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Do we even have a Congress anymore?

Why are we even considering going to war with the Kommander In Chief at the helm without even consulting Congress first?

I guess we should just use whatever is left of the Constitution as toilet paper since that is all the Oath of Office seems to mean regarding that document.

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What military invasion?

The Grand Mufti of Palestine FORCING the evacuation of Palestinians to make room for the Jews axiling Europe?

I do not use the term antisemite. Jews are of many races.

The European Jews ARE JEWS. Judeaism is a Religion.

I am not a Biblican Scholar, never claimed to be, and my support for Israel has little to do with the Bible.

Yes, Islam is violent, what they do to women is inexcusable. What their mission is inhuman and base. Islam is not the cause of the world's problems. It is the apologist and appeasment of Islam and blaming THE JEWS for what Islam does. It's OK for an Islamic to murder a bus of Jewish children and if a IDF soldiers frisks a Muslim child that is inexcuseable, in just onew example of the problem. It's saying Jewish blood is worthless, but touching an Islamic Child is a criminal offense.. completely backwards.

God will chose his people and I have no say who they are.

It's called the Holy Land because of the history. All creation is not Holy, just ask Satan.

All this death because the world HATES JEWS so much they say Zionist and Israel instead, but they really mean JEW, unless it's a JEW who HATES Jews.. they are an exception.

Presently, what is so special about Israel is how they are THRIVING.. amazing what they are doing.. the world is spinning completely opposite.. sustaining hell on Earth, while Israel becomes a paradice.

You talked of how muslims are

You talked of how muslims are supposedly coming here to bomb us. If that was even true, it might be because their land is being invaded by our military, which you just casually brush off.

Jew and Jewish are not the same thing. A Jew is a Jew by blood. A descendent of Abraham. Not these fake white european ashkenazi khazars. They are the satanic talmud worshipers. Anyone can become Jewish by religion, which is what you're talking about, but it doesn't make them a Jew. You need to get that straight.

The creation I talk about is this universe, not things in other realms, like satan.

There you go again pulling some "Jew" "hate" out from your rear end. You act like everyone who exposes that Israel is corrupt and that most corruption in the world has an allegiance that can be tied to the mafia that runs Israel are making some kind of personal slight against God and his chosen people (except they aren't).

I don't even know what your point about Israel's technology is supposed to have anything to do with anything being talked about here. Just more Israel worship.

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That is true

While you may believe that 911 was not attacked by Muslims, I do believe they attacked, and that wasn't thr first time, nor the last, least I present global scale bombing of non-American associated or related areas and people.

I find the apologist excuse of, "Well maybe it's because we are over there", IGNORant, if teh4 FACT that oil would still be in the ground, because their leaders made deals with Americans for us to develope that oil, and if they have a problem, then they should take it up with their leaders.. but to excuse the bombing.. there is NO excuse for VIOLENCE against Americans.

What you insult are the military and the men who have lost their lives so you can drive your car and buy food at a grocerer or buy products made in China.

There are radial muslims who maim and muder women, are pediphiles, murderes if you insult them. Well I have nothing kind to say about them, and give them NO excuse, like you do.

I believe those who oppose Israel HATE JEWS. And if you HATE Jews, you have NO LOVE, just appeasment and excuses for murders, rapist, terrorists and idiots.


So you just believe what

So you just believe what you're told then.

I wasn't talking about going over there and westernizing them, I am talking about being over there as a military presence. Building bases on their land, killing their people. Democratizing them. I guess it's fine we do that, but the have no right to retaliate. Probably not, since you think it's alright for Israel to just appear one day (despite the land being taken away from them by God) and be expanding its borders ever since by genocide. I guess me saying that is just my Jew hate.

Oh, so now our military adventurism is about securing my rights? My rights come from being human. They don't come from the government, they don't come from the constitution, and they certainly don't come from some soldier killing brown people. You're just parroting mainstream media buzz word NONSENSE. I don't need some asshole with a lust to kill to secure my rights by killing brown people. If my rights are in jeopardy, I am perfectly capable of defending them or dying for them myself.

There are murderers, rapists, terrorists, and pedophiles everywhere. You're not going to convince any sane person that those things are mostly problems coming from islam.

You're really hopeless as a human being if you equate not supporting Israel to actively hating all Jews. Really, you're a damn maniac.

Muslims are never going to take over the government or install sharia law here. It's not going to happen. Stop peddling that paranoia. It's secularism and atheism that is doing things like not being allowed to mention christmas in schools.

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Yes, I believe what I am told, and then put it into perspective, which I may not agree with, or find to be false to my understanding.

The occupations of the US military are agreements by the leaders. Let me put this in perspective for you, because here in America, we have many global corporations occupying the USA.

Let's say that nationals from India found how to crack a mineral that the USA had more than ano place eles in the world. And the US government, makes a deal, federal land, moves some Indians around again, and India companies come to the USA and begin collecting and cracking the product. The people of the area, instead of getting richer, get poorer, and their leaders are living the richest lives all all humans. Who do you imagine would go and attack the Indian companies?

Well, lets say several groups in CA decide, that Obama and Kerry are way too high to reach, so they decide to sabotage the Indian's processing, and are successful. The Indians put up gates, and then walls, and which took crews, and some of the crews got killed, and then more.. so a security team was sent, and they were bombed, so then more.. and finally the military is dispatched.. because there was already too much murdering and sabotage.

I hope you can see, the violence is what established the military being there to develop oil on their equipment, which they bought, with your money. It was not that the military was there first.

I saw some YouTube headline that claimed there were 53 varieties of exterrestial life in earth.. aliens.. not all humans are created equal.. my point being, all your rights come from being human until you meet the inhuman who does not see you as a human, but a beast, who they have the right to kill, because they are stronger, faster and meaner.

Murder, rape etc does not come from Islam, it is made legal in Sharia Law.

I think people who hate jews hate Israel, and they make MSM combacks, but it's pretty apparent, most folks don't have any clue about Israel, but that there are Jews, Palestinians hate them with good reason and something evil about them.. which I think is by design, not by accident,

I'm not pedeling paranoia.. I'm telling you that Islam does not deserve respect, only tolerance.

Their land belongs to them.

Their land belongs to them. Their governments can't just take it out from under them in some sellout move. We're talking about military occupation, which you somehow keep moving back to resources and corporations.

We're talking about humans, not aliens. Even if another being doesn't recognize your rights that doesn't mean you don't have them. Your attitude sounds very pushover. So now you believe in aliens?

So those countries over there chose to enact sharia law? Not our problem. If people who aren't muslim want to live there, they're stupidly putting their own lives at risk. It's never going to be enacted here, no matter how hard they try. It won't even hold up in court here as some religious freedom.

Of course people who hate jews hate Israel, but I don't know how you come to the conclusion that people who don't support Israel (its government and its actions) are a bunch of anti-semites. I thought Israel was supposed to be a place where anyone could worship what they want, yet all you hear from zionists is the "jewish" Israel state. And it's not Judaism they're pushing, it's taldmudic kabbalistic satanic filth. And it's not even real Jews pushing it, it's a bunch of frauds. You have this with every religion. Catholicism is the biggest offender for Christianity. Violent islam is also pushed, when 99% of them are peaceful non-raping, non-murdering, non-etc. people. I bet there are even some violent atheist sects out there.

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You need to do some history

The land belonged to the Jews, Islam came and slaughtered the Jews, created a dispora, chased the JEWS off their land and built a Mosque over the Jewish temple. When the TURKISH Ottoman Empire, who OWNED Palestine for 600+ years lost WWI to the West, the British occupied Palestine, which included Jordan, all the way to Egypt, Turkey.. it was HUGE. What is Israel was created as a preditor trap to wipe them out by the GRAND MUFTI OF PALESTINE WHO REMIOVED HIS OWN PEOPLE. The Jews who survived have fought many wars, and won them all, returned Gaza and the West bank, and the truth is, the Palestinians do not have a problem with Israel. They have a problem with JEWS. They want a Jewsih genocide. Maybe you do too?

Islam is in America fighting in 32 states to adopt Sharia courts. They are not "over there", they are here. No one is blowing up mosques.. the majority of Americans are completely on Islams side and wants to wipe out the Jews, have no problem with Sharia courts replacing constitutional courts and why they support Muslims, have no prioblem with rockets being fired onto Israel daily.

Israel is the only place on earth where Jews can be Jews. Even in America Jews are constantly attacked. I saw it in high school when we had a new boy come to class.. the teacher had his stand up, and say his name, and then the teacher said, that he welcomed the JEWISH student. After class at least 3 boys showed me their KKK cards.. the JEWISH student did not return to our school. I witness countless attacks on Zionists and Israel which is ultimately HATRED FOR JEWS. You want to deny that, be my guest.

There are talmudists.. but most that I know are not. GOD WILL BE THE JUDGE. I have LET GO and LET GOD be the Judge.

The land was GIVEN to another

The land was GIVEN to another people. It doesn't matter who came in and drove them out. Then around nazi time all of the euro khazars fled to that area and created an Israel state that, to this day, has been expanding its borders through genocide. Just because it's in prophecy that there will again be a Jewish Israel state does not mean that it's something that God condones.

"Islam" is not doing that, it's some few idiot muslims. Stop lumping people together. The population of the US does not want to wipe out "the Jews."

I don't care about your KKK story. There are idiots everywhere who have some hate for some random group. Please get your head out of your ass and act like the Jews and Jewish are some helpless tiny amount of people and the entire rest of the world just wants them wiped out. The crime syndicate who attempt to speak for all of their kind have always applied the victim label to all Jews.

You still need to grasp what a Jew even is. Stop lumping together the Jewish with Jews. These white european khazar talmudic kabbal worshipers want zionism. And they're not even Jews. Go to Israel and ask a real Jew (BY BLOOD) about it, and they will tell you that they don't want some genocidal Jewish Israel state being established in their name.

Who was it who instantly (minutes after the event) said that it was a fact that Assad had used chemical weapons against his own people? Israel. Who followed suit without question and is still pushing the lie despite mountains of evidence? The US.

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No it wasn't

Palestine was affected by WWI. The Grand Mufti of Palestine, with the help of British troops, FORCED Palestinians OFF their land and sent the to refugee camps and many moved to other lands, like America, and got to work making a new life. What remained was set up to be a TRAP, to anhialate the JEWS, anyone who called themself, or someone Hitler would have labled a JEW, was told they could get Amnesty is Israel, and so instead of constant WWII, thousands of JEWS head to Palestine, and most of them were slaughtered.

The few that remained, with the help of the ARAB ISRAELI DRUZE, have FOUGHT many wars, and won them all, even against great odds.

That Land was something they were given as a trap and they turned that land into one of the greatest places a human being can live in who LOVES freedom, liberty, rights to property and a community. It is ADULT LAND, and since many on Earth seem to have a case of arrested development, many don't get ADULT LAND, and attack it, as children tossing rocks.. children who are paid to toss rocks for the camera.. because the Palestinian LIE, is that the Palestinians have a problem with Israel. They don't. They have a problem with JEWS.

Even if all the Jews of Israel left Israel so there was not a Jew within hundres of miles of Israel, the Press that represents Palestine's perspective on Israel, would not stop hating JEWS.

So where are these JEWS< including the 1.2 million seeking Amnesty today, supposed to go? They are SEEKING AMNEST IN ISRAEL BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING HARRASSED, THREATEND, and SUFFERING, under the growing and most hateful Islamic developing world. As Islam grows, Jews are being attacked globally.. where are they supposed to go?

If you don't care, then you don't care about the JEWS, possibly becaue you blame them for your own inability to do what they do, which is not what you focus on.. you're focus imo is backwards.

Israel has rockets being tossed at it everyday and this is OK by you based on the information you have, which I have your information, and compared to the information I have, your information is propeganda, and ultimately, it will hurt you because it is not for you or Israel, but for you to FEEL injustice rather than study and learn many facts about many injustices, on both sides, which to me, Israel is the better state, the good guy, who has to defend himself, unless they were suicidal, and THANK GOD they are not.

Not Helpful

The key to controlling the future is to control the past. The key to controlling the past is to control the present.

Let your eyes see what is there. Well funded European Jews spent over 100 years taking the exact land they said they were going to take.

There was no secret about it at all. The object was always to take that land and they took it and they will hold it so long as they can defend it.

Now, with that in mind, does it matter a fig what some Grand Mufti did or did not do? It is the current propaganda out to justify the taking of the land ex post facto. It is irrelevant.

History is littered with one group of people taking land from another. It is natural even if it is detestable. Anybody who wishes to hold private property ought to be able to defend it against looters or they will lose it to them. Today's looter is tomorrow's producer. The Vikings conquered England and then bent their swords into plowshares and became English Farmers.

I agree with Margret Mead

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

To think any collective, even in the name of democracy, has more power than a small group of thoughtful people, is neglecting the power of a small group of thoughtful people, and while the JEWS are a small and thoughtful group, it is a small smaller group, which may have some JEWS, but not all are JEWS.

To me, it looks like Margaret Mead tried to bastardize a

founding father quote for Communist purposes.

It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

Samuel Adams


Then use the quote by SA.. makes the same point.

Two Visions

The Jewish people have always been split and always had two visions:

(1) Integrate with other people.
(2) Remain separate.

If you look at all the nations that came to this country, it is obvious this is not even a Jewish only phenomenon. Some people want to mix it up and others want to stick with their own kind.

The Jews who wanted to mix it up are in America and the Jews who want to stick to their own kind are in Israel. Jews born in America who are ethnic nationalists can make Aliya to Israel. Jews born in Israel who want to mix it up can immigrate to America.

Same as any other nation. We could be talking about India and it would be exactly the same thing.

There is going to be some level of kinship between ethnic nation and their American ethnic minority. Doesn't matter if it is Britain or Japan.

In the final analysis, the people who are here want to be here and are Americans. When war came between Germany and America, the German-Americans valiantly fought their ethnic homeland. If war comes between America and Israel, and let's hope that never happens, then American Jewry will fight valiantly against Israel. It comes down to loyalty. Americans are loyal first and foremost to this country, despite any old ethnic ties. So long as our countries are allied, this is not a consideration... but if history is any guide then alliances blow with the wind.

When I was growing up

I recall in CA, many cities that had a sign on their gate: NO JEWS

Please stop ignorantly

Please stop ignorantly caps-locking Jew because you can't grasp that most of the world's Jewish people are not true Jews.

The land was taken from them a couple thousand years ago. It was not their land anymore.

So the media of the world is not "Jew"-run? Wow, more ignorance to blatant evidence.

Normal muslim people leave jewish people alone, and vice versa. The extremists of both sides are the ones killing each other.

Nope, I don't care about "the Jews." You're right. They're not some special people to me, they're just people. All you're doing here is saying a Jew life is more important than other life.

Seriously, get your head out of your ass. You keep coming back here replying and making this an all-Jew issue. Your constant tactic of trying to smear everyone who criticizes Israel as hater of all Jews in the world is quite offensive, and really pathetic.

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please stop telling me what to post

Who are you to define what a person claims to be religiously?

Hitler said JEWS were a race and he anhilated anyone with what HE claimed was JEWISH blood.

I don't agree with Hitler, that JEWS are a race.

You're insults indicate your frustration and willingness to blame rather than take personal responsibilty for your own lacking/IGNORance.

A Jewish person is not

A Jewish person is not necessarily a Jew! Get that through your thick skull!

Real Jews are descendents of Abraham. The people Hitler wanted to kill are called khazars. They're a bunch of white people who one day decided to adopt Judiasm and call themselves Jews. They have since been going around claiming Israel is theirs.

There are racial Jews (descendents of Abraham) and there are religious Jews (Khazars or anyone who adopts Judaism).

There is such thing as a Jewish race.

I am frustrated because you ignore truth. And then you have the nerve to say that anyone who criticizes Israel's government hates ALL Jews? Wow. Your thought processes of how you come to conclusions is quite literally insane.

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We don't agree on this

And insulting me does not make you more correct, only more passionate.

What about the Sephordic, Farci, Chinese, Japnaese, Ethiopion and other denominations of Judeaism beside Othordox, ultra Orthodox.. do you not count them?

Critize Israli's government, hopefully in a constructive way, meaning you name people and what they did, not lable an entire group if people, "zionist" or their country "Israel", for it is collective and erronious.

The Israeli government is run

The Israeli government is run by zionists. Here you go again acting like everyone is claiming that all Jews are zionists and that everyone is labeling an entire group of people. The hypocrisy of the crap you spew is just unbelievable.

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I'm a zionist

Maybe that's why I like the Israel government and wish my own government would take a clue and be more like Israel.

Then why don't you live

Then why don't you live there? I wonder that of all of the zionist Christians. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, and if you believe God is commanding you to put Israel before everything but him, why don't you move there and fight all of their wars for them?

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My answers:

//Given that the pretext for attacking Syria is falling apart before the public’s eyes, why is the US preparing to wage war on that country?//

This question presumes with no facts that there is a pretext. Isn't that interesting? What is the pretext? Who owns it? MSM? Russian TV? Seems like we already have a global government, Russia has taken over the media. How yah doing on that new spy job in Russia, Snowden??

//Who benefits from the ongoing destabilization of Assad’s government?//

The UN Agenda.

// What will the Middle East look like if the Sunnis take over Syria?//

Why just the Sunnis? First it was rebels, then it was terrorists, and now it's Sunnis??? What happen to the Al-Qaeda pretext? Or the CIA? Or all those foreiners who had joined and armed the rebels with chemocal weapons (but not tanks, jets, intel..)

Ok.. so what if the Sunnis took over Stria, without Russian or UK, or China, or the UN invovlement? I think it would look like Israel without the Jews.

// What is Israel’s role in this?//

So far, Israel's role has been to defend Israel, which they have done bombing the Russian WMD Assad accepted from Russia, that Israel thought.. wmd from the Bear.. are they for Assad's people? Or are they for Isrel? Upon consideration of the choice, Israel decided the wmd were for them, for two reasons,

1. Russia had supplied Syria, Egypt and 4 other nations with arms in the past and during the highest holy day of Ypm Kippor, attacked Israel on all sides. Absolutely amazing that Israel survived.

2. It's too easy to blame Israel. No matter what good Israel does, it's never enough, and it's too easy for Assad to say, "Israel bombed my people", and everyone would believe it, because the world HATES JEWS and always has.

// What do Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have to gain from a war in Syria?//

I don't believe any of them want a war.

// And what does Bandar Bush have to do with all of this? Join us today on The Corbett Report as we discuss these and other pressing issues as the world stands on the brink of yet another US-led Middle Eastern military adventure.//

Bandar Bush? adventure? Adventure???

The show opens telling us that the US is on the brink of war.. I don't buy it. 21:40 he's saying the missles might already be flying.. this is not good reporting.

New poll: Syria intervention even less popular than Congress
Time Reference:02:05 What did I tell you.. this was a litmas test, Americasn are siding with Assad, so we'll all get presidents like Assad. Kerry is right, that's it's inexcusable.. blaming the US.. they don't like Americans.. Obama warns chemical weapons against Americans... To me, they are using the voice of the MSM/YouTube public. to use as an excuse to not help the bebels who had GOOD reason to protest, and the US/IK public can expect to be treated as Assad treated his people.

"It's so complex".. I keep hearing that... I think it's muddled and made confusing on purpose to establish the global government.. those rebels are rebelling a NWO no American or subject of the UK would want what Assad gave to his people

You're first article is incorrect

If you watched THE LEGAL CASE FOR ISRAEL, you woul immediately see what what ypou presented is propeganda, and if you had taken some time to study Israel, you would see that this article is a perfect article for Israel college students to debate.. it is not a fact, it is a study, and easily defeated if you understand THE LEGAL CASE FOR ISRAEL.


The lies are falling apart. The deception is failing and it can't be put back together.

Believe what you want

I believe what I chose.. I don't agree with you, you don't agree with me. You have not given me anything but lies when it comes to Israel and some make believe college professions study of a an idea that is NOT feasable to Israel, and unessecary.. Israel has peace with Jordan and Egypt.. Israel is protects by water from small time jerks who can hurt Israeli's.. the governments have established peace.. that peace is not being shaken by Israel.. so your article and it's maps are nothing but a fearmongering pile. It's ALL yours.

You and I don't agree.

No Understanding

This is like watching two deaf and blind people flail at each other. The anti-Jew loves science until it proves them wrong. That Khazar stuff is total B.S. and you can make your argument without resorting to such ahistoric and anti-scientific garbage. If all you read are anti-Jew writers from 80 years ago, you will be as in the dark as Granger spouting crazy pro-Zionist stuff about the Grand Mufti of Palestine. Fortunately for those writing 80 years ago, there was no such thing as a DNA test.



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