because having a bad day, which we all have from time to time, the fewer the better, is not the answer you were seeking from me.. because you just happen to see these things, not even looking for my posts,, you are not stalking me, though you have admitted, you are not my friend and you are not being friendly.. but???????

Others see me. Do they not see you? Could it be that you are more concerned with others than I am? I am not writing for others. I am writing for you. And if others see it, there it is. Unless I edit it. And I could, when I have time to check spelling errors, or clear up a thought.. guess that's why there is an EDIT key? Hmmm? Or is that a crime to you deacon?

I believe you have your own ideas about what makes me tick.. and to you, it's unreal.. so, since you believe I have some agenda, or shill, or whatever you imagine, if what I post doesn't fit YOUR agenda, (determined by the others who see, and try and try to explain it to me), then you "call it out".

From my perspective, what is out is that you hold grudges, attack me because you are not my friend or being friendly, and denying that you follow me, but admit you read me.

I'm going to be me who you have the freedom to ignor.


deacon's picture

you miss the point

and it is on purpose,
you miss it as you won't accept it
had you looked at the dp post within my post above,you would have seen this
but you didn't
how were you personally affected or threatened by the 3 of us chatting here?
you mentioned this twice already,and i still have no idea what you mean
I never attacked you,i went after your words,you are at times kind of confusing,I am told i am the same way
But i still have no idea your intent on saying you were threatened,care to share?
but yes,it was pulled out of the modbox,and i can tell where it was by the comments that are still there,so yes it was there,and now gone
I have no reason to attack anyone here,I do read from ones i like,its how i learn,example,if i only read things that i agree with,am i getting a well rounded education? i say NO
I don't follow you around,we read comment about the same things,so here we are on the same page reading the same things,I didn't plan it,but it is what it is

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


No, I have shared enough of what was and I'm moving on to what is on the DP, and if that leaves you with a grudge, that's yours to bare. Do what you want. I am.

I watched this IN FULL LAST NIGHT !

Kevin has to be the most awesome person allowed on the air always brings up the 9-11 coup de taut

Charlie Wolf , Pile of shit ,

Kevin always rips these fools up!

i see their are downvotes , BOOO to the haters , Keep speaking the truth Kevin,

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Could you explain why any

Could you explain why any criticism or examination of Israeli policy or politics is taboo and deemed anti-semitic, racist, etc.?

Constructive Criticism is most welcome

Blanket statements of blaming Israel for the problems of the world and saying Israel is THE problem and Isreal needs to be wiped off the map, and conspiracy theory is not what I consider contructive criticism.

Israel is not perfect, but it's far better off than most of the states in the USA. Matter of fact, Israel represents Ron Paul's platform for America better than anywhere in the world.

Israel is not policing the world, they are trading their science, tech, ag, discoveries and inventions with the world.

Rand makes a great case for Israel and Ron says he stands with Rand.

Sorry about your anger Granger

And when you call me a jew hater I feel really angry. Please do not do that to me again. I do not like it. You do not even know whether I am Jewish or not!

Do you not know the difference between a Zionist and the Jew? All Zionists are NOT Jews, and all Jews are not Zionists! Many, many Jewish people are against Zionism.

Read the book By Way Of Deception by Vicgtor Ostrovsky, [a former Mossad agent], he covers many falseflags that Israel has perpetrate.

One thing I am not Granger is a trator....I am an American firster, where does that leave you?

Did you even watch the video.....Dr. Barrett, did have Wolf squirming. It was priceless to watch him sputter but...but...but ...but after Dr. Barrett droped the falseflag of 911 and the coup that Israel participated in along with other blackop. We are no longer fooled into believing any more of there lies.

Read the Oded Yinon Plan -- The Zionist Plan for the Middle East and then maybe you will be better informed and not feel it necessary to revert to name calling. However, I feel that may be too difficult for you since you seem to be intellictually challenged and stuck within the box. You probably still believe that there were WMD in Iraq too, do you not.

No more of our treasure and sons and daughters to fight Israel's wars........period!

Instad of name calling Granger why don't you try and refute what has been posted here especially by Dr. Barrett who is a middle est expert and has done years of research.

Name calling is beneath any member who shares what they have learned since the attack of 911, whether YOU agree with their research or not.

People who flail about

People who flail about constantly screaming anti-semitism lack common sense. They somehow conjure up in theirs mind that any criticism of Israel is hate towards every Jew and Jewish person in the world.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

I'm not angry.. just calling it like I see it

Some of the most IGNORANT Jews are Americans who deny their heritage and have NO respect for what the Jewish people have faced or do face.. 1.2 MILLION Jews being exhiled from their countries as Islam and it's Sharia Laws are focusing on them and forcing them to seek asylem in Israel. Any self respecting Jew would STAND UP for the pertetual HATRED against JEWS, IF they really wanted PEACE!

I am a secular Zionist. I believe wholeheartedly Israel has a RIGHT to exist, no thanks to the EVIL SCUM that put them there to slaughter them. Israel has the RIGHT to defend itself from the lowest SCUM of the Earth, these backwards woman hatiing, homosexual hating BRUTAL cowrads and idiots. If it was up to Muslims, the world would eat dirt and smile.. ONLY Israel is THRIVING on Earth despite these liars, cheats and cowards who attack them unmercifully, as if they are in some club. They are appeasers to MURDERERS and they have the audacity to blame JEWS. THANK GOD FOR THE HEBREW PEOPLE, they are about the only people left on Earth worth their salt. A bunch of paracites and morons surround them.

I stopped watching Press TV when I saw their news-crew throw rocks at the IDF when the Palestinians were YELLING at Press TV saying, "I would rather sell my land to Israel than put up with you LIARS!" And that's what RT and Press TV do.. I'm sure Dr. Barrett squirmed when he realized he had allowed himself to go into a snake pit of subhuman HATERS.

The US doesn't fight Israel's wars.

911 was a globalist JOB, not an Israel Job, and STUPID HATERS flew planes into the WTC because they are HATEFUL IDIOTS.. that is not to say the WTC was not doomed.. it was... it was a white elephant, 20% occupancy wasn't paying the mortgage, it was no longer the tallest building, it was FULL of abestoes and lead, tourists were NOT interested, and when Bush signed the UN Kyoto accords.. there was NO WAY for it to come down legallay,, so what did the Sr Senator from NY, Hillary Clinton, do? What did The Democractic Party ONE term Senator from NJ do, (before Christy replaced him), what did the land management, The PORT AUTHORITY Do? Hide behind YouTubes blaming Bush for a war on Irag that was promoted by the EU. BUT Truth is not justice and you don't have either if you are stuck in YouTube conspiracy Bull because you are so busy appeasing Islam thinking you are being peaceful. You're not. You're being hateful and stupid for people who don't give a shit about you.

I've seen enough JEW HATRED on DP. I'm calling out the JEW HATERS for what they are JEW HATERS. HATING JEWS NEEDS TO STOP.

Now, before you call me an Arab hater, let me introduce to you the proud and handsome ARAB IDF.. I love these guys.. not only do they prove how LOST American Jews like you have become, but they show us what it is to be a beautiful Arab making the world the better place.




My, My

After the above post filled with angry venum, you claim you are not angry? Well, I for one would hate to see you when you were angry then!! lol

O.K. I am truly sorry Granger, guess you are just off your meds today hoh!

Did you read the Oded Yinon Plan yet Granger?

No more financial aid to Isreael along with a bunch of other nations! We need the money here at home for our own people. Just like Ron Paul stated.

By the way I did not say whether I was Jewish or not .....just said you did not know whether I was Jewish or not.....big difference. You need to stop assuming things Granger. Gets you into a load of trouble, and, really makes you look silly.

Granger is still "sorting" it all out,

and can't differentiate between "Jew" and Political Zionism.
As yet she thinks that all Jews love Israel, but hasn't found out yet that political Zionists loath the place, and mainly live in Switzerland or America.
I pray that Granger, one day, will use her miss-placed passion into waking people up about the dangers of this evil political group.

I'm pretty sure that crying

I'm pretty sure that crying "JEW HATER" amounts to grasping at straws in any kind of debate scenario.

Well ...

The reality is that when I watched the clip it was obvious who was right and who was wrong.

And I did not even, for a second, wonder which was the jew and which was not.

The one calling for war was wrong. The one speaking against war was right.

That is all I saw.

I didn't even know who the two heads were.

The fact that you equated one argument as a "zionist" argument makes it clear that you stereotyped, and made an assessment based on bigotry.

That makes you a jew hater.

That is not an attack. It is true. Hate whoever you want. But to deny you hate, doesn't make it true.

When I was young and stupid I used to hate groups also. I was a filthy bigoted racist person.

Now, my sins are a bit smaller. I only have hatred for individuals.
There are times when I can't quell my hatred of Lindsay Grahm.

It is a fault that I still must work on. I am trying.

God Bless.

As another member here posted

you also need to educate yourself on the difference between Jews and politicfcal Zionists.

Sorry but you are name calling and not refuting what was said in thatg video.

Did you go and download the Oded Yinon Plan and read it yet?

Please do and then maybe you can come back and instead of name calling you will post an intellingent rebuttal.

We have become well aware of the use of name calling, anti-semetic here in the US and holocost denier in Europe in order to shut people up. We were informed about it by a former Israeli Cabinet Minister Shulamit Aloni in her interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy now. However, it is also revelent to read about the deconstructing of the intervie to understand what Aloni was really imparting, so that we can draw our own conclusions.

Check out this link:

Deconstructing the Interview of Shulamit Aloni, Former Israeli Minister, with Amy Goodman By Zahir Ebrahim


Why is any of that relevent?

If my congressman is motivated to vote for war in syria, I will oppose him and his vote. I will speak against him.

My goal will be to change his mind and the minds of his constituents.

If I rabble on about how the jews paid him off, do you think I will be very effective in my quest?

Everybody knows why my congressman votes the way he does. Everybody knows that special interest campaign donations contribute to a voting record.

To single out the jews and not the MIC or the hard right christians is absolutely ridiculous. And it would rightly get me labeled anti-semetic. Just like I am rightly labeling you.

God Bless.

Thank was well said

refreshing! THANK YOU!

You got me confused with

You got me confused with someone else, but....

Stereotyping is grand.

It's how we make sense of the world. Classification of phenomena for future reference. Even when the phenomena have to do with human types or people who subscribe to certain belief systems.

Allowing, in your mind, for individuals *proving* that they defy stereotypes is a moral choice, and probably not a bad one.

But it's asinine to assume that basic logic, that pattern recognition, is evil when it happens to pertain to humans.

So, you've gone from being a filthy bigoted racist to being asinine.

Good for you.

God bless.

Are you saying that ...

deductive reasoning is logical and therefore correct?

Or that deductive reasoning must be used in all or some instances in order to derive at the correct conclusion?

I am confused.

All "zionists" are evil, therefore this guy is evil. Is that how deductive reasoning works?

Additionally, when using deductive reasoning isn't it proper to use accurate premises?

So the premise that "zionism" is the root of this eventual war with syria is accurate? And based on what?

In my mind, the more accurate assessment is that Washington is corrupt and is the basis for all of this nonsense. Afterall, my evidence is that Congress and Obama control our military. Not zionists.

Do you have evidence to the contrary?

If you want some actual non-assinine logic then follow this ...

The quid is not the quo. The quid exists because the quo is not achievable by the party offering the quid.
In politics ... the quid ONLY goes away AFTER the quo goes away.
So, by using logic, it is a waste of time to attack and demonize the quid. The quo must be addressed.

Therefore ... those that wish to focus on the quid must have an alterior motive.

In this case the motive is hate and anti-semetism.

Ironic because there is no logic in such a motive.

Not quite.

Again, you're evidently confusing my arguments with someone else's.

"All zionists are evil" is your premise, not mine. That zionism is the root of this or that problem would also be your premise, or maybe your straw man.

My premise would be that Jewish culture, probably in combination with genetic traits (high average intelligence in some sets of jews) often fosters a certain set of complexes that have certain manifestations.

I think you tend to have a lot of self-obsessed, emotionally immature people among Jews. Zionism, to my mind, is just an effect of this. Jews annoy the hell out of all kinds of people, all over the world, all through history...way before Zionism existed. It's mostly the self-centeredness, the Chosen People gag, that pretty much defines the Jewish psyche.

Zionism--the belief that Jews are history's Ultimate Victims and therefore must claim this piece of real estate at any cost so the rest of the human race finally stop picking on them--is, like I say, just another expression of this weird junior high-level self-dramatizing neurosis.

DC is beyond corrupt, no doubt. But the influence these nutty Jewish kids have on US policy and society in their capacity as neocons, neolibs, money lenders, media-controllers, etc., is certainly out of proportion with their numbers and needs.

Again, taking people as individuals, of course, there are many Jews who completely defy these trends. My point is, the trends exist. It's asinine to pretend otherwise.