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The numbers that define U.S.

The National Debt is approx. $16,917,610,500,000.00 as I write this, not to mention the approx. U.S. interest the National Debt being at $2,849,505,600,000.00, which apportions $9,002.00 to each citizen in interest alone. There are approx. 316,553,390 people residing in the United States, of which 50,461,135 are living in poverty. There are approx. 47,914,190 food stamp recipients and around 21,711,888 actual people in the workforce who are unemployed out of approx. 144,443,404 who compose the workforce in this country.

The avg. total debt per citizen of the U.S. Total debt is around $188,710.00, which equates to approx. $748,979.00 per family. The U.S. total debt includes Household, Business, State and Local Governments, Financial Institutions and the Federal Government. The approx. student loan debt in this country is $1,019,060,300,000.00. The approx. credit card debt is $848,252,280,000.00, which brings the personal debt of each citizen to $49,995.00.

The total of U.S. unfunded liabilities is approx. $125,449,342,900,000.00, which apportions approx. $1,098,261.00 to each of the 114,225,036 U.S. taxpayers in this country. The amount of U.S. debt held by foreign countries is around $5,488,688,736,000.00. The gross U.S. National Debt divided by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio is currently 106.6481023%.

The most interesting number to me is the 2013 annual budget for Defense/Wars, which is approx. $616,285,730,000.00. This is the total money spent for all Military branches including black budgets, equipment, operations, maintenance, personnel and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan per the U.S. Department of Defense. Does this include the intervening and bombing of Yemen territories, aid to rebel factions in Syria, funds to bypass Congress for possible missile intervention in Syria, aid to the Egyptian military and other War expenses.

These numbers really serve to measure the illness of this nation.
Peace and Love always.

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