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Check out these videos on Vitamin K2, Heart Disease, Cancer, Bone Density, Diabetes, Dementia, etc.

Check out these videos on Vitamin K2. Heart Disease, Cancer, Bone Density, Diabetes, Dementia, etc.

You've most likely heard about the Price Foundation and Activator X. But, K2 was only recently identified as the Activator X. http://www.westonaprice.org/fat-soluble-activators/x-factor-...

There has been a lot of research in the last few years. Vit K2 MK-4 / MK-7 has some very amazing properties. It seems to solve the French Paradox and is an essential nutrient that most Americans are not eating enough of in their diets.

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Just came across this post.

Here is some info I collected a while back on k2. Some of the links are the same but there are some additional videos as well.


Thanks for posting~

thanks for posting

Learn something here every day. I'm going to watch all of these and more tomorrow.

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Let me add to this discussion

Let me add to this discussion that I use Vit K2 (Mk-4) to restore tooth enamel. Put in a nutshell, K2 signals calcium to deposit to bones and teeth. Without this signal calcium can deposit in soft tissues and lead to health conditions such as arthersclerosis, bone spurs, etc. Doesn't that explain a lot as to why we seem to consume large amounts of calcium and other vitamins yet have an abundance of artherosclerosis and osteoporosis?

Well, in my case my son had beautiful deciduous teeth. But when his first adult teeth came in they were all puny, dark orange- yellow, mottled with big craters in them. His dentist said he had enamel hypoplasia and suggested buying him a remineralizaiton product, which I did. I also researched the issue thoroughly and after re-reading Weston Price and then reading Nagel's book I also came across info on Mk-4 after looking into factor X. Its pretty unchartered territory but I decided to try Mk-4 with a homemade toothpaste to help remineralize and then put the remineralize paste on his teeth at night. Let me just say his teeth have vastly improved. The color went down a few notches to lightish yellow, all but one of the craters filled in with the largest crater diminished in size and the texture smoothed out and the teeth widened on the sides where the enamel filled in. I had been worried about his teeth that had not yet erupted, but so far the next 2 teeth that came in were pretty normal and its possible it could be with the addition of the Mk-4.

One thing to watch out for is the amount of mk-4 per drop. Read the label very carefully because it can be deceiving what you are paying for. My research told me mk-4 was preferable to mk-7 but you can decide for yourself.

A couple of questions for

A couple of questions for you. First, did you notice any difference in your son's tooth plaque or gum sensitivity? Second, why did you decide on MK-4? My research pointed to MK-7 as the best form.

Bookmarked for later viewing. Could be of great help.

I'm willing to listen to alternate ideas about treating the illnesses listed in the title. In fact, I'm curious about "Vitamin K2, Heart Disease", since people with heart trouble are usually on blood thinners and Vitamin K thickens the blood and is verboten.

Thanks for posting this information for the DP community to consider.

Yes - and many times that blood thinner is coumadin

and while on Coumadin - patients are told not to consume vitamin K.

Then patients tend to go downhill fast. I am speaking from experience.
My mom was put on Coumadin for some a-fib problems.
Side note: up to age 65ish my mom was never sick and never went to the DR. She only went because my dad's health was getting bad - so she figured she better go.

Long story short - well - she finally went off the rat poison and then was diagnosed with colon cancer - which had spread to the liver.

I had not read anything about this vitamin K until she was diagnosed - now it is quite obvious why the cancer grows when on Coumadin - it is the vitamin K restrictions that let the cancer grow. Plus the severe abuse the Coumadin puts on the liver - its a double whammy.

I am now religious about my vitamin k and d.

k2 is different than k1.

k2 is different than k1. Although, always consult a qualified medical professional for health decisions(medical disclaimer, because your mileage may vary.) But, seriously the information I found did state that k2 may have an effect for people on medical blood thinners.

All that being said, this is going to be the next fad vitamin. It is absolutely amazing what is being attributed to K2 deficiency. When it is in combination with true Vitamin A & D, Vitamin K2 seems to direct calcium out of soft tissue and into bones, help with insulin issues, and assist cancer cells to either differentiate into normal cells and/or die. If heart disease, diabetes, and cancer aren't enough, it also helps the brain use energy and affects the progression of MS. 90 + percent of Americans are deficient in K2.

Here's a little trivia: Name a culture that traditionally has some of the lowest heart disease and eats the following foods that are high in K2. Who would eat a portion of goose liver patte, followed by brie cheese, butter, egg yolks, cream, and bacon(all from pastured animals)? That's right it solves the French Paradox.

My friends here at the DP

My friends here at the DP really need to pay attention to this nutrient.