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What I've realized from studying the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Us taking land from the Indians and the NWO agenda

After studying the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and noticing the comparison of my English settlers taking over the land from the Indians here in the United States, I can see now why world leaders would push a for a New World Order agenda or a vision of a world free of borders or national identities but here lies the problem with that scenario. The very people who are pushing this agenda are the most powerful and most corrupt people on the planet with dreams or ruling this New World Order. If the worlds population agreed to it with voluntary choice libertarian style action with the view of people being recognized as individuals instead of being classified as groups as opposed to the scenario of groups being run by corrupt leaders. I see that as the only way a NWO system could ever work in a positive way. The world would be free with minimal laws. Basically, you can do anything you want as long as you don't hurt anybody else while doing it. Oh sure they're might be petty street crimes here and there, but you couldn't impose war with other nations because the concept of nations would no longer exist. It would just be Earth inhabitants.

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The Immesurable Value of Borders

There is one great value of borders that has served all of mankind since the beginning of society. You can flee across them when your government becomes tyrannical. A world without borders is a recipe for for inescapable slavery.

There would never be any wars, and there would never be any peace. It would be like hell on earth.

Re: addunham

That's a good point that I hadn't yet considered. Thanks. This is why it's always good to keep an open mind.

Thank Edward Snowden

I learned this lesson by observing his sacrifice.