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Adam Kokesh Has Been Denied Bond Once Again

(This, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington - how appropriate. Poetic, really...)

Kokesh has broken the rule for protests that can lead to prison time: Limit protests to only situations that can get you minimal prison time.

His protest was the type that can get him serious prison time and it appears the government is not playing around with him. If they are not granting him bail at this point--after 50 days already in the slammer, serious jail time is coming, if he is found guilty.


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Adam is in jail right now for one reason

Adam is in jail right now for one reason - because he is a charismatic radical with the stated goal of overthrowing the federal government... and he is being taken very seriously.

For that reason, and because he has a following, they will use any reason - real or made up - to keep him locked away.

Now - I think he was a bit foolish to make his move when and how he did... I don't think this is the outcome he wanted or expected... but I think it could have been predicted.

Personally, I always thought he was too radical - but, do some research on the 'Sons of Liberty' - we do need a radical element... but I think he took too big a risk with little or no gain.

So much for a speedy trial

By a jury of peers.

If you ask me those who arested him and those who are keeping him in a cage need to be judged not Adam.


about speedy trial

in about 95% of the cases, the defendant waives the right to a speedy trial, hoping to work out a deal in the meantime. Or to raise money for a defense, etc. In my experience, the courts really do protect this right. Remember the OJ trial, the one he was found innocent in? Perhaps the most brilliant thing he did was to not waive the right to a speedy trial. He forced the prosecution to go to trial almost right away, with what they had, instead of developing the evidence over months. Of course, he had the resources to outwork them in the short term - most Americans don't have that and therefore don't have the same benefits as he did from taking that approach.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

Solutions? Here's an idea floated on DP before.

I am concerned with the Man and how can we get his keepers to treat him as sovereign.

Send Adam snail mail, as one sovereign to another?

"Hey, old man, another day at the 'beach'"?

Free includes debt-free!

Be careful...if he's kept in

Be careful...if he's kept in too long he too will reemerge announcing he wishes to live his time as "Amy or Abigail or something" by the time of his trial.

And Someone will photoshop Chelsea's hair on some guy

and the gossip will go out.

Free includes debt-free!

THIS SUCKS!!! Someone needs

THIS SUCKS!!! Someone needs to get him OUT!

Definitely a political

Definitely a political prisoner now because not allowing bond for a simple act of civil disobedience is ridiculous. They must be looking at his personal views or beliefs to make these decisions. Instead of acting on what the man has done they are playing "minority report" on a man who has not done anything violent yet. If they think non-violent anarcho-capitalists are dangerous enough to refuse bond then a lot of people are already finished.

Adam is a political prisoner.

So was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn i sent a letter to a friend questioning Stalin'd military strategies.

He wrote about his experience in government work camps.


Free includes debt-free!

Correct me if i´m wrong

but did kokesh not just insure he will never own a gun again by his use of a gun in a place he knew was not allowed ? Sounds really smart, lol.

I´ll get the popcorns.

He didn't use his licensed

He didn't use his licensed gun did he? He was violated possession of a gun in a particular area in DC did he not?

posessing a gun in a place he knew was not allowed...

are you saying 2nd amendment rights only apply to certain areas?

I´m not saying that, but this is important, hello !!!!

Your Government says exactly that. Not me but your laws in that specific area.

Don´t argue with me if it´s in violation with your constitution, do that with your local politician.

To me it just seems futile to argue against the law and do things against the law.

Look at the results, he wanted to protest to keep his arms and now he will never ever be allowed to own any... ? I guess?

Is that success ? seems like failure to me...

I disagree

"To me it just seems futile to argue against the law and do things against the law."

So are you saying just obey? just accept your enslavement because to stand up for yourself is futile?

I think civil disobedience is an essential to reclaiming power. They certainly aren't going to just give it back. Kokesh really is the solution, standing on the sidelines and obeying is part of the problem.

If Obama starts WW3 the

If Obama starts WW3 the economic collapse will happen quickly. The federal government is getting what's coming to them with or without Adam leading the charge. They should just let him go.

Adam Kokesh

is a political prisoner. He did nothing wrong, yet he is being held in jail for no crimes.

I don't often agree with him but I can admit he is being screwed right now. Yet nobody cares. No wonder why jails keep getting filled up, because nobody does anything. They let these criminals take advantage of you.

I wouldn't say that "nobody

I wouldn't say that "nobody cares". Unfortunately, Americans have to digest a dinner plate of corruption each evening which keeps us ill and preoccupied. Just keep raising Adam's questionable detention as appropriate. We're still here.


people don't care. People don't even know who he is around where I live.

Correct me if Im wrong, but

Correct me if Im wrong, but didnt he stay in jail because of the possession of drugs in his home, with the weapons?

Not because of the "protest" that no one was around to see that lasted about 10 seconds.

What drugs?

Shrooms? Is that even illegal? I knew a friend that got caught with a ton of shrooms. All the cops did was laugh, threw it away and sent him home.

scawarren's picture

You're wrong- there were no

You're wrong- there were no drugs in his home.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

I don't know if there has to be a reason.

It's mostly a judgement call.

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You can be sure the FEDERAL JUDGE

is on the side of the government. I hope he has a good attorney. Otherwise, I'm worried.

We do not need someone like this patriot behind bars. The government knew that they could have looked the other way, and that is what they should have done.

If the jury is "stacked", there is not a whole lot of hope. I used to call jurors, but in this case, they might have someone "stacking" the deck, some FED guy calling, in other words.

I hope Adam gets a very light sentence. They can hardly justify anything more, since they know it was only about the Constitution, and in comparison to the dude in Montana who was guilty of statutory rape and got an outrageous sentence for 1 FRIGGIN MONTH, when he caused that 14 year old to commit suicide. It's disgusting.

Is he allowed to have a jury

Is he allowed to have a jury of his peers??? and if he is found guilty would who would determine the sentence??

I am worried too. You know TPTB would love to shut him up. Look how he makes a fool of them: